sharing the truth of our marriage

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  1. CaseyNeistat

    CaseyNeistatPred 7 meseci

    that was the best pastrami snadwich ive ever had

  2. Marty Lucas

    Marty LucasPred mesecem

    @Clifton, sounds great! While here make sure you get a cheesesteak sub while in PA or NJ! There’s some amazing food here in America. Of course if you’re in Louisiana, you can get some amazing Cajun or Creole food, e.g, gumbo, jambalaya, muffuletta sandwich, beignets, etc. Down South or in TX is amazing barbecue. When you come, be prepared to feast!

  3. Clifton Bradeley

    Clifton BradeleyPred mesecem

    @Marty Lucas One day, when all this craziness is over I hope to visit the States and have a top-class pastrami sandwich :-)

  4. Marty Lucas

    Marty LucasPred mesecem

    @Clifton Bradeley, it’s not just tasty...a good pastrami sandwich like you saw Casey eat would leave you speechless. Unfortunately you’re never going to experience food this good in the UK. You’ll have to come to NYC or LA to experience!

  5. Marty Lucas

    Marty LucasPred mesecem

    @Harrison Coviello, you don’t know what you’re talking about! If you ever had a real pastrami sandwich you wouldn’t be posting nonsense!

  6. Marty Lucas

    Marty LucasPred mesecem

    Casey, it looked awesome, but seriously was it the best ever? You lived in NY City and I know you’ve been to Katz’s Deli. I was on a business trip a number of years back and had lunch there. I ordered the pastrami on rye with mustard...oh my God! It was pure nirvana! I was transported to a different dimension with the first bite. I didn’t want to look at or talk to anyone, only focus on one off the best sandwiches of my life!!

  7. jose miguel Ponciano

    jose miguel PoncianoPred dnevom

    @CaseyNeistat Is this Tacoma the one your brother Van has now?

  8. Kimbee

    KimbeePred 3 dnevi

    Los Angeles is still doing all the wrong things for the big V to see that and your relationship. My friend melted down in the DMV in NYC last week.

  9. ItsMachu

    ItsMachuPred 4 dnevi

    I recommend in la to go to fillips in China town it’s the original French dip

  10. Omar Dashty

    Omar DashtyPred 5 dnevi

    Love and love to both

  11. Keeewl

    KeeewlPred 6 dnevi


  12. Catriona Lohan-Conway

    Catriona Lohan-ConwayPred 8 dnevi

    How do you guys like LA... I’ve been off the Casey & Candice grid for a while...

  13. Shane J McNair

    Shane J McNairPred 13 dnevi

    ... but she LOVED you back. Congratulations to you both.

  14. Graham Parr

    Graham ParrPred 13 dnevi

    Your wife! Punching above your weight there mate🤔

  15. David Crago

    David CragoPred 21 dnevom

    cry? ok

  16. Justin Mburugu

    Justin MburuguPred 21 dnevom

    LA Candice is a lot sweeter than NY Candice. lol NY Candice kinda had a scary side. Like you better not get in her way, Candice.

  17. Your Barista

    Your BaristaPred 22 dnevi

    I’m always impressed with guys who win the hearts of girls who aren’t attracted to them at first.

  18. Kevin Grasley

    Kevin GrasleyPred 24 dnevi

    how do you eat right next to the road like that, you have a lot of trust with people paying attention to driven and txt it would only take one great video bro

  19. Brandon Cabiad

    Brandon CabiadPred 28 dnevi

    Go back to NYC, please, before you ruin another state

  20. Jamie McNab

    Jamie McNabPred 29 dnevi

    I know this may be a random question ... but does anyone know which photo albums Casey uses at 3:51?

  21. Ryan Pankratz

    Ryan PankratzPred 29 dnevi

    She is your beard, admit it.

  22. Cooper Whitlow

    Cooper WhitlowPred mesecem

    What happened? I used to watch Casey back in the day and he looks like he hasn’t aged a day. Candice looks like she aged 100 years.

  23. morosso

    morossoPred mesecem

    baby; uhuh,,, cute!

  24. Furqaan Monga

    Furqaan MongaPred mesecem

    4:35 haha

  25. Mark Anthony

    Mark AnthonyPred mesecem

    Tes, Marriage can be so much easier when you have no worries about how you are going to pay the bills...

  26. Macky Mehra

    Macky MehraPred mesecem

    All it takes is just one god damn sandwich

  27. Rylan Denham

    Rylan DenhamPred mesecem

    They have been married 61 years

  28. Aachen-LR2

    Aachen-LR2Pred mesecem

    Ngl I kinda miss like 2015 2016 Casey vlogs just me??

  29. Jonathan Perez

    Jonathan PerezPred mesecem


  30. Carlo Fine

    Carlo FinePred mesecem

    I think this was easily the best vlog of casey neistat. Simple but you see both the artist in casey capturing the beauty of his life, bouncing on the trampoline in the sun, and him verbally reflecting on this beauty as the clear romantic we know and love. In other vlogs the shots where he runs away from the camera or backs a car up using multiple angles feel like he’s being cinematic just to be cinematic, and that was not lost on me or his audience. We appreciate the effort and professionalism. But here it felt so full of emotion and heart. In the video we see and understand casey having a day where he really appreciates the life he has. Something incredibly hard to capture in any medium. Many videos have him running around to do stuff but in this where it’s an incredibly uneventful day, I see the most humanity of all his videos. From this I see he understands his life is not as exciting or fast as it once was but it’s equally if not more rewarding. He still misses the hustle of new york especially when he has a slow day with the kids who aren’t cooperating or he and his wife have a stupid argument. He didn’t want to conform to having some white picket fence life and some days wishes he was back in new york. But on days like this he realizes why he moved and why he loves the life he choose. This was short film and piece of art disguised as a normal vlog. Great to see what your life has become casey.

  31. Goldie Gareza

    Goldie GarezaPred mesecem

    Tito's Tacos is good too and it's right next door!

  32. Ryan Gausnell

    Ryan GausnellPred mesecem

    Candace is one smooth character.

  33. Mercenary Media

    Mercenary MediaPred mesecem

    love this one

  34. dannyman kingston,ont

    dannyman kingston,ontPred mesecem

    WHAT? "Together for 61 years". Are you even 61 yet Casey?

  35. Embracing Adversity

    Embracing AdversityPred mesecem

    "And over the 61 years that Candice and I have been together." hahahahahah

  36. ryan schipf

    ryan schipfPred mesecem

    I miss his nyc vlogs😢

  37. James C

    James CPred mesecem

    So lucky

  38. Trustfire

    TrustfirePred mesecem

    How many cameras you got holy fuck XD

  39. Johndigsweed

    JohndigsweedPred mesecem

    She’s legit, her dads awesome too.

  40. bill whithers

    bill whithersPred mesecem

    How did you turn it around? What was it that made her like you/fall for you?

  41. NickyTV Family Vlog

    NickyTV Family VlogPred mesecem

    What's up Casey. How did you get so many different camera angles? You must have a least a small crew with you...right? Help me out if you can brother.

  42. Jay Stay

    Jay StayPred mesecem

    Switches spots with his wife so she could stand closer to the traffic LMAOOOOOOOO

  43. Alex Naranjo

    Alex NaranjoPred mesecem

    Did he said 61 years they been together

  44. Rant Me

    Rant MePred mesecem

    "What did you buy?" "Ukulele" *Shows piano* lmao why is that so adorable!

  45. Michael Pence

    Michael PencePred mesecem

    LA SUCKS! Always has always will until life no longer exists!


    CESAR1309LAMPARDPred mesecem

    Not a great thumbnail tucan Sam

  47. Anant Rishi

    Anant RishiPred mesecem

    Hey Casey! You need to try the Godmother at Bay Cities Santa Monica!

  48. Rony Mascarenhas

    Rony MascarenhasPred mesecem

    Cure HIV Crisprs Cas 9... And AGT 103 T and Scripps..... amém 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  49. Regin's Travels

    Regin's TravelsPred mesecem

    Lodi, matindi. Ayos ang tinapay. Mukhang masarap nga. At si misis, cool. Tamsak na, lods. Nagiwan na din ako regalo sa bahay mo. Dikit na tayo.

  50. Tom

    TomPred 2 meseci

    I was on the verge of happiness tears

  51. R D

    R DPred 2 meseci

    Someone knows where can i buy a photo album like the one we showed? Thanks

  52. John Farmakis

    John FarmakisPred 2 meseci

    We always say the goal is to not lose your Shiz at the same time

  53. the Fortress of Nerditude

    the Fortress of NerditudePred 2 meseci

    Dope big homie.

  54. Simranjit Singh

    Simranjit SinghPred 2 meseci

    His wife doesn’t care about camera

  55. Lionel Fransman

    Lionel FransmanPred 2 meseci

    You should try eating a Cape Town Gatsby the next time you're in South Africa!

  56. Sam

    SamPred 2 meseci

    I just think how do you record by placing cameras on different angles...

  57. John Johnson

    John JohnsonPred 2 meseci

    He is the sexiest man around. I’d marry him in a hot minute!!

  58. Ra5h The Creatrix

    Ra5h The CreatrixPred 2 meseci

    would you happen to have a video explaining how you got the shots and pulled the positioning of those shots off? i was watching the first 2 minutes and i was wondering how you pulled those shots off, especially if by yourself.

  59. Theo Barber

    Theo BarberPred 2 meseci

    That’s so fucking cute

  60. Golden Reward

    Golden RewardPred 2 meseci

    News flash, your money makes it tolerable .

  61. Mario

    MarioPred 3 meseci

    Как ты это делаешь?

  62. Mario

    MarioPred 3 meseci

    Ты крутой!

  63. Ravenclaw _y

    Ravenclaw _yPred 3 meseci

    Çok tatlı ya

  64. Davis T.

    Davis T.Pred 3 meseci

    i like your new cinematic vlog style

  65. Arnob Bhaiya

    Arnob BhaiyaPred 3 meseci

    boss love you

  66. Maria Tesiro

    Maria TesiroPred 3 meseci

    Nice yota

  67. Victoria Reis

    Victoria ReisPred 3 meseci

    thanks for sharing it this ❤️✨ love is like any other relationship just 100 times more intense as you choose that person to be you 24/7. And it is hard work! not for quitters!

  68. PotatoTamato

    PotatoTamatoPred 3 meseci

    Bro this is such a vibe vlog

  69. Shraddha Bose

    Shraddha BosePred 3 meseci

    Very nice 👍

  70. Elliot Woo

    Elliot WooPred 3 meseci

    "Frannie, what did you buy?" "A ukelele!" "That is not a ukelele!" LMFAOOOOOO

  71. Gotthelm Gotrfidd

    Gotthelm GotrfiddPred 3 meseci

    I feel like Casey could be a lot more succesfull without being marriaged to Candice. But maybe family is more imporant than that.

  72. Anat Almog

    Anat AlmogPred 3 meseci

    61 years together?

  73. Dr. Panda

    Dr. PandaPred 4 meseci

    How is this guy still relevant. Just amazing.

  74. kardelen

    kardelenPred 4 meseci

    4:20 this is the cutest photo everrr

  75. brandon mcgahee

    brandon mcgaheePred 4 meseci

    Love your vids

  76. Dilina Sasmitha

    Dilina SasmithaPred 4 meseci

    this is the only youtuber that makes me like vlogs☺.god bless your family and you🙏

  77. Eddie Walker

    Eddie WalkerPred 4 meseci

    Wait! A New Yorker that doesn't know how to parallel park? smh

  78. Laurence Robinson

    Laurence RobinsonPred 4 meseci

    Standing by the tailgate, for any period of time, on that road is dangerous.

  79. Prachi s Chavda

    Prachi s ChavdaPred 4 meseci

    Where can I get black photo albums like that? Can someone help.

  80. Chance1957

    Chance1957Pred 4 meseci

    I haven’t watched this guy in quite awhile, he seems pretty lost. What happened to the big NYC studio?

  81. crusty wumbo

    crusty wumboPred 5 meseci

    casey u need to be the one closest to the road next time!

  82. NOOB MASTER 69

    NOOB MASTER 69Pred 5 meseci


  83. OnFire

    OnFirePred 5 meseci

    Candice is getting old

  84. Lucario Silver

    Lucario SilverPred 5 meseci

    kelly wakasa when he grows older

  85. Veni Vidi Amavi

    Veni Vidi AmaviPred 5 meseci

    *y’all give me hope. And those sandwiches looked so good.*

  86. Dragos Voda

    Dragos VodaPred 5 meseci

    i'm not sure candice is good enough for casey... meh... w/e...

  87. Central JerseyResident

    Central JerseyResidentPred 5 meseci

    Casey and Candice ............just hang on guys . I lived in both LA and NJ/NY ..both are great places to live .. you both will appreciate LA too . Enjoy every small things (just like that Sandwich) .

  88. Emanuel Sandoval

    Emanuel SandovalPred 5 meseci

    Would anyone happen to know what type of photo album book is that on 3:50 ??

  89. DigitisedWorld

    DigitisedWorldPred 5 meseci

    "Over the 61 years Candice and I have been together..." haha! 😂

  90. Pider

    PiderPred 5 meseci

    I still remember the blog of you trying to get back your gf(now your wife) by buying her an air conditioner(yeah that's how long I have known Casey), still my favourite SLthrowr. Love and support from India.

  91. salvador lopez escalante

    salvador lopez escalantePred 5 meseci

    3:44 you made me tape my hard drive to my laptop

  92. Jozef Boga

    Jozef BogaPred 5 meseci

    Why does he say 61 years when he’s only 49😐

  93. An OK Man

    An OK ManPred 3 meseci

    He is making a metaphor for "too long". But you can connect the dots yourself after he showed you an album from 2005 and said "first time we hang out ... before we dated".

  94. Alexis Bass

    Alexis BassPred 5 meseci

    I love their relationship, it’s very cute and real

  95. jasspio

    jasspioPred 5 meseci

    That pastrami sandwich!!

  96. Shahbaaz Shah

    Shahbaaz ShahPred 5 meseci

    So he stopped scratching glasses.

  97. Chanel B

    Chanel BPred 5 meseci

    I loved this so much, so wholesome and kind hearted

  98. Justin Song

    Justin SongPred 5 meseci

    how does he set up all these shots?


    NOUSSAYBAPred 5 meseci

    This video had a super complex concept in it... unbelievably well made as everything casey makes ❤️

  100. Purandhar S

    Purandhar SPred 5 meseci

    The truth about our marriage Recommended video: *My Girlfriend Candice*

  101. Ben_here_before

    Ben_here_beforePred 5 meseci

    Quite possibly my favorite video of yours.

  102. Dat Cat

    Dat CatPred 5 meseci

    What happened to the podcast? I thoroughly enjoyed it

  103. Reluctant Enthusiast

    Reluctant EnthusiastPred 5 meseci

    Joe Biden fans are liars, cheaters, oppressive, looters, vandals, muggers, and murderers. You know it's all true. And if you're a Biden fan, go ahead and lie about it now.

  104. KittyBear

    KittyBearPred 5 meseci

    When you turn your lover into family = marriage

  105. valeriesze

    valerieszePred 5 meseci

    oh my.... too sweet. Thanks for the sweetness, I'm going to bed now. night

  106. Gymnastics Vannie

    Gymnastics VanniePred 5 meseci

    61 years?