shes still my wife.. but



  1. CaseyNeistat

    CaseyNeistatPred 7 meseci

    i got a notice from youtube that this video contained depictions of violence or war and that impacted how it gets recommended. i guess i understand. still a bummer tho, they were non-graphic photos that i took myself of a historic day.

  2. Watts Family

    Watts FamilyPred 11 dnevi

    watching on 25/4/2021

  3. y mac

    y macPred mesecem

    I state things and I’ll say idiot and I get THE NOT FOLLOWING GUIDELINES sensorineural here Twitter and FB they need to stop the sensoring

  4. Diana Dee

    Diana DeePred 5 meseci

    That's ridiculous! That's why computer algorhythms shouldn't make decisions like that. They were NOT graphic, and certainly did not contain what I would call "depictions of violence or war". That would include dead bodies perhaps. Not a historical photo of an event that has been memorialized for all time. I LOVED your photos, played it back for my other half and we paused on the photos to look at them. It mind-boggling that you were there when it happened! Wow!

  5. Dirk Lonewolf 379

    Dirk Lonewolf 379Pred 5 meseci

    It musta not hurt, it was recommended to me?

  6. Manfred Druschowitz

    Manfred DruschowitzPred 5 meseci

    Casey I have found a Photo 100 years old by chance in Austria I swear, it is a relative of you, but it looks 100% like you, I saw this in an Austrian Historical group on the web, anyway, how can I get it to you ??????? I can make a SLthrow Video and include the Photo ?????? greeting from Austria

  7. Lizard Lounge

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    Needs a dimmed grey styled digital front for district notifications. Loved the video!

  8. TheLastReker

    TheLastRekerPred 5 dnevi

    Start of the video: “ I aa...” Me: “... am taking a shit” Also me: lol

  9. Timo Spapens

    Timo SpapensPred 20 dnevi

    Why is there such a sad vibe in these later videos

  10. hamish r

    hamish rPred mesecem

    But you have a driveway

  11. Rodrigo Pinero

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    I feel like Microsoft is the sponsor of this video

  12. Thomas Downing

    Thomas DowningPred mesecem

    that quite sad, that those days happen but simply forgetting them isn't the answer otherwise how are we to learn from our mistakes, good on you Casey, to bad SLthrow is so complicated these days I miss when it was a simpler platform to navigate. and the advertisers were a little more chill, but I understand the reasons for all the complication...great video.

  13. IgorRyltsev

    IgorRyltsevPred mesecem

    I'm more impressed with Casey's mathematical skills. You ask me 73×3 I would be like: 7x3=21 + 3x3 9 = 219 and Casey did it in like a second 😆

  14. Tanner

    TannerPred 22 dnevi

    He did it the same way just in 2 seconds. I did it too

  15. Sachira Bhanu

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    haha me tooo :)

  16. EmberJaxx

    EmberJaxxPred mesecem

    Nice subtle ab flex in the intro

  17. Hoodie Hat

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    Casey’s perfect abs: nothin to see here The Video: Me and my wif......I mean Candace

  18. tinybabypie

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    Thank you for inspiring me to film more

  19. tinybabypie

    tinybabypiePred mesecem

    And edit more

  20. Afridi Hassan

    Afridi HassanPred mesecem

    Something in this TECH REVIEW tells me that Casey isn't all mindful like something is bothering him and I think it has got something to do with 9/11 as well as his life like family life and job life like vlogging, or something. I could be way off. But it just something that came in my mind. I miss the enthusiasm. it almost seems a bit forced. I hope people don't misunderstand me. I am an OG fan of this channel.

  21. Afridi Hassan

    Afridi HassanPred mesecem

    2:58 WHAT I WANNA DO.

  22. Afridi Hassan

    Afridi HassanPred mesecem

    0:49 BUILDS BRO! Also the subtle, sweet, soothing cinematography. What a change what a transition from the OG vlogs. Love, love everywhere.

  23. Gamer Forever

    Gamer ForeverPred mesecem

    Oh ok she is still your wife

  24. Karen Eastman

    Karen EastmanPred 2 meseci

    His vlogs are funny and wonderful.:-)

  25. Ab Nazari

    Ab NazariPred 2 meseci

    Casey you disappeared again from SLthrow. What's going on?

  26. Ryan Saxe

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  27. Michael Stanford

    Michael StanfordPred 2 meseci

    And if you smoked a pipe perusing your rectangle you'd be a conosaur!!!!!! 🤔

  28. subscribe for no reason

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    I remember watching this day one the moment I got the notification, And watching it again now I'm just realizing the seek discomfort water bottle🙌🏼🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  29. Hans Peter

    Hans PeterPred 2 meseci

    Mans quick at maths

  30. DJ Vince Viga

    DJ Vince VigaPred 2 meseci

    With this review, why is no one talking about the LG V60?

  31. S B

    S BPred 2 meseci

    Now I know how to name my primary monitor... "The Screen screen"

  32. higglewiggle

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  33. JawshVlogs

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    Salt trash bags? Oh you shop at bed bath and beyond

  34. Chamorro Brother

    Chamorro BrotherPred 3 meseci

    I discover you in a vìdeo from Luisito Comunica because mention you. So I in loved of you. How drive your channel, how edit your videos. I speak spanish, and for watch your videos and understand. I'm studying one more time english. Cause I think that you're a monster vloger. I'm learning of you. Thanks dude. I hope more vìdeos.

  35. costafilh0

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    NO BIKE yeah sure

  36. А A

    А APred 4 meseci

    Был не в курсе до Дудя

  37. Hammad A.

    Hammad A.Pred 4 meseci

    I'm a Muslim and not Terrorist.

  38. Badass BobY

    Badass BobYPred 4 meseci

    Rare sight

  39. Badass BobY

    Badass BobYPred 4 meseci


  40. Codie Cottrell

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    0:24 Seek discomfort bottle, nice!

  41. Jared White

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    7min ad that has 5k views an I can’t even get more the 100 subs. Wtf.

  42. Abhay

    AbhayPred 4 meseci

    4:56 there is a rabbit in background

  43. Badass BobY

    Badass BobYPred 4 meseci

    So? 😕😐

  44. Worlds Worst Musician

    Worlds Worst MusicianPred 4 meseci

    Why is there a tractor on the beach?

  45. Cheryl Pryde

    Cheryl PrydePred 5 meseci

    Casey. I’m a fan. I love your work and respect what a good husband and father you are. Just watched your interview on Premium Beat about your creative art content. Continued happiness and success. Hi to Candice. 🇨🇦

  46. Badass BobY

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  47. Jaredsbrokeniphone

    JaredsbrokeniphonePred 5 meseci

    you know, I think everything about your style (in and out of videos) is absolutely what I strive and aspire to become. -Writing this after seeing the mug that says "not for sale, Stolen from a waffle house after bribing the waitress." nice.

  48. Tou Yube

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    Quick mafs

  49. old Path

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    20:33 NOW PLAYING shes still my wife.. but 1,631,994 views•12 Sep 2020 Up next AUTOPLAY My Girlfriend Candice CaseyNeistat 7.9M views 7 years ago

  50. VS20

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    Casey coming in with them abs at the start👌🏼

  51. Abdullahi Abdirahman

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  52. Ned Studios

    Ned StudiosPred 6 meseci

    Maybe! just maybe Pre-installed with Adobe Premier, and After Effects, without the lag and drag, and Maybe Davinci Resolve & I'm a buyer. TO be able to edit sitting on a flight without the bulk of a laptop, without the entire world seeing what I'm doing (porn) and I'm a happy guy.

  53. marypiana

    marypianaPred 6 meseci

    Casey, for the love od God, wear a helmet when riding a bike

  54. Reptilewizz

    ReptilewizzPred 6 meseci

    You’re getting swole bruh!!!

  55. Bangers&mash 420

    Bangers&mash 420Pred 6 meseci

    Why don’t u make it yourself and prove the world up

  56. Cata Popa

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    that's a great device!

  57. luca ge

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    2:36 bro no bikes

  58. dansza

    danszaPred 6 meseci

    Are you blaming her for the tickets?lol

  59. Ebba Hasni

    Ebba HasniPred 6 meseci

    she's still my wife but... i got three parking tickets.

  60. tnguyen21

    tnguyen21Pred 6 meseci

    Casey’s back! And more clickbaitey than ever. But I wouldn’t have it any other way. Like if you agree lol

  61. Badass BobY

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  62. Cody Phillips

    Cody PhillipsPred 6 meseci

    Mask while running?

  63. mmg DisCount mAniA

    mmg DisCount mAniAPred 6 meseci

    lolz casey showing difference between microsoft and apple launching phone apple would launch for 13000 bucks as oppose to microsoft for 1300

  64. Carl Brightman

    Carl BrightmanPred 6 meseci

    Parking tickets !!! its just daylight robbery

  65. 300zxdriver

    300zxdriverPred 7 meseci

    Abs flex .. beginning of video

  66. DrEffinSteamy

    DrEffinSteamyPred 7 meseci

    Casey...helmet! You want to stay sharp with those quick math skills of yours.

  67. NotAhmadSamarah

    NotAhmadSamarahPred 7 meseci

    I think casey’s onto something... a laptop

  68. Sasoon2006

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    She is still my wife.. but I have to make this Microsoft ad...

  69. Badass BobY

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  70. 423 Cruiser

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    I’m just here for the Land Cruiser.

  71. C Yeo

    C YeoPred 7 meseci

    Then comes the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Fold

  72. wesley moore

    wesley moorePred 7 meseci

    Running with a mask on?????? Wtf

  73. Juan Gallardo

    Juan GallardoPred 7 meseci

    any chance you will talk about that bike later? i had to google a screenshot to get some info, but would be interested in what you have to say about it.

  74. Badass BobY

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  75. CJ Smith

    CJ SmithPred 7 meseci

    Best Editing Style Ever.

  76. Badass BobY

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  77. that lad new that lad new

    that lad new that lad newPred 7 meseci

    Man's hench

  78. seemownay

    seemownayPred 7 meseci

    Ok. I can't with this coffee. ;-)

  79. Leanna Dawn

    Leanna DawnPred 7 meseci

    Can we talk about the fact that he has a YesTheory water bottle!!!!

  80. xorii

    xoriiPred 7 meseci

    his khanquest

  81. Badass BobY

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  82. Main Account

    Main AccountPred 7 meseci

    Casey: "What's 73 times 3?" Candice: "Two hundred and nineteen." 👍🏼🥴👍🏼

  83. Badass BobY

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  84. Ek S

    Ek SPred 7 meseci

    Sounds like you have tons of ideas for new tech. That could be your new big thing

  85. Raphael Hüther

    Raphael HütherPred 7 meseci

    Yes casy is back 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

  86. Cyrus KD

    Cyrus KDPred 7 meseci

    Need the truth did you calculator the total before hand or do you got that real quick maths?

  87. Nikki Miller

    Nikki MillerPred 7 meseci

    Even though you’re videos aren’t that long which I am not complaining at all. They are great to point, entertaining and have such cinematography I only wish through my continued learning and trying scratch the surface. (maybe if it interests you if you’re bored you could start a second channel uploading short videos about electronics and more so photography and video devices or items that pair with them.) just an idea I’d watch and know groups that would too. They include of course phones that utilize their photography features

  88. Beckmanns Becks

    Beckmanns BecksPred 7 meseci

    The Intro is very comforting

  89. Vîctør Junîør

    Vîctør JunîørPred 7 meseci

    Me: I have Two Phones Casey: *I have 7, Phones 1 for each day*

  90. Simon Aycock

    Simon AycockPred 7 meseci

    Hey Casey have you ever eaten shit on that bike

  91. Lochie Quigley

    Lochie QuigleyPred 7 meseci

    Seek discomfort water bottle 👌

  92. Bobby Brailsford

    Bobby BrailsfordPred 7 meseci

    Anyone ever heard of a DS?

  93. Serenity_Usagi

    Serenity_UsagiPred 7 meseci

    I really like the way that Microsoft phone looks. if I wasnt a poor single mom and college student I would for sure buy because I use my phone so much for school emails, group texts on projects, discord, etc.

  94. Charge Ride Repeat

    Charge Ride RepeatPred 7 meseci

    I love his little ebike in that setting. Ive been doing ride by vids for ages but never quite captured that..something. He's good.

  95. Oleksandr

    OleksandrPred 7 meseci

    Jeez casy is ripped

  96. Rumpkin

    RumpkinPred 7 meseci

    Dont Remind Me Of 7/11 I still feel sad for those who died in the plane or even in the Tower there were only some that survive other were victims and millennium was good in some ways but in some ways it was bad also for exemple y2k bug took down some planes it was the 2000 bug for electronics

  97. Joseph Tolson

    Joseph TolsonPred 7 meseci

    Impressive mental math

  98. Into the void

    Into the voidPred 7 meseci

    Not loving the new music.

  99. Thug Life

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  100. Ranod Mckann

    Ranod MckannPred 7 meseci

    star wars jedi fallen order

  101. Mahnoor's W0rld

    Mahnoor's W0rldPred 7 meseci

    What happened 2 ur hairs?? 😠😠😠

  102. Jacob Kerperien

    Jacob KerperienPred 7 meseci

    iFold or iPad fold that runs final cut the way you were describing could be life changing for small or new content creators/ influencers

  103. Scott Dinh

    Scott DinhPred 7 meseci

    Real men don't need ....

  104. Floop

    FloopPred 7 meseci

    Honestly even thought he clickbaited I would still watch him.

  105. Rafael Cavalcante

    Rafael CavalcantePred 7 meseci

    9/11 is a very sad day for everyone. We all miss the great Salvador Allende :'(

  106. Masoud Sultani

    Masoud SultaniPred 7 meseci

    I miss the New York Casey

  107. Paulaschoicefan

    PaulaschoicefanPred 7 meseci

    Wear a helmet!!!!

  108. nina allegra

    nina allegraPred 7 meseci

    „No bikes“ on the ground - Casey rides his bike 😅

  109. Prateek Paruthi

    Prateek ParuthiPred 7 meseci

    He is on point with the marketing of the Surface duo! Phones do lack maturity.

  110. Danial Hadif

    Danial HadifPred 7 meseci

    @yestheory casey is a big fan


    MODERN DAY ROCKERSPred 7 meseci

    looks like Casey wants a job with bill gates

  112. al1stare

    al1starePred 7 meseci

    I see helmets are required in LA either...come on Neistat, you're better than that!

  113. Max

    MaxPred 7 meseci

    If Apple would have announced the duo EVERYONE would have complaint about the bad camera, the huge bezels, about the hinge in the middle because people expect more from apple. at least that's my opinion!

  114. Matt Jett

    Matt JettPred 7 meseci

    I dislike this title

  115. excavate08

    excavate08Pred 7 meseci

    Casey ride a bike on a beach path marked ‘NO BIKES’.

  116. Jan Coetzer

    Jan CoetzerPred 7 meseci

    Would you recognize Casey if you ran into him when he wasn't wearing his sunglasses?

  117. Ed Poster

    Ed PosterPred 7 meseci

    What has the title got anything to do with said video?

  118. Faint Signals from Vega

    Faint Signals from VegaPred 7 meseci

    You wear your sunglasses when you wake up to have coffee? lol