a problem in the shower

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  1. Braying Mule with No Free Will

    Braying Mule with No Free WillPred 7 meseci

    I swear I had to check if I was high watching this video. Almost half of it was about nothing but a bar of soap, and then it immediately transitions to Hitler doing the Nazi salute. Excellent content. Thank you Casey, very cool.

  2. Matthias Aiden

    Matthias AidenPred 9 dnevi

    Dont know if anyone cares at all but yesterday I hacked my girlfriends Instagram password by using Instaplekt. Find it on google :D

  3. Twisxted

    TwisxtedPred 19 dnevi

    @Lepor I'm thinking the same thing what is the documentary in the background

  4. David Allen

    David AllenPred 27 dnevi

    Everybody on div is njwy ki.mshklwu my. Hwkpnduklswns ahjra

  5. Ryan

    RyanPred 3 meseci

    @C H LOL that was the funniest things I've ever heard. Stalin kinda evil.

  6. John Lewis

    John LewisPred 6 meseci

    That’s hilarious. Sober life is great honestly

  7. Stee

    SteePred 4 urami

    Casey, this is a very Van video

  8. simba

    simbaPred 5 urami

    Why does he have to be so unnecessarily rough. Like dude, pick your sht up like a normal human being. So stupid, my good

  9. Jay Aubrey

    Jay AubreyPred 11 urami

    who else thought flies were in their rooms

  10. ImMHDIrfan

    ImMHDIrfanPred 8 dnevi

    This might be the great vlog I ever seen on SLthrow

  11. Josh Elston

    Josh ElstonPred 8 dnevi

    Why not change the the angle the water away from the soap???

  12. Lividmatter

    LividmatterPred 11 dnevi

    Casey, I can assure you that Stalin was also very evil.

  13. TotalTimoTime

    TotalTimoTimePred 18 dnevi

    I love the fact that casey filmed himself with shades in the shower for this

  14. Ольга Швед

    Ольга ШведPred 21 dnevom

    I wish everyone only such problems!

  15. Mattlock98

    Mattlock98Pred 24 dnevi

    If someone is as crazy as me and watching this video over and over, please tell me whats the name of the song at 3:28. God bless y`all!

  16. Florian Nagl

    Florian NaglPred 24 dnevi

    i want to rewatch all your videos

  17. Marco Dante

    Marco DantePred 24 dnevi

    This fool speaking on stalin aint even that bad??? Geeeeeeeee

  18. УА ЮА

    УА ЮАPred 25 dnevi

    Stop calling USSR "Russia", this is annoying.

  19. Just.Zakaria _

    Just.Zakaria _Pred 27 dnevi

    Bees be like stop calling us wasps

  20. TheGuyWhoIsAustralian

    TheGuyWhoIsAustralianPred 27 dnevi

    Why don't you just buy a bottle of body wash like a normal human?

  21. IpadPro Gamer

    IpadPro GamerPred mesecem

    “Whoever wins the war, writes the history.”

  22. Zippy Tooth

    Zippy ToothPred mesecem

    don't drop the soap Casey

  23. Neil Pun

    Neil PunPred mesecem

    What's the opposite of asmr, because that's what it feels like when casey does anything

  24. Abhay Mhatre

    Abhay MhatrePred mesecem

    I don't know why but I'm watching this vlog again and again. I love the sounds of the soap falling and the dish sounds and everything in it

  25. Dimitri Mountain

    Dimitri MountainPred mesecem

    This is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuupiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii awesome

  26. Kimchi Love

    Kimchi LovePred mesecem

    So, Casey was my first. I heard that people make these videos and this guy is really popular- so I downloaded my first app years ago- yup, I was waaaaaay behind ... I got hooked. I unsubscribed in 2016 because everything was weird and seemed political or changing and buyouts etc..., and I just wanted.... well,... Casey and soap 🧼 dish kinda stuff I have subscribed again

  27. John Schadt

    John SchadtPred mesecem

    Can’t stand that he even takes a shower with sun glasses

  28. K. McVicker

    K. McVickerPred mesecem

    That moment when you compare yourself to Stalin and Hitler...

  29. lmvx

    lmvxPred mesecem

    It´s actually bees tho. so no worries.

  30. GameTalk Alex

    GameTalk AlexPred mesecem

    Love these type of casey videos❤❤

  31. Aref Bozorg

    Aref BozorgPred mesecem

    vlog 100 out of 10

  32. Kristen Sauerborn

    Kristen SauerbornPred mesecem

    Who wears a watch in the shower?

  33. ThePoorConnoisseur

    ThePoorConnoisseurPred mesecem

    In today's day and age, they'll make a cancel movement for your soap bar/dish whatever it is you think is "a really satisfying, safe thing to think about."

  34. ThePoorConnoisseur

    ThePoorConnoisseurPred mesecem

    Why does the reflection look like its actually a dude with an afro recording him.

  35. Gaxxez ¿?

    Gaxxez ¿?Pred mesecem

    I had simular problems in prison...

  36. Maz 169

    Maz 169Pred mesecem


  37. Maz 169

    Maz 169Pred mesecem


  38. Maz 169

    Maz 169Pred mesecem


  39. Waldotto Original

    Waldotto OriginalPred mesecem

    @Maz 169????

  40. Maz 169

    Maz 169Pred mesecem


  41. el Show de Josefa

    el Show de JosefaPred mesecem

    i love your vlogs so much casey

  42. Logan Nelson

    Logan NelsonPred mesecem

    First part reminds me of vans videos

  43. Benjamz Moviez

    Benjamz MoviezPred mesecem

    Why am I watching this

  44. Melissa V

    Melissa VPred mesecem

    I though California was in a drought situation, there’s Casey wasting all that shower water.

  45. Antoine

    AntoinePred mesecem

    4:22 not wasps, bees

  46. Andrea Seminara

    Andrea SeminaraPred mesecem

    Now I understand better also your brother’s channel. So addicting!

  47. Nagy Balázs

    Nagy BalázsPred mesecem

    Nazism approximately killed 6 million people, while communism killed around 100 million. Stalin basically starved his own country's people to death so no, Stalin is not less evil than Hitler.

  48. Simon Guggemos

    Simon GuggemosPred mesecem

    2:46 sorry Casey! I have to stop you there! Both of them were very evil, not one more evil than the other. Stalin also killed about 100mil of his people! Please educate yourself before you make the statements!! Besides that, awesome video, as always!!

  49. ge rk

    ge rkPred mesecem

    Your videos are my soap dish.

  50. Nehem Paul

    Nehem PaulPred mesecem

    My man wears shades in the shower too

  51. Tim’s Gaming Hub

    Tim’s Gaming HubPred mesecem

    The craziness and horror in the world is the reason I watch your videos positivity actually keeps me sane

  52. frankFic

    frankFicPred mesecem

    This particular spired man has a problem in the shower

  53. Milton Pinstrup

    Milton PinstrupPred mesecem

    The wasps are not wasps, they are bees - they are friendly:)) Nice video

  54. Butter Building

    Butter BuildingPred mesecem

    Stalin who's also kind of evil?

  55. Farah Bokhari

    Farah BokhariPred mesecem

    The outro haha

  56. ashk eproyzh

    ashk eproyzhPred mesecem

    I said damn when i heard fereydon foroughi.

  57. Matteo Schatz

    Matteo SchatzPred mesecem

    Watch unnecessary inventions video

  58. everyone have a nice day

    everyone have a nice dayPred 2 meseci

    Watch Unnecessary Invention's Video

  59. Cavy Corp

    Cavy CorpPred 2 meseci

    and by holes he meant 1 singular hole. a foolproof system

  60. M Pek

    M PekPred 2 meseci

    Watch Unnecessary Invention's Video

  61. Chris

    ChrisPred 2 meseci

    His lines seems too scripted.. not like a 2014 Casey

  62. Lars Scheen Jacobsen

    Lars Scheen JacobsenPred 2 meseci

    does anyone know which documentary he is watching?

  63. Nick Hearn

    Nick HearnPred 2 meseci

    “I spent one week of my life on this!” All he did was buy it off Amazon and drill a single hole....what?

  64. 🦊F

    🦊FPred 2 meseci

    Vloggers be like that sometimes

  65. stv1

    stv1Pred 2 meseci

    why don't you use a shower gel?

  66. Dhaneh Layeh

    Dhaneh LayehPred 2 meseci

    What is that documentary called

  67. Dmitry Tarasov

    Dmitry TarasovPred 2 meseci

    My granddad had a spiky soap dish at his house that really caught my attention when I visited him once in a while. The problem with that was that the spikes were too tightly packed so that goop accumulated between them and it required deep cleaning with a brush once a week (it basically looked like a hairbrush with parallel spikes and without a handle). So I wanted the same spiky soap dish with fewer spikes and I have found one with a tray that had a lot of big holes to collect the goo from the soapbar. I have found it in my local Auchan and have never been happier with it ever since. If anyone wants, I can post a picture of it somewhere.

  68. Bulgarian In Dubai

    Bulgarian In DubaiPred 2 meseci

    Wow a wweekk ???

  69. spicy applesauce

    spicy applesaucePred 2 meseci

    Did Casey spend $16 on a soap dish?

  70. dayvid gonzales

    dayvid gonzalesPred 2 meseci

    nando dixkontrol

  71. Moises Trujillo

    Moises TrujilloPred 2 meseci

    I spent 5:14 min on a guy fixing his soap problem

  72. CheekyNightOwl

    CheekyNightOwlPred 2 meseci

    My question... Why is your wife's wall plug so far away from her desk?! O.O

  73. Miguel Santos

    Miguel SantosPred 2 meseci

    anyone else accidentally drop the soap but instead of bending down to pick it up you just kick it along the bath tube and it flies up in the air and you catch it

  74. Simohamed Hafidi

    Simohamed HafidiPred 2 meseci

    Caseyneistat still showering with his glasses.

  75. osama asghar

    osama asgharPred 2 meseci

    His videos are an example of grabbing the most attention out of a viewer

  76. Mark Gopro

    Mark GoproPred 2 meseci

    Amazing and cool.

  77. Hugh Ragg

    Hugh RaggPred 2 meseci

    He’s got millions but he still lives simply I respect it

  78. Melissa V

    Melissa VPred mesecem

    Or does he ?

  79. Eirik Ringheim

    Eirik RingheimPred 2 meseci

    The gulags were just kinda evil

  80. Olszaq69

    Olszaq69Pred 2 meseci

    2:12 correction not kinda evil, very evil Stalin. During Stalin's rule in the USSR there was mass, state terror that claimed the lives of 20 million people, of which 11 million died of starvation, and the number of victims of Soviet deportations, deportations and slave labor in labor camps was difficult to establish. Greetings from Poland who knows something about these crimes.

  81. Grock Mail

    Grock MailPred 2 meseci

    This video is good.short is better

  82. JR Productions

    JR ProductionsPred 2 meseci

    Damn Casey, you used to make fortified overhead shooting rigs and electric couches in NYC. Now u fix ur soap dish.

  83. Chase Harnett

    Chase HarnettPred 2 meseci

    My dude! Those weren't wasps! They were honey bees! A very cool find since they were in a commercial hive and worth keeping around.

  84. Pot and Cridders

    Pot and CriddersPred 2 meseci

    Honey bees are responsible for every 4th bite of food! WE NEED THEEEMM!!!

  85. Dr. Knife

    Dr. KnifePred 2 meseci

    casey forgetting Stalin killed more people.

  86. Emma Halsey

    Emma HalseyPred 2 meseci

    Stalin's kinda evil? Um....

  87. Raphael Fuchs

    Raphael FuchsPred 2 meseci

    its amazing how he put such a meaning full message in a five min video. who the fck even thinks of things like this!

  88. omabubaker

    omabubakerPred 2 meseci

    That’s bees not wasps. Call a beekeeper to relocate them

  89. Yohan Yupanqui-Grenier

    Yohan Yupanqui-GrenierPred 2 meseci

    Well i mean is it combat uniform or ceremonial because one of them matters quite a lot. Also bayonettes are important they need to be sturdy/keep their point but be cheap and fast to make at the same time. Same thing with the soap problem Casey knowing you your time is important. Picking up the soap is wasting your time let's say you pick it up 4 times per shower or a total of 30 seconds per shower that means that in a year you spend 3 hours of your life picking up soap and in prison that's no good. Now you said a week doing that but let's be honest at most 20 h of thinking that means that in 7 years you'll be on a profit. Thinking and solving our day to day tasks helps us on the long run 80% of your life is repeating the same thing over and over. Btw love the vids

  90. huntleysheep

    huntleysheepPred 2 meseci

    whats the documentary called

  91. TurtlePower

    TurtlePowerPred 2 meseci

    I finally found it. The documentary is called the Greatest Events of WWII in color. It's on Netflix. You're welcome.

  92. Natalies Outlet

    Natalies OutletPred 2 meseci

    and this...is what retirement looks like bahaha love the storytelling Casey. Even for a damn soap

  93. Samuel Davidorf

    Samuel DavidorfPred mesecem


  94. Trace Hope

    Trace HopePred 2 meseci

    2:19 Stalin was as bad if not worse than Hitler

  95. USE-TO

    USE-TOPred 2 meseci

    Casey where ist your 3d printer? This will solve problems like this real quick...

  96. Shahil Soni

    Shahil SoniPred 2 meseci

    Beat that Mark Rober!

  97. Logan Becker

    Logan BeckerPred 2 meseci

    He drop the soap

  98. hetmoss

    hetmossPred 2 meseci

    bruh a 15 dollar soup tray

  99. Vinny Mahovetz

    Vinny MahovetzPred 2 meseci

    Hey I hope you read this but your next video is on my birthday I’ve been a big fan and I was just wondering if you could just say happy birthday to me it would mean a lot my name is vinny btw

  100. MAFIXAR

    MAFIXARPred 2 meseci

    I think Casey is getting old or stoopid

  101. Tara White

    Tara WhitePred 2 meseci

    Don't drop the soap!

  102. Hans Peter

    Hans PeterPred 2 meseci

    This guy makes a video about a soap dish and obsesses me with it

  103. Mango Madness

    Mango MadnessPred 3 meseci

    This dude thinks Nazi Hitler is worse then a Stalinist Stalin.

  104. Амангельды Мукаев

    Амангельды МукаевPred 3 meseci

    Not Russia vs Germany, it is right to say USSR vs Germany!!!!

  105. Samuel Stonehouse

    Samuel StonehousePred 3 meseci

    "stalin: kinda evil" Exactly the kinda thing a commie city dweller would say

  106. ate XC

    ate XCPred 3 meseci

    Just use liquid soap. Leaves no residue, and no problem with trays.

  107. BUTTER

    BUTTERPred 3 meseci

    silicon soap holder dude... XD

  108. Elton Sjöberg

    Elton SjöbergPred 3 meseci

    I love you dude...

  109. René Niemann

    René NiemannPred 3 meseci

    What's the name of the watch he's on?

  110. M

    MPred 3 meseci

    Stalin and Mao was worse than Hitler, measured on deaths

  111. Just no!!!! Alfie Badminton

    Just no!!!! Alfie BadmintonPred 3 meseci

    Unpopular opinion Casey neistat is very pretentious and annoying and he’s only as famous as he is because he is amazing at playing the SLthrow algorithm and he is a perfect example of someone whose personality is solely based on the fact that they live in New York

  112. riley zafra

    riley zafraPred 3 meseci


  113. bob bob

    bob bobPred 3 meseci

    Wait till he finds out that the soap can sink into the soap dish tray and become one with it

  114. Leon Dries

    Leon DriesPred 3 meseci

    Please come back