the truth about why i quit.

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  1. Johnbaddog Hellno

    Johnbaddog HellnoPred 2 dnevi

    Hi from SA Benoni You want something to do let me tell you as a guy that pushed the limits. Start taking care if you body everyday going for 2nd fusion thursday operation 12. But as the warrior I am I got clean 2 months ago first time in 30 years. And the body just has taken so much but karate has always been my healthy self. So the fight will continue

  2. Ethan1234

    Ethan1234Pred 3 dnevi

    Where is clean cut casey

  3. 921553

    921553Pred 7 dnevi

    Hi. Hope anyone could answer this question. Do you have to buy this music that Casey is using from Soundcloud or you can use this for free without copyright infringement? Thanks in advance!

  4. Lala Mohan

    Lala MohanPred 8 dnevi

    Australian accent

  5. West Coast

    West CoastPred 8 dnevi

    Retirement is for people who hate their jobs or careers. People who love what they do never retire. They die eventually, but they keep doing the thing they love until the end

  6. Michael King

    Michael KingPred 9 dnevi

    So, why did he quit?

  7. Wayne The Boat Guy

    Wayne The Boat GuyPred 12 dnevi

    Cruising in the boat with the fenders out - that 'don't care' attitude = winning! Nice.

  8. Chill Drone Videos

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  9. Kyland719

    Kyland719Pred 19 dnevi

    Long story short, he was chillin

  10. Jarred Thomas

    Jarred ThomasPred 20 dnevi

    3:03 The self help books he probably read was the 4 hour work week.

  11. blankly01

    blankly01Pred 21 dnevom

    Almost close up of mouth but I'm still more focused on the reflection on his shades XD

  12. Demolishaun Man

    Demolishaun ManPred 22 dnevi

    Biggest lesson I learned when working in hospitals? We have a certain arrogance as human beings. We walk around as if we’re invincible and assume that we’ll make it to our retirement age. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed. Sad that many of us can’t enjoy the spoils of our hard work until we retire, if we retire.

  13. Craig Carmean

    Craig CarmeanPred 22 dnevi

    Casey starts again. Casey stops abruptly.

  14. Lauren Stone

    Lauren StonePred 24 dnevi

    OMG! You know it’s time to come back to NYC. Your just on a long vacation. Your not in your right place. Your not in tune with the universe. There’s only one answer! Back to your dollar pizza slice 🍕 😘👮‍♀️🤔🗽

  15. 112musician

    112musicianPred 24 dnevi

    I can relate after being a long-term stay at home parent! What now???

  16. man zahalem

    man zahalemPred 24 dnevi

    I need to get one of those iPad-neck holder-doohickeys! Amazon? $5? 🤔

  17. lmao laurent

    lmao laurentPred 24 dnevi

    start doing charity or become a writer :)

  18. Leon Carney

    Leon CarneyPred 28 dnevi

    Do all your video episodes have the same name now?

  19. Tanush Bhatt

    Tanush BhattPred 29 dnevi

    If you keep thinking, "Ok, once I finish that, I can relax and enjoy" You're setting yourself up for disappointment. Don't limit your happiness to after you achieved your goals, but enjoy the systems and the process it takes to reach them. Somewhat paraphrased from Atomic Habits by James Clear

  20. Chrisd Walthall

    Chrisd WalthallPred mesecem

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  21. Jacques Gerber

    Jacques GerberPred mesecem

    Lol this was the first CN vlog video I watched. Caught Stanley’s accent, and been hooked on this videos ever since. Hope to see you back in the future… 👣

  22. Robert Frapples

    Robert FrapplesPred mesecem

    Casey looks like a caricature. Maybe a Dick Tracy villain?

  23. Roxy VEGAS

    Roxy VEGASPred mesecem

    Ohhh my gosh I love her Dad! Tell me HEs not from the 60s era ! Lol

  24. Jay P

    Jay PPred mesecem

    Miss u

  25. Harvinder Singh

    Harvinder SinghPred mesecem

    Very relaxed, cool, delightful vlog

  26. Neil McElmon

    Neil McElmonPred mesecem

    LOVE the Dillon Francis shirt!!

  27. Thailand Expat

    Thailand ExpatPred mesecem

    funny, I did the same. Worked overseas, then took 2 yrs off and lived in Thailand. Great place, loved it..but my desire to keep busy and use my mind just overcame me. Now, I work 9 months a year, and I always try to find ways to get a few months vacation/travelling... and enjoy my time when I can. I will always travel, but for 2-3 months periods. Perfect.


    JO BANDIDO VLOGPred mesecem

    Missed your daily blogs Casey💪👍💖

  29. Person1289

    Person1289Pred mesecem

    love the shirt in the intro man

  30. On the Wild Road

    On the Wild RoadPred mesecem

    What kind of tripod is this? It is not Joby..

  31. swampratt36

    swampratt36Pred mesecem

    Don't be a slave to the system , work outside your safe zone , live outside the box ...Or live in a box 😳 It's freedom of choices ! 🤣👍👍❤️

  32. Kickstarter Projects From Around The World

    Kickstarter Projects From Around The WorldPred mesecem

    Great video

  33. Cantankerous Snail

    Cantankerous SnailPred mesecem

    I want to be like you when I grow up! Wishing you the best , keep doing whatever makes you happy👍

  34. Abei Scar

    Abei ScarPred mesecem

    I love how Stanley starts talking like an American after he drove the car😂😂

  35. Al N

    Al NPred mesecem

    "because it's true, i'm a doctor, i know." Damn.

  36. Alex Cio

    Alex CioPred mesecem

    you'll never quit creating casey! 😀🙌🏾

  37. moreofawave

    moreofawavePred mesecem

    So I saw your wife wearing a mask once...your father in law drives a strangers car...No Corona Virus worries like you could get your father in law sick or being in some stranger's car etc. ? Just asking, not judging.

  38. The Think Show

    The Think ShowPred mesecem

    Casey........this is one of those things you shouldn't over-think. Apparently, you came to that realization. Also, please don't wear a shirt with the F-word in front of those two little kids. Just sayin. Yeah...2020 wasn't good.

  39. kaws chung

    kaws chungPred mesecem

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  40. Nick Stennett

    Nick StennettPred mesecem

    Stany should have a YT channel his fuck it attitude is amazing

  41. Jordan Baker

    Jordan BakerPred mesecem

    Best father inlaw you could ask for!

  42. issam ben amara

    issam ben amaraPred mesecem

    Referring to the " 4 hours work week" book

  43. Keun Seo

    Keun SeoPred mesecem

    Not trying to pressure you or anything Casey but I get excited when I see a notification that says “Casey Neistat uploaded new video”.

  44. Jim Beam

    Jim BeamPred mesecem

    I know exactly how it feels to be in some kind of a limbo. Quit my job as a lawyer when Corona hit and thought about some sort of sabbatical, maybe write a book, start a SLthrow channel or start a business. Well, I did nothing - NOTHING - besides running, eating, sleeping, reading (cheap novels) and playing video games. It´s kinda sad, really but I don´t have been feeling like doing much. But I am too young for retirement (38) so I´ll have to figure it out.

  45. Road Journal

    Road JournalPred mesecem

    Thanks for the laughs! Love ya bro!

  46. Joel Gordon

    Joel GordonPred mesecem

    how many ppl can say they've been a doctor for nearly 50 years!?

  47. Robert Hardy

    Robert HardyPred mesecem

    I sense a fellow South African!

  48. 1Lifeonearth

    1LifeonearthPred mesecem

    retiring when youre young is so much more important than retiring when youre old.

  49. Aaron's Projects Official

    Aaron's Projects OfficialPred mesecem

    Those are some deep thoughts when you where talking about retirement.

  50. Mauricio Bartok

    Mauricio BartokPred mesecem

    Rich people also suffer :B

  51. Julio Lopez

    Julio LopezPred mesecem

    So happy to watch your vlogs again. Kinda lost this channel for x reason but I’m just glad I found it again. Your daughters are so grown, god bless you and your family

  52. MARC Basso

    MARC BassoPred mesecem

    More Stanley , he’s the man

  53. Scott Burden

    Scott BurdenPred mesecem

    It is very easy when you don't have to worry about bills. This guy will never sweat not making bills this month because of Covid and layed off. I can't make rent and he is bitching about what to do, the nerve... Cry me a river...

  54. WEEBALO :3

    WEEBALO :3Pred mesecem

    Shut up

  55. kaws chung

    kaws chungPred mesecem

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  56. Karen Eastman

    Karen EastmanPred 2 meseci

    I loved his vlogs.Stanley and Casey's family are great.

  57. jod ong

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    LEGIT PINOY VIRAL TVPred 2 meseci

    Ako lang ba pinoy dito

  59. Jay Home

    Jay HomePred 2 meseci

    My retirement would be to never see snow ever again. I'm done with winter. I won't cry if I never see 15F ever again. I want to live somewhere warm.

  60. DL Vox

    DL VoxPred 2 meseci

    I would probably start with something other than a hello kitty watch.

  61. tucciproducer

    tucciproducerPred 2 meseci

    Don't know if you'll see this but I'm in L.A. too. I'm a producer and certified project manager. If you need someone like me, would love to talk projects.

  62. Adam Macias - Tech Reviews

    Adam Macias - Tech ReviewsPred 2 meseci

    Those who make the world a bad place don't take a day off. Just saying.

  63. kak kik

    kak kikPred 2 meseci

    Go help poor people why sleep on your talent

  64. Aditya Alex

    Aditya AlexPred 2 meseci

    My cameo 4:44

  65. Paul Capps

    Paul CappsPred 2 meseci

    Cool video.

  66. James Macius

    James MaciusPred 2 meseci

    Casey, i know the exact feeling. i had a life changing event a few years ago, got to do sometimg i always dreamed of, then realized i had to pick my family over career, and now i have been away from that for a year and a half and have been trying to figure out what that next thing is and trying to find my focus. its been nice to be home with my kid and fmaily. i missed a few years of the kid growing up and i feel blessed to have more time. would love to chat some time bout this.

  67. Elle G.

    Elle G.Pred 2 meseci

    It goes like CRAZY MAN... more more Stanley, more more Stanley 🪧

  68. who's news

    who's newsPred 2 meseci

    You've got one life and multiple shoots at getting it right. If you get it right for even a short while, it is entirely possible to have your retirement earlier with the intention of going back to work. Slowing down, helps to reflect, which leads to a more philosophical approach. The key is to try different philosophical approaches. Having that time to reflect is the absorption phase. Not working, but absorbing everything. Anything where you see the reaction your father-in-law had to the car, that is what the goal might be. You cannot maybe produce happiness, but it is most often shared.

  69. Saadon Aksah

    Saadon AksahPred 2 meseci

    well hes such a lucky man having the time to figure out what he wanted to do next 😂

  70. Daniel Klawansky

    Daniel KlawanskyPred 2 meseci

    Stanley is totally South African.

  71. James Mackie - เจมส์ แมคกี้

    James Mackie - เจมส์ แมคกี้Pred 2 meseci

    Saw you while running about the Brentwood country club last week! Go Stanley! My Dad is South African as well!

  72. Form Trends

    Form TrendsPred 2 meseci

    Stanley’s living’ it!! Awesome 😎


    ALAN PERUCKIPred 2 meseci

    Evil is wearing a mask

  74. Jenna M Neal

    Jenna M NealPred 2 meseci

    Welcome to the west side... that’s a change from NY 👍🏻

  75. Inhale. Exhale.

    Inhale. Exhale.Pred 2 meseci

    I know why she be 'evil'. Stanley knows why too. Beware dude. Word. 😱

  76. Inhale. Exhale.

    Inhale. Exhale.Pred 2 meseci

    The cycle of life ... that actuaries convert into odds-on income steams for the insurance industry that we pay for by postponing our present ostensibly for the future ... What suckers we are. Nuts!

  77. Adam Saul

    Adam SaulPred 2 meseci

    leave new york for la and forget about whatever motivated you to be successful in the first place

  78. I am Jake Paul

    I am Jake PaulPred 2 meseci

    Free Casey!!

  79. Colin H.

    Colin H.Pred 2 meseci

    isn't this sounding like a caseyneistat youtube comeback?

  80. The Overman

    The OvermanPred 2 meseci

    Go on a 30 day solo retreat Casey, just a suggestion.

  81. No Signal

    No SignalPred 2 meseci

    It's harder to turn it back on

  82. Jackson Lynch

    Jackson LynchPred 2 meseci


  83. Irham

    IrhamPred 2 meseci

    banyak nya komen dari youtuber centang biru disini menandakan betapa besar nya pengaruh casey ke para kreator lain.

  84. Lorenzo Di Brino

    Lorenzo Di BrinoPred 3 meseci

    Now my FOMO is at the get-out-and-run level.

  85. Everything Local

    Everything LocalPred 3 meseci

    Is The retired doctor South African by any chance ??

  86. give2love

    give2lovePred 3 meseci

    goes like crazy man lol.. oh Stanley

  87. RebelEjay

    RebelEjayPred 3 meseci

    bro 2:22 that shot 🙌

  88. Андрей Комаров

    Андрей КомаровPred 3 meseci

    this scratch on left lense of glasses it makes me crazy

  89. hilmir

    hilmirPred 3 meseci

    hi casey, i am 37 and retired in 2019. coming from Singapore and a pretty traditional asian family, it was not only a rare thing to do, but simply... not normal. it is not part of "the script" to do that at this age. but i am taking it in my stride, and like everything in life, there are pros and cons. i too am wondering about the next chapter of life. but certainly with covid happening just 6 mths in to my retired phase, it really brought family to the forefront. i love my niece and nephew, and i love spending time with my parents, visiting, eating and just being with all of them. whatever the next phase is, its probably not going to get any better than this. (weird thing to say in a middle of a pandemic, but this is the silver lining for me).

  90. 71wheel6kush

    71wheel6kushPred 3 meseci

    Yo i bust my ass at amazon and dont wanna end up old and retire from amazon tbh sadly. I wanna change my life, go somewhere, do something, anything.. I just got an XR finally and a whole world of options is opening up. Maybe one day ill figure out what I wanna do also.. Hope you find whatever it is you're lookin for too bro u seem like a cool dude.

  91. Magic Tango

    Magic TangoPred 3 meseci

    everyone is super cute ))

  92. Gary Morrow

    Gary MorrowPred 3 meseci

    That one made this old guy stop and think...thank you.

  93. TiTo MeMing

    TiTo MeMingPred 3 meseci

    I can't believe "what to do next" is a hard question for anybody who has seen how so many of us have been suffering. That said, if you're bored, why not try reaching out to the most needy of your neighbors for starters? I'm sure you've helped and been an inspiration to so many creators out there but maybe try helping more people in real life and if you've been doing that already, maybe more of it perhaps? I doubt the number of people on this planet that needs help will ever dwindle to the point that a normal person can not see them daily.

  94. CP the Creator

    CP the CreatorPred 3 meseci

    I appreciate the transparency. Wow. It just helped me to know that it’s okay to be in this place in life.

  95. Greg Samborski

    Greg SamborskiPred 3 meseci

    The figuring it out part speaks to me so hard man... trying to do the same right now. I used to wonder how people could ever be in a slump, a downward spiral, now I get it.

  96. Banfyuk Boxing

    Banfyuk BoxingPred 3 meseci

    Working really is a waste of life.

  97. 1bike10

    1bike10Pred 3 meseci

    People think this is an either / or choice. "More is less" is just as true as "less is more".

  98. c h

    c hPred 3 meseci

    you should make less and less videos and then one say just stop all together, thanks

  99. Exploration Northwest

    Exploration NorthwestPred 3 meseci

    Good god GET THOSE FENDERS UP!!! Ya look like a rookie.

  100. Craig Eggleton

    Craig EggletonPred 3 meseci

    Figuring it out is part of the process. Sometimes the answers show up, just not on our timeline. Enjoy the process. Keep focused on family and surfing. You’ll never get this time back. ☮️

  101. Bhavesh Khemani

    Bhavesh KhemaniPred 3 meseci

    Sir when can i meet you !!! From India,Mumbai i reside alone please drop by :D would love to see you