i started a fight i'll never win

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  1. Rakesh Sawant

    Rakesh SawantPred 5 dnevi

    i like ur artistic approach...

  2. Mr. Lego

    Mr. LegoPred 22 dnevi

    I just learned about the Romans in history today😅

  3. Fietsvlogger - Dutch cyclist

    Fietsvlogger - Dutch cyclistPred mesecem

    No, you can’t promote using that much poison outside Casey! But I know the problem, and love the way you explained the strength of ant armies. 😂

  4. Linda Weston

    Linda WestonPred mesecem

    By now you’ve found out So Cal is one huge ant hill!

  5. Ajay Verma

    Ajay VermaPred mesecem

    Sometimes I wonder how many cameras he uses to make a 5 minutes vlog.

  6. Ирина Русанова

    Ирина РусановаPred 2 meseci

    Poor ants!!!

  7. Luke Van Ginkel

    Luke Van GinkelPred 2 meseci

    3:17 reminded me of why I want a pickup and now i cant stop thinking about it

  8. Shreyansh Dwivedi

    Shreyansh DwivediPred 2 meseci

    Can anyone please tell me the name of intro music?🙏

  9. Killua Zoldyck

    Killua ZoldyckPred 3 meseci

    The Casey that I know is love to shave.

  10. Jack Rosenthal

    Jack RosenthalPred 3 meseci

    1:44 "and yet the Roman Empire persevereS" .... he said perseveres as in still persevering ... now go find out what that means.

  11. Azteca380 Shooting team México

    Azteca380 Shooting team MéxicoPred 3 meseci

    And this is why we love Casey

  12. JusPA

    JusPAPred 3 meseci

    gta v vibes in 3.35

  13. Ricci Batres

    Ricci BatresPred 4 meseci

    I saw a "How to Kickflip" in your search history. Wath my channel to start :D

  14. Hangar TV

    Hangar TVPred 4 meseci

    thought you are a good person till this video.bye

  15. Никита Дедешко

    Никита ДедешкоPred 4 meseci

    adolf develops a plan

  16. Amit Sharma

    Amit SharmaPred 5 meseci

    How does he have such an amazing knowledge of camera angles 🔥

  17. Huỳnh Huy Linh University of LIFE

    Huỳnh Huy Linh University of LIFEPred 5 meseci

    The king of all you-tubers! 🤴

  18. Gustavo Figueiredo

    Gustavo FigueiredoPred 5 meseci

    The ants have a human problem.

  19. Metal PG3D

    Metal PG3DPred 5 meseci

    I would laugh if one of the books that Casey used to research was a ant man comic

  20. Zama

    ZamaPred 5 meseci

    simple attitude: exist a biological treatment, so you contaminate one of them and that's one do the rest ;)

  21. geoffphuket

    geoffphuketPred 6 meseci

    Takes his shoes off to go outside! :-)

  22. Peace Justice

    Peace JusticePred 6 meseci

    Table salt is one of the best and the cheapest ways to get rid of ants naturally. Use ordinary table salt not health boosting rock salt. All you need to do is to boil water and add a large amount of salt to it, stirring it until dissolves. Pour into a spray bottle and spray where you think ants tend to enter from. That’s all folks👍😄

  23. zimtheglobal

    zimtheglobalPred 6 meseci

    as something as simple as killing ants yet Casey's film style makes it so interesting

  24. Hussain Ghazaly

    Hussain GhazalyPred 6 meseci

    @HunterXHunter :)

  25. Кирилл Сидоркин Калининград

    Кирилл Сидоркин КалининградPred 6 meseci

    dear Casey, you will win this battle if you fill the places where they accumulate with boiling water. boldly. hard. effectively. greetings from Russia. You don't have to thank me)

  26. llamallama

    llamallamaPred 6 meseci

    casey is still the best vlogger imo

  27. DC CD

    DC CDPred 6 meseci

    Have someone come pour molten aluminum to the ant situation and record it!! I have a feeling you’d make it interesting! We’d love to see it!

  28. Glow Connection

    Glow ConnectionPred 6 meseci

    I miss Casey in NYC vlogs

  29. Jeff G

    Jeff GPred 6 meseci

    Casey, I don't know if you'll ever read this but, I think I've got a great natural way to rid yourself of ants and its save lizards little tiny ones they love ants! Sort slow of course unless you want a little fast getting an young ant eater. The lizards work at my house. Hope you find a non-poisonous solution.

  30. Ananta Anindita

    Ananta AninditaPred 6 meseci

    is it just me or have the last few blogs just been off....

  31. Jonny Waldes

    Jonny WaldesPred 6 meseci

    Bad hacking cough in background at gas station.

  32. Andrew Boilson

    Andrew BoilsonPred 6 meseci

    Find the nest boiling water, lots of it. ☺☺☺☺

  33. The Techsite

    The TechsitePred 6 meseci

    Re. the ants bringing poison to their queen, you might wanna have a look at "Phase 4", a 70s science fiction film. didn't work out too well for the humans. Also: The Germanic Dude known as Arminius actually managed to fight the Romans and defeat them so embarrassingly that they (mainly) kept away. Basically by being an ally and then killing everyone in the woods. So you might need to suck up to some of the queen's officers.

  34. Vikhyat JJN

    Vikhyat JJNPred 6 meseci

    The company chief Called him for Ants !!

  35. Mr. Comic Art

    Mr. Comic ArtPred 6 meseci

    That is the best comparison between insects and humans I have ever heard.

  36. Enflict Media

    Enflict MediaPred 6 meseci

    I came here for a refresher on what the new ants video was talking about. There's a SLthrow channel called *Ants Canada* that's all about ants, a guy has multiple massive colonies in his house and he documents them. It's like National Geographic, and it's very interesting.

  37. BigMig

    BigMigPred 7 meseci

    It's to my amazement that Casey has anything that's functional.. He slams everything.. So brutal.. 🤣 🤣

  38. Swellchasers TV

    Swellchasers TVPred 7 meseci

    Casey I love your shots but can we get a little more time than 5:40 pls

  39. Lainer Martin

    Lainer MartinPred 7 meseci

    Anyone else think the owners of the Air Bnb will be pissed about their mattress being dragged outside? LOL!

  40. locksleynet

    locksleynetPred 7 meseci

    5:16 I love how Casey is gonna sleep outside but kicks his shoes off to the inside of the house 😆

  41. Xplicid

    XplicidPred 7 meseci

    Thought he meant with his wife before clicking lol

  42. Thy Nguyen

    Thy NguyenPred 7 meseci

    The narration with the spatula though LOL!!

  43. rojambeau

    rojambeauPred 7 meseci

    Boric acid mixed with sugar. They take it back to the nest and feed to the queen. End of colony.

  44. Basic inforial

    Basic inforialPred 7 meseci

    Nobody in the comment section shares prayer for the dead ant and THAT IS SO SAD!!!

  45. 康郝麗 Hollie in Taiwan

    康郝麗 Hollie in TaiwanPred 7 meseci

    What’s up with the watch in every video , it’s like pink and purple... I’m just curious!

  46. MiracleinStars

    MiracleinStarsPred 7 meseci

    Ants are pretty cool. I'd just learn to coexist.

  47. john ratcliff

    john ratcliffPred 7 meseci


  48. Roman Kozak

    Roman KozakPred 7 meseci

    I've never considered buying a shirt from a SLthrowr until I saw Casey's spray paint 'Neistat' t-shirt

  49. Philip Cornelius

    Philip CorneliusPred 7 meseci

    kinda feel bad for the ants, cant you relocate them to a different place? *sik*

  50. danis pradana

    danis pradanaPred 7 meseci

    Heiii.. update on ants? What happen now?

  51. Chris Supplee

    Chris SuppleePred 7 meseci

    5:00 100% duck taped the camera to the bed

  52. c0nfuciu5

    c0nfuciu5Pred 7 meseci

    PETA has entered the chat

  53. Anthony Riso

    Anthony RisoPred 7 meseci

    Ugh... New merch when? I want that shirt.

  54. Jacob

    JacobPred 7 meseci

    Pulls up to the pump on the wrong side, magically becomes the correct side. Good work. Lol

  55. Jose Escobar

    Jose EscobarPred 7 meseci

    So Casey made a video about bothersome ants? He really is a father who owns a home haha

  56. Alejandro Cal

    Alejandro CalPred 7 meseci

    Good day Casey !!👍🏽🏆🏆🏆☕️☕️☕️

  57. Travis Bradley

    Travis BradleyPred 7 meseci

    Not gunna lie Casey with your Roman Empire theory I was expecting some kind of RomANT Empire flavored pun. Please include this in the War Update @instamistabradley

  58. wouldntyaliktono

    wouldntyaliktonoPred 7 meseci


  59. Media Productions

    Media ProductionsPred 7 meseci

    the devotion to the cinematography is the BEST.

  60. Bakhtyar Ahmed

    Bakhtyar AhmedPred 7 meseci

    What ever happened to the tesla mate? 👀

  61. Abby_Ave

    Abby_AvePred 7 meseci

    Orange oil (kills) & blackstar molasses (keeps them from coming back).

  62. Colin flanner

    Colin flannerPred 7 meseci

    casey I have a question about your running how did you start Im wanting to be able to run a marathon but I need to start with small steps what did you do to be able to run 15 miles a day in NewYork

  63. Dodge Rider

    Dodge RiderPred 7 meseci

    4:20 Your gas is over double what I pay when I'm visiting the remote yet touristy area of the mountains here in the Smokies.

  64. Dildar Farz

    Dildar FarzPred 7 meseci

    OMG 😊 very nice 👍🏻

  65. Douglas MacLean

    Douglas MacLeanPred 7 meseci

    cool, thanks, just watched a few quick summary vids on the punic wars. neat.

  66. Brian Davila

    Brian DavilaPred 7 meseci

    I wonder where is the Airbnb spot

  67. fletchlives66

    fletchlives66Pred 7 meseci

    Kind of has anti empathy extermination feeling about it which if history has any say, not good

  68. Akhror Muminov

    Akhror MuminovPred 7 meseci

    2.2 thousand ants disliked this video

  69. Nikos Gogos

    Nikos GogosPred 7 meseci

    Use Dobol gel pro Ant flask. They will die happy and in peace

  70. Demolition Republic

    Demolition RepublicPred 7 meseci

    Ants are protecting you from more dangerous insects!

  71. SashMcFlash

    SashMcFlashPred 7 meseci

    Hopefully you don't have a colony with multiple queens, or a bunch of Male elates flying around.

  72. ThunderAppeal

    ThunderAppealPred 7 meseci

    Maybe some day the world will see a headline that says neistate committed suicide.

  73. Brian Keady

    Brian KeadyPred 7 meseci

    What AirBnB host wouldn't love you dragging a mattress outside! :-)

  74. MrJeff1256

    MrJeff1256Pred 7 meseci

    That would 100% be me 4:50 🤣

  75. Billy Vision

    Billy VisionPred 7 meseci

    Borax and sugar water... cheap and works ..

  76. AD Wood

    AD WoodPred 7 meseci

    Wow now I realised what human mean by the term possibilism or humanizing nature, we put fire on forest and we feed poison to the ants in the backyard

  77. Nicholas Bennett

    Nicholas BennettPred 7 meseci

    I’m getting ants in my house too it’s so annoying!!!

  78. Fabled

    FabledPred 7 meseci

    Mans went all out...

  79. Oussama Mansour

    Oussama MansourPred 7 meseci


  80. Jae R.

    Jae R.Pred 7 meseci

    anyone know what g shock hes rockin? the colors are dope

  81. Ruben Smokes

    Ruben SmokesPred 7 meseci

    Why is he so inspiring lmao all my edits come from him

  82. Yash Amigo

    Yash AmigoPred 7 meseci

    Omg no. Peta are shitting their pants, u smashed ants

  83. Mats Kösters

    Mats KöstersPred 7 meseci

    Where‘s the Tesla?

  84. Mahnoor's W0rld

    Mahnoor's W0rldPred 7 meseci


  85. jgbburn

    jgbburnPred 7 meseci

    How nice is it to have an old truck?!?! Throw your gear in the back and go! Good choice with the Tacoma.

  86. Amelia Bumgarner

    Amelia BumgarnerPred 7 meseci

    Anyone notice he pulled up to the wrong side of the gas pump?

  87. Ruurd van Buiten

    Ruurd van BuitenPred 7 meseci

    sleep outside and get killed by ants, nice.

  88. Tamar

    TamarPred 7 meseci

    Funny & clever!! :)

  89. Omar Correa

    Omar CorreaPred 7 meseci

    $300 on Terro. Probably could have spent $100 for a bug guy to come by and spray the whole yard.

  90. Jean van Aarde

    Jean van AardePred 7 meseci

    Casey a tip form all the way from Namibia, go around and search for their nest. Or where they enter their "Empire", take some fuel and pour it into their empire's entrance and they will all die. Just be careful around your plants and grass. Enjoying your vlogs man, keep it up!!! :)

  91. Agnieszka Ogierman

    Agnieszka OgiermanPred 7 meseci


  92. Keith B Dixon

    Keith B DixonPred 7 meseci

    LOL, been a fan forever. I am a Lic Commerical Field Pest Control Rep in CA- loved diagram BTW. Few tips ahead-Tip 1: ID the Ant is it Argentine? Some poisons will fracture a nest especially if they have multiple Queens. Tip 2: Take away the food source that's why it's important to ID them. Tip 3: Hunt for them in earlier morning or late eve if you really want to find the nest. Tip 4: If you hit me offline (don't want to advertise on your page, just trying to help) I will send you some information on the types of ants and what you can do more of and better.

  93. Matthew Baquero

    Matthew BaqueroPred 7 meseci

    I've used Terro before. Literally scary how good it works.

  94. Grandma M

    Grandma MPred 7 meseci

    911 what’s your emergency Yeah I see a man killing all his ants on his back yard.

  95. slsriflecruman87

    slsriflecruman87Pred 7 meseci

    Uhh Casey I would blur out your license plates

  96. O.

    O.Pred 7 meseci

    Casey - The Barbarian 😱

  97. tommy Torres

    tommy TorresPred 7 meseci

    Near 8 Rincon Point Ln, Carpinteria, CA 93013 that's where he lives Google map it

  98. Ciara A

    Ciara APred 7 meseci

    This vlog reminds me of the movie The Details but instead of Casey and ants its Tobey Maguire and raccoons.

  99. Lydia Quinones

    Lydia QuinonesPred 7 meseci

    Boric acid and chalk power to block them from crossing.. ps love you videos

  100. Edsleezy Gamez

    Edsleezy GamezPred 7 meseci

    Okay but TOYOTA GANG