insane new electric car, it's not a Tesla



  1. Flavio Martinez

    Flavio MartinezPred 12 urami

    Man let me see the damn car!!!

  2. andrew burchett

    andrew burchettPred 21 uro

    All filler. No killer.

  3. chingiz81

    chingiz81Pred dnevom


  4. Goho Poho

    Goho PohoPred 7 dnevi

    3:25 You sound like my grandma lol

  5. Ian Valmont

    Ian ValmontPred 9 dnevi


  6. Erfan j

    Erfan jPred 15 dnevi

    So... what happened to 368?

  7. Vamp Vibe

    Vamp VibePred 17 dnevi

    1:39 music??

  8. Mellestompe Gaming

    Mellestompe GamingPred 17 dnevi

    Im watching at 360p but the quality feels 4k

  9. User

    UserPred 21 dnevom

    lol and now there are 100.000 youtubers all over the world wo are talking about this car...

  10. Simon K

    Simon KPred 21 dnevom

    Haha, thats not a car, thats a fortune. Mercedes will do nothing good with their new strategy.

  11. [Elite] Panda

    [Elite] PandaPred 22 dnevi

    Spaceship? Nah.. Spacewhip

  12. tomisasleep

    tomisasleepPred 26 dnevi

    I cant wait for the day that cars don't have steering wheels …i just hope in and tell it to take me somewhere

  13. Melinda Oliver

    Melinda OliverPred 27 dnevi

    The Mercedes

  14. Gabriela Garcia

    Gabriela GarciaPred 29 dnevi

    Yo do you have iPhone mini can you gif me and iPhone mini

  15. Ronnie Holmes

    Ronnie HolmesPred 29 dnevi

    What is the name of this dope song

  16. Ashraf Khan

    Ashraf KhanPred 29 dnevi

    At to 5:50 the guy had a notch

  17. Cayden Nguyen

    Cayden NguyenPred mesecem

    Looks like a PS5.


    GAME MARCTMPred mesecem

    Nice to speak German

  19. Saschin Smith

    Saschin SmithPred mesecem

    U a general

  20. Saschin Smith

    Saschin SmithPred mesecem

    U com like gully bat

  21. Nyzuz Joseph Damaso

    Nyzuz Joseph DamasoPred mesecem

    hey brother, what is your phone?

  22. Johaan Subi Sam

    Johaan Subi SamPred mesecem

    is your sunglasses in a bad condition or is it the design??😂

  23. Durgesh Gupta

    Durgesh GuptaPred mesecem

    Such amazing car 🚘

  24. George Griffiths

    George GriffithsPred mesecem

    anyone notice casey’s clothes keep changing 😂

  25. mszj zzs

    mszj zzsPred mesecem

    this car would look dope with a renaissance fresqo ceiling and neon lowrider rims

  26. mickavellian

    mickavellianPred 2 meseci

    Bro, I know someone who is your double, you have to be related , BUT he was born in Cuba. DNA time

  27. Paige Line

    Paige LinePred 2 meseci


  28. Cooler Kek

    Cooler KekPred 2 meseci

    Serious? Mercedes Vision AVTR?

  29. Lenni Taattola

    Lenni TaattolaPred 2 meseci

    I'm loving your content... So I subscribed to your time machine!!!!

  30. Sjaak Lent

    Sjaak LentPred 2 meseci

    Martin had a dream

  31. Oscar Correa

    Oscar CorreaPred 2 meseci

    Dope amazing car

  32. Ali AbuJamaa

    Ali AbuJamaaPred 2 meseci

    He just wanted McDonald's 🥲

  33. Lucas Doody

    Lucas DoodyPred 2 meseci

    Good job Mercedes Benz

  34. Hanin Mohammed

    Hanin MohammedPred 2 meseci

    The fact that he was using a nord, made me feel like he's so humble, but he does buy a new 80d every month

  35. Jaroslav Kasavchenko

    Jaroslav KasavchenkoPred 2 meseci

    Dear Casey, Could you make me you're custom glass and send me to Kyiv, Ukraine?


    CHINE YASSINEPred 2 meseci

    i like your videos and i miss u

  37. LV

    LVPred 2 meseci

    for how long have you had those glasses

  38. —{ Unassailable }—

    —{ Unassailable }—Pred 2 meseci

    OnePlus Nord.

  39. Alphaville86

    Alphaville86Pred 2 meseci

    Dang bro at least drive a hybrid version of that truck 😂btw that German accent is you secret talent 😂

  40. Owen A

    Owen APred 3 meseci

    I just whatched the vid for Apple fan boy, I found out he now uses a Samsung

  41. Emmanuel Naim

    Emmanuel NaimPred 3 meseci

    For some reason the German accent sounded more French

  42. Daanvip123

    Daanvip123Pred 3 meseci

    I wanna see ken block rally race with this car

  43. Teal_XP

    Teal_XPPred 3 meseci

    Casey Say K-pop

  44. Kevin Deleu

    Kevin DeleuPred 3 meseci

    Car is actually being released this year 😀

  45. Ayman Siam

    Ayman SiamPred 3 meseci

    that was dope background music

  46. kiaxiaowoo !

    kiaxiaowoo !Pred mesecem

    it's made by afta hill

  47. Meer exe

    Meer exePred 3 meseci

    *OnePlus Nord*

  48. It’s Huddy

    It’s HuddyPred 3 meseci


  49. Turtle Nerd Gaming

    Turtle Nerd GamingPred 3 meseci

    That looks like if a ps5 turned into a car lol

  50. OP- Silk

    OP- SilkPred 3 meseci

    why does he always look high

  51. poof

    poofPred 3 meseci

    A dislike for not going to McDonald's

  52. carlo tan

    carlo tanPred 3 meseci

    1:18 title? Pls hahaha

  53. kiaxiaowoo !

    kiaxiaowoo !Pred mesecem

    some song by afta hill

  54. dylan tyt

    dylan tytPred 3 meseci

    They are trying to make electric cars real cool right now so everybody wants one. Soon they will be cheap so they can control where we go and what we do

  55. David The CNO Greenbrier

    David The CNO GreenbrierPred 3 meseci

    0:36 llittel georgie: mcdonals :D cassey: where not going to mcdonals georgie >:( georgie’s mind: hello darkness my old friend ;-;

  56. Xsm_stalol

    Xsm_stalolPred 3 meseci

    I am live in India 😍

  57. Noah Reed

    Noah ReedPred 3 meseci

    Does he live in LA now?

  58. grapinsy gasy

    grapinsy gasyPred 3 meseci

    Omg coolllll

  59. grapinsy gasy

    grapinsy gasyPred 3 meseci


  60. Alson Zheng

    Alson ZhengPred 3 meseci

    Nope still getting a tesla .

  61. sathvik konduri

    sathvik konduriPred 3 meseci

    benz : best electric car tesla : hold my money

  62. sofiedemol

    sofiedemolPred 3 meseci

    SOOOOOOOO coooool

  63. Codrin Rusu

    Codrin RusuPred 3 meseci

    can you buy a new glasses.s

  64. Adel Ahnaf

    Adel AhnafPred 3 meseci

    I was gonna say why are you wearing kids watch and I look closer

  65. Karan Singh

    Karan SinghPred 3 meseci

    I think that when they asked Casey to go see the car, Casey asked, "are you doing this for publicity?" To which Mercedes replied ,"no we just want you to see it" .They wanted publicity and Casey knew that so he didn't upload the video for a year until they finally accepted the fact that they actually wanted publicity , Casey's soul aquired satisfaction and he uploaded the video I don't know why I'm thinking or writing this, but it's like someone invisible just whispered this in my ear..🤷🏻‍♂️

  66. Mr. J-Man

    Mr. J-ManPred 3 meseci

    It's like if a Mersaties and a PS5 had a baby 2:26

  67. ItzRen

    ItzRenPred 3 meseci

    it’s not Tesla it a mercedes

  68. Jay Prasad

    Jay PrasadPred 4 meseci

    Still dont get how Casey doesnt have as many followers as Pewdiepie

  69. Subscribing to All who Subs to me

    Subscribing to All who Subs to mePred 4 meseci

    Liked ,Share and Subbed ❤❤❤


    KEVCRAFTI XBOX ONEPred 4 meseci

    What's the exact song name? I can only find one with lyrics on it 1 minute short

  71. Pahoa Productions

    Pahoa ProductionsPred 4 meseci

    Definitely an amazing car!!!

  72. Sailing Learning By Doing

    Sailing Learning By DoingPred 4 meseci

    one big ego trip

  73. Third Temple

    Third TemplePred 4 meseci

    Ya boy be drivin a Ford Explorer

  74. VS United

    VS UnitedPred 4 meseci

    pretty fancy was the drive?

  75. Chris S

    Chris SPred 4 meseci

    Cyberpunk is here!

  76. PandyEX

    PandyEXPred 4 meseci

    i like how he calls calls himself the youtuber that reviews airplane sets --- 3:25

  77. Santa?

    Santa?Pred 4 meseci

    Bro that car built like a ps5

  78. gamerchannel 10

    gamerchannel 10Pred 4 meseci

    Can someone tell me the goddammit song name I can't find it through the link he provided

  79. hector

    hectorPred 4 meseci

    does he have lips 🙈👀

  80. Tatiana Balashova

    Tatiana BalashovaPred 4 meseci

    Casey did the car make you dizzy? Some of smoother cars (less grounded) can make people dizzy

  81. Venetian Tiger

    Venetian TigerPred 4 meseci

    This beats polestar

  82. no life Hby?

    no life Hby?Pred 4 meseci

    David dobriks bank gonna huuuurrrrrttt

  83. LivingLife123

    LivingLife123Pred 4 meseci

    Try out an aptera motors solar powered car

  84. ACE

    ACEPred 4 meseci

    One of the Best SLthrowr👏🏻🌹

  85. Danny Turcios

    Danny TurciosPred 4 meseci

    Tesla is better , you drive with that shit and people shut you, your dead. With Tesla truck , people shut you. You won’t die it’s bullet prove . Now that’s a fucking car

  86. C A R T E R

    C A R T E RPred 4 meseci


  87. シVnyx

    シVnyxPred 4 meseci

    My uncle gonna buy this

  88. PlasticSeneca

    PlasticSenecaPred 4 meseci

    Can’t believe they made a PS5 car.

  89. Andrej Sofian Paule

    Andrej Sofian PaulePred 4 meseci

    What kind of cellphone is casey holding

  90. moony0205

    moony0205Pred 4 meseci

    Thank God, even for you americans, that you have more or less environmentally friendly car like your SUV, not that this is the best gas powered car, but I don't wanna confuse your dumb viewers, you seem to not be able to understand anything about the environment as you show yourself in this video. I wish you would at least try and do some research, no matter how much you are befriended with Elon!

  91. Luckze

    LuckzePred 4 meseci

    Is it just me or do he have cocain in his glasses

  92. Spice Bullet

    Spice BulletPred 4 meseci

    So we’re not talking about how Mercedes invited him out to “reach his audience” and he never posted the vid on SLthrow 😂

  93. Paddy Doherty

    Paddy DohertyPred 4 meseci

    I have an eqc

  94. Mula Mob

    Mula MobPred 4 meseci

    I was hoping it was gon be a Nio car😔

  95. Wolfy's Adventures

    Wolfy's AdventuresPred 4 meseci

    Sunglass man

  96. Buddy Bruh

    Buddy BruhPred 4 meseci

    Bro what phone do you use????? P40 pro

  97. Thonwang Pamai

    Thonwang PamaiPred 4 meseci

    He has Million of dollar but still happy with his 2002 Pickup truck This show us that we should Appreciate and be happy with what we have 💙

  98. Gamage L

    Gamage LPred 4 meseci

    What f is this ? 😂😂😂😂

  99. gs8

    gs8Pred 5 meseci

    wondering why it took you 8 months to publish

  100. A_Person111

    A_Person111Pred 5 meseci


  101. Harry

    HarryPred 5 meseci

    4:04 hahahaha

  102. Isabel Hipolito

    Isabel HipolitoPred 5 meseci