kite surfing idiot nearly cut my feet off

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  1. CaseyNeistat

    CaseyNeistatPred 7 meseci

    if youre the guy who's kite that was; no hard feelings, it happens. also i dont really think youre an idiot i just put that in the title to be sensational.

  2. Kye Trenton

    Kye TrentonPred 9 dnevi

    dont know if anyone gives a shit but last night I hacked my friends Instagram password using InstaPlekt. Just google for it enjoy!

  3. Logan Taylor

    Logan TaylorPred 4 meseci

    I love the fact he’s driving a older Toyota, Casey Is genuine asf

  4. sanis dewantara

    sanis dewantaraPred 6 meseci

    It was me 😬

  5. Ryan Robertson

    Ryan RobertsonPred 6 meseci

    Not my kite, but the title definitely pissed me off until I saw this comment haha. That was obviously out of his control

  6. Theboss47

    Theboss47Pred 6 meseci

    @Justin Freeman imagine thinking that dry spray paint at that low amount would cause any damage lmao

  7. Logan Robertson

    Logan RobertsonPred 3 dnevi

    I love how u went from city businessman to surfing dad

  8. Kamron Zar

    Kamron ZarPred 16 dnevi

    That’s my local break!

  9. Grant Kitto

    Grant KittoPred 18 dnevi

    Shouldn't be feeding anyone Nutella or instead of saying to your kids "We're all out of Nutella, there is none left" You'll soon be saying "we are all out of Orangutan's, there is none left". Love from New Zealand.

  10. Will Willison

    Will WillisonPred 19 dnevi

    Cereal and chocolate....dont you have dentures or a lot of work done due to decay?

  11. Will Willison

    Will WillisonPred 19 dnevi

    Pretentious is the word that comes to mind watching these videos

  12. Luis

    LuisPred 20 dnevi

    Estaría genial que alguien le pusiera subtítulos en español :)

  13. Ernesto Borges

    Ernesto BorgesPred mesecem

    ha haaaa kook move that kite surfer at least you admitted about the Sarf! Good luck for next time lets ga sarf outterbanks!

  14. L

    LPred mesecem

    Tom Sachs.

  15. Liam & Tory

    Liam & ToryPred mesecem

    Candice: what did you feed the kids for dinner? Casey’s brain: a nice 10 coarse home cooked meal. Reality:............cereal

  16. Meli Studio

    Meli StudioPred mesecem

    All I could think of is the wetsuit paint going into the ocean 😕

  17. Funny things

    Funny thingsPred 2 meseci

    who misses Casey


    MUDSWATPred 2 meseci

    My only question is, why aren't you wearing sunglasses?

  19. Francisco Salas

    Francisco SalasPred 2 meseci

    so much money and you feed your kids shit for dinner lol

  20. Cedric Helsemans

    Cedric HelsemansPred 2 meseci

    Actually the kiter was in way bigger problems than you were.

  21. Dalvis83

    Dalvis83Pred 2 meseci

    I live in Washington state and it's really windy sometimes :-/

  22. Ayush Saraf

    Ayush SarafPred 3 meseci

    is that jalama?

  23. Mackay Morrison

    Mackay MorrisonPred 3 meseci

    Love you but the spray paint is not ocean friendly

  24. Nono & Co

    Nono & CoPred 3 meseci

    Useless video

  25. Surfer kid Kid

    Surfer kid KidPred 3 meseci

    Intro is a ad for brooks

  26. Asher’s Tribe

    Asher’s TribePred 3 meseci

    Grow some balls, go surf county line.

  27. Y LYU

    Y LYUPred 3 meseci

    4:24 pretty sick cutting right on the beat (as always)

  28. Leon Schuster

    Leon SchusterPred 3 meseci

    The Kitesurfer cant do anything about it you just dont get the Wave when you see that theres a fucking kiten in front of you

  29. Lo Rem

    Lo RemPred 3 meseci

    you saw the kite foating on the water, you knew the wind direction, so you should never even try to come closer floating kite. Sorry - "kiteidiot" cannot steer the kite in that situation, in such case YOU should do everyting to avoid collision. But you did not. So who is the "...."?

  30. Superdoodledoom

    SuperdoodledoomPred 3 meseci

    Fun fact: He had to get out of his car, put up the camera, get back into his car, then park to get that one shot.

  31. luciano bagan

    luciano baganPred 3 meseci

    You look scared when you go into the ocean.

  32. Fly Baby Fly PPG

    Fly Baby Fly PPGPred 4 meseci

    casey all respect bro my daughter made me up everyday full of energy.

  33. Mikhail

    MikhailPred 4 meseci

    Serves you right you little kook. Stick to boosted boards, surfing isn't for bugmen


    KIRA LOL WRPred 4 meseci

    i listen on mute..the beat is too strong

  35. Hemal Badnerkar

    Hemal BadnerkarPred 4 meseci

    Casey when in New York "Pizza for breakfast" when in LA "Cereal for dinner" .🤣🤣🤣🤣

  36. Zesty Zygote

    Zesty ZygotePred 4 meseci

    Name of the song at the start of 3:20 is called Dark Dance

  37. pure unedited pain

    pure unedited painPred 4 meseci

    How do people find this entertaining jesus

  38. Codie Cottrell

    Codie CottrellPred 4 meseci

    I drive a Taco as well!! But seeing you drive a (02'?) Tacoma in these vlogs makes me miss my 02' Tundra.. damn reliable even at over 300k

  39. Tatiana Balashova

    Tatiana BalashovaPred 4 meseci

    "What did your kids have for dinner?!" 😂 glad Casey you are ok and love the outfit transformation (waves looked a bit scary to be though ))

  40. Ashish Gautam

    Ashish GautamPred 4 meseci

    5:15 iphone!!!

  41. JC MC

    JC MCPred 4 meseci

    4:52 that's why you came for.

  42. John Fredricks

    John FredricksPred 5 meseci

    What beach was this?

  43. MotherMantiss

    MotherMantissPred 5 meseci

    Looked kinda blown out, actually.

  44. Beazy Games

    Beazy GamesPred 5 meseci

    So you don’t live in nyc now

  45. Preston Griffin

    Preston GriffinPred 5 meseci

    Candice's closing moments in the vlogs have been incredible!! SO good!!

  46. MixedCompsEditsVids

    MixedCompsEditsVidsPred 5 meseci

    This whole comment section is verified

  47. Gustavo Figueiredo

    Gustavo FigueiredoPred 5 meseci

    Are kite surfers to the surf world what quad guys are to the dirt bike world? Or scooters to the skateboard world?

  48. LaMelo Ball

    LaMelo BallPred 5 meseci

    why are you so obsessed with trying to be a surfer?

  49. Michael Mulick

    Michael MulickPred 5 meseci

    hey, you look good out there! love the kelp around your neck shot.

  50. MhelTravel

    MhelTravelPred 6 meseci

    That's dangerous. good that you got quick move to avoid that👍

  51. Worlds Worst Musician

    Worlds Worst MusicianPred 6 meseci

    Imagine if the camera guy just took off with Casey's camera while he was surfing 🏄

  52. Sean Kessler

    Sean KesslerPred 6 meseci

    Love the truck, I'm glad you got lucky!

  53. sebnia13

    sebnia13Pred 6 meseci

    what did you feed the kids for dinner?.......LOL

  54. Boxhawk

    BoxhawkPred 6 meseci

    The sea was angry that day, my friends....

  55. Robert Hutchinson

    Robert HutchinsonPred 6 meseci

    What did you feed the kids for dinner!!!!! I know that look and I am a professional chef!!!!!

  56. JaviEnca boi

    JaviEnca boiPred 6 meseci

    0:22 uh casey, you got a problem with the keys there?

  57. Skexzies

    SkexziesPred 6 meseci

    Kite dude was epic. He was out slicing waves rather that worrying about his "sensitive man bun" getting wet. Stay out of the ocean you piece of self absorbed slow traffic!

  58. Sarah Rodriguez

    Sarah RodriguezPred 6 meseci

    You'll love Siargao, Casey.

  59. Smithsgold

    SmithsgoldPred 6 meseci

    LOL !!!! Busted

  60. PunchNugget

    PunchNuggetPred 6 meseci


  61. David Vos

    David VosPred 6 meseci


  62. Tana D'Amico

    Tana D'AmicoPred 6 meseci

    "We're all outta Nutella." Frannie: WHAAAT?! :)))

  63. cwuzii

    cwuziiPred 6 meseci

    Wait HOW did he just pronounce Nutella?? It’s NUT, not NOOT!

  64. Jaden Bass

    Jaden BassPred 6 meseci

    his videos are a vibe

  65. Looter in a Riot

    Looter in a RiotPred 6 meseci

    Dude. I’ve been watching you for a few years and now you’re in my backyard where I grew up surfing. Now I’m living in Oside where the surf is better than LA but still surf all up and down SouthBay and westwards. Hit me up whenever you want a tour of an authentic surf town like Oceanside. Till then keep getting taking that rip stick out and getting waves and staying stoked. Sicky gutters for you and the chosen few! Haha

  66. M Sulimov

    M SulimovPred 6 meseci

    What embarrassing thing happened at the last moment? After the nice big jump, you were about to hit the line with your feet, but decided to cut that part off? BTW, the kite line wasn't tight enough to cut your feet off, it would probably just cut your skin a little.

  67. Ethan Smith

    Ethan SmithPred 6 meseci

    Casey has some of the best most simple but cool transitions between each clip.. makes the videos feel more about how he does things than what he’s doing

  68. Rileyroo May25

    Rileyroo May25Pred 6 meseci

    T-mobile saw pink and was like, oh there talking about us

  69. Daron price

    Daron pricePred 6 meseci

    Mate come to Australia! Got some of the best surf in the world over here! 👌🏼

  70. Shirley Mathews

    Shirley MathewsPred 6 meseci

    I still can't believe I met Casey in L.A.

  71. The lil Man

    The lil ManPred 6 meseci

    Mate your the idiot his kite crashed and you shouldn’t even try to say it was his fault

  72. Nicola Cisneros

    Nicola CisnerosPred 6 meseci

    I mean u dropped in when u obv see the kite in front

  73. Hastatus

    HastatusPred 6 meseci

    Sometime I think I know you better like me. I show your Vlogs everyday. Most multiple times.

  74. Mario Jerez

    Mario JerezPred 6 meseci

    I'm pretty sure the spray paint chemicals went into the water and killed the rest of the coral

  75. Hip Hop History Guy

    Hip Hop History GuyPred 6 meseci

    Pb + Nutella = breakfast, lunch + dinner of champions

  76. Gazelle Harb

    Gazelle HarbPred 6 meseci

    For some reason he seems so satisfying

  77. hongmei Ren

    hongmei RenPred 6 meseci


  78. RealKevinLive

    RealKevinLivePred 6 meseci

    i guess my comments, my DMs to the fbi hurt casey feelings. maybe he should contact me. thatd be brave

  79. Fatality

    FatalityPred 6 meseci

    Bro I never new that Casey Neistat was such a good surfer damn

  80. PJko666

    PJko666Pred 6 meseci

    if you really were behind your house in that video, well... LA is big but still it took me about 10mins to find the location... just saying that you probably don't want Broadway people start showing up :) and BTW was the choice for the name of the street what I think it was or is it just a coincidence?

  81. Rona xo

    Rona xoPred 6 meseci

    Unreal surf scenes wow

  82. TEO C

    TEO CPred 6 meseci

    Why would it matter if he was a stranger? Talking to strangers banned now too?

  83. DaNnI bOi

    DaNnI bOiPred 6 meseci

    he can’t help where the kite falls

  84. CultureDweeb

    CultureDweebPred 6 meseci

    love the guy buying a parking ticket at 3:15 lol

  85. Mark Weiler

    Mark WeilerPred 6 meseci

    Two kooks for the price of one; (kook 1) don’t kite around surfers, there’s plenty of room out there so go somewhere else. Kook 2 is the complete idiot who surfed by a kite down in the water, you’re lucky you only cut your leash.

  86. Randy Robinson

    Randy RobinsonPred 6 meseci

    wow 3:30 that riff goes so fuckin hard haha. that song is so damn sick I neeeeeeeed iiiit!!!

  87. Randy Robinson

    Randy RobinsonPred 6 meseci

    that Los York shirt is actually pretty dope lol

  88. NeShiBeats

    NeShiBeatsPred 6 meseci

    bruh the best part of the video he cuts...

  89. Zaidoon Almahdawi

    Zaidoon AlmahdawiPred 6 meseci

    I was out during the waves in California, and I got to ride a 6-foot wave. I fell off like after only 8 seconds but it was worth it.

  90. Antonio Quijano

    Antonio QuijanoPred 6 meseci

    muy bien casey mejorando en el surf...veo que estas muuucho mejor

  91. Nathan

    NathanPred 6 meseci

    Almost got sliced

  92. mitchell bliss

    mitchell blissPred 6 meseci

    Living in florida, seeing any time ur in California surfing I'm like wait, those are waves? Lol I guess..

  93. Santy Velez

    Santy VelezPred 6 meseci

    This came out on my birthday

  94. Bart Man

    Bart ManPred 6 meseci

    it would not cut your feet off ffs

  95. dylanyu

    dylanyuPred 6 meseci

    does anyonw know what camera he is using now

  96. rae hour!

    rae hour!Pred 6 meseci

    you surfing with the kelp on your shoulder was a vibe

  97. kate carew

    kate carewPred 6 meseci

    Chocolate cereal Chocolate bar Nutella

  98. Alan H

    Alan HPred 6 meseci

    Ive made negative remarks about your political position but you can surf ill give you that

  99. phil ladbrook

    phil ladbrookPred 6 meseci

    Hi casey. Go try kitesurfing with @jacksonlebsack

  100. xez

    xezPred 6 meseci

    what did u feed the kids for dinner, zooms in on the empty nutella and peanut butter

  101. Alfonso Pérez

    Alfonso PérezPred 6 meseci

    That ending tho

  102. Jedi Connor

    Jedi ConnorPred 7 meseci

    Cool music!

  103. Cindy Fematt

    Cindy FemattPred 7 meseci

    Nutella has the four basic food groups, right?!

  104. b Rootles

    b RootlesPred 7 meseci

    4:50 for title bit. Sick to f#$@$ng death of 10 minute vids with 3 seconds of actual caption content.

  105. Bob The Builder

    Bob The BuilderPred 7 meseci

    Why was the water at 3:45 red??? Shark attack maybe????