burning a fat one with my wife's parents

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  1. Simon Stæhr

    Simon StæhrPred 8 dnevi

    NEVER BURN DRIFTWOOD - It's often saturated with salts from being in the ocean, and burning it can create toxic fumes or release harmful chemicals.

  2. Dimitri Manolis

    Dimitri ManolisPred 10 dnevi

    You gotta stay in that place when there is a big winter swell!

  3. Naturelle

    NaturellePred mesecem

    I died when Franny responded " a little bit ". Btw i always catch myself rewatching 200 vlogs every time i visit Neistat.

  4. leological

    leologicalPred mesecem

    Stanley is pretty awesome

  5. Ben Stewart

    Ben StewartPred mesecem

    Stanley seems so chill bro

  6. Ian Lambcave

    Ian LambcavePred mesecem

    DAMN Casey, love all your content man. Inspiring as usual!!!!

  7. Michael Whiley

    Michael WhileyPred mesecem

    One of my fav episodes

  8. Stoney Patch Kid

    Stoney Patch KidPred 2 meseci

    Francine sounds just like Candice

  9. Thomas Villet

    Thomas VilletPred 2 meseci

    is your wife from south africa

  10. Carl Broadbent

    Carl BroadbentPred 2 meseci

    That bathroom is bigger than my house. Beautiful property 👍

  11. dan dan

    dan danPred 2 meseci

    Casey the best

  12. Davinia

    DaviniaPred 2 meseci

    Alittle bit lol

  13. Barney Walls

    Barney WallsPred 2 meseci

    Candas’s fam ?

  14. Barney Walls

    Barney WallsPred 2 meseci

    South African ?

  15. Vilius Žurauskas

    Vilius ŽurauskasPred 2 meseci

    it was weird that lighting a fire was such a big deal in this video. ive been tought to do that when i was like 12

  16. Inhale. Exhale.

    Inhale. Exhale.Pred 2 meseci

    That 'strictness' you had growing up gave you discipline. Ambition. Don't let your daughter lose sight of that 'cos you over-indulge her by not knowing what that balance means dude. Jus' sayin' 👾. Ps. Parental inconsistencies contribute btw. Undermining of each other too. Pps. Mom is strict right? 'Cos her parents were too indulgent? 🐙

  17. Mighty Chuchaisri

    Mighty ChuchaisriPred 3 meseci

    i just watch over hundreds of your video Casey ~ thank you so so much for creating these amazing videos , you are super inspiring !! thank you Sir !!

  18. costafilh0

    costafilh0Pred 3 meseci

    Millions will watch this? I better be nice: You saved the day!

  19. Keep eating fatty

    Keep eating fattyPred 3 meseci

    There ain’t no one like you!

  20. Martin Burns

    Martin BurnsPred 3 meseci

    Like those shoes. What brand?

  21. Jimmy Chitwood

    Jimmy ChitwoodPred 3 meseci

    Stanley is the man! Love that guy

  22. Johnny Buckley

    Johnny BuckleyPred 3 meseci

    Who here to see Casey smoke a joint with his wife's parents?

  23. Neon Mind

    Neon MindPred 3 meseci

    The KING 👑

  24. KAHUDE

    KAHUDEPred 3 meseci

    ye u spoil her by a lot

  25. Алекс

    АлексPred 4 meseci

    Че за говно )?

  26. Keun Seo

    Keun SeoPred 4 meseci

    I am guessing if I pay guy like Casey to teach me how to make video in person for like a day, I will get that silver button in a month. Wonder how much money he will charge me. I highly doubt he will agree to teach me to begin with but..

  27. Eddie Walker

    Eddie WalkerPred 4 meseci

    long time no listen, glad to see Casey still the best editor in the game.

  28. Sibo Niso

    Sibo NisoPred 5 meseci

    Father in law is ou topie.

  29. Garret Cooper

    Garret CooperPred 5 meseci

    I just found a lighter, I just found a lighter

  30. Yahli Fenigstein

    Yahli FenigsteinPred 5 meseci

    Your daughters are so cute!!

  31. shalu manjhi

    shalu manjhiPred 5 meseci

    Casey is really changing the drone game

  32. mercy m

    mercy mPred 5 meseci

    Try not to buy everything for them even tho you have money. My mom taught us that way. So we grew up being considerate even tho we had money or not.

  33. Nurul Faten

    Nurul FatenPred 5 meseci


  34. Nurul Faten

    Nurul FatenPred 5 meseci


  35. Nurul Faten

    Nurul FatenPred 5 meseci

    cheating on ur wife

  36. Nurul Faten

    Nurul FatenPred 5 meseci

    cheating on ur wife

  37. Cheryl Pryde

    Cheryl PrydePred 5 meseci

    You are a fantastic dad Casey. Happy Thanksgiving to you and the family from a huge fan. 🇨🇦

  38. Spllashiin

    SpllashiinPred 5 meseci

    Breath of fresh air

  39. lacrimashi

    lacrimashiPred 5 meseci

    "Yeah, a little bit"

  40. A C

    A CPred 6 meseci

    Title made me think this was about smoking a joint

  41. Matt MacDonald

    Matt MacDonaldPred 6 meseci

    SO many angles. SO much time.

  42. Shelby Sly

    Shelby SlyPred 6 meseci

    That food you're feeding your children may be 'fun' for them, but its actual poison

  43. PilotBeer

    PilotBeerPred 6 meseci

    Your videos inspired me to start making videos so thanks! btw that cinematic beginning 👌

  44. Cole Little

    Cole LittlePred 6 meseci

    Trip video Case. Nice

  45. Geographically Free

    Geographically FreePred 6 meseci

    I was hoping to see Candice's reaction to the groceries. 🤣

  46. Ian Cole

    Ian ColePred 6 meseci

    That cut in the bathroom in the beginning was so cool

  47. joseph Sanchez

    joseph SanchezPred 6 meseci

    Couldn't have said it any better I love all the time I'm getting with my kids cause of the pandemic. I work 2 jobs starting 7pm to 11pm then 12am to 9am. Best part is I'm blessed to have a job that still pays me during covid

  48. SOUVIK

    SOUVIKPred 6 meseci

    That's really unhealthy stuff casy....Don't let your child have all this stuff

  49. Jeff Dingillo

    Jeff DingilloPred 6 meseci

    Dude I love when my kids start wanting those juices with the characters heads on them. Cherish them brother. My 4 are all about that age but my youngest.

  50. neofilm

    neofilmPred 6 meseci

    Who's here because they thought Casey really was gonna burn a fat 1 with her parents? Pshhh

  51. Giorgio Mumda

    Giorgio MumdaPred 6 meseci

    He's not talking about pot, you stupid hippies.

  52. A T

    A TPred 6 meseci

    I do the same thing with my daughter pick everything you want I wasn't even allow to ask for anything when I was a kid

  53. Carter

    CarterPred 6 meseci


  54. Art is Life

    Art is LifePred 6 meseci

    I just realized you were in my back yard. Now that you are a surfer, hanging out at the Queen of Coast (point breaks), riding CI boards... heck you might as well move up to SB. It's a lot more family friendly and more community oriented up here. and not to mention, local/neighborhood surf spots EVERYwhere.

  55. Nitin Singh

    Nitin SinghPred 6 meseci

    So, at its very best a vlog can only become a great camera work that movie makers try to achieve.

  56. Jasper Keast

    Jasper KeastPred 6 meseci

    I love it they are just like my afrikaans side of the family whilst the other side being canadien what a mix

  57. Swedish Video Guy

    Swedish Video GuyPred 6 meseci

    I like your video editing and composition a lot. Great job!

  58. Laura Leyva

    Laura LeyvaPred 6 meseci

    Mmmm, did thumbnail get changed?

  59. Richard Bagg

    Richard BaggPred 6 meseci

    jfc this vlog sucks since you moved to LA.

  60. Kyle Frazer

    Kyle FrazerPred 6 meseci

    Is Stanley the new Marlan?

  61. Oddie The Pug

    Oddie The PugPred 6 meseci

    When did he burn the fatty???

  62. suesue163

    suesue163Pred 6 meseci


  63. Jollina Villanueva

    Jollina VillanuevaPred 6 meseci

    had to take some screenshots everytime bc the quality of ur vids is so 🔥

  64. Bobby D

    Bobby DPred 6 meseci

    I led myself to believe weed would be smoked. That was my mistake

  65. Rákesh Chandra

    Rákesh ChandraPred 6 meseci

    Editing is Dope 🤗

  66. Lainer Martin

    Lainer MartinPred 7 meseci

    You should get a discount for the oven not working.

  67. Lainer Martin

    Lainer MartinPred 7 meseci

    Geez, the bathroom is bigger than my whole house. LOL!

  68. shashwat trivedi

    shashwat trivediPred 7 meseci

    Casey always saves the day.

  69. mVm B

    mVm BPred 7 meseci

    "mommy doesn't let me get..." is every daughter's weapon

  70. My LIfe in Japan

    My LIfe in JapanPred 7 meseci

    Great video as always...that starting shot was great.

  71. boom bringer

    boom bringerPred 7 meseci

    me too!! haha!

  72. juniper1

    juniper1Pred 7 meseci

    Amazing, out of nothing! A story of lighting a fire somehow, became, interesting.😎

  73. dylan morrison

    dylan morrisonPred 7 meseci

    3:00 Dang! That looked like a murder scene.

  74. Fabio Olaya

    Fabio OlayaPred 7 meseci

    Glad ur still making excellent vids Casey👍

  75. Sakonema

    SakonemaPred 7 meseci

    Thumbs up for your camera work.

  76. Ronald Mayanja

    Ronald MayanjaPred 7 meseci

    ‘Bait them with what they think they need, then give them what they really need.’ Casey 2020

  77. Logan Wasdyke

    Logan WasdykePred 7 meseci

    Wholesome vlog, really loved it‼️🤙🏼❤️

  78. moony0205

    moony0205Pred 7 meseci

    The old man was really astonished, that you made a fire. I hope you have been proud of yourself? Really, although you aren't able to understand, when I see your reactions and cutting, but believe me, that makes some real understanding to the older generations about knowledge and work, at least if you can't explain what your "job" is or just that you have a part time hobby that brings you millions. That would be alright, but I think you missed that chance too on that guy...beside all your followers, who always thought you are a hard working guy, not!

  79. kwyjiboss

    kwyjibossPred 7 meseci

    Franny is so cute!

  80. Mike Crocker

    Mike CrockerPred 7 meseci

    damn the music in this absolutely smacked

  81. Brandon Faulkner

    Brandon FaulknerPred 7 meseci

    Me as a father: today kiddo we are going to fat as fu*k

  82. TT 2019

    TT 2019Pred 7 meseci

    I miss your long haul flight vlogs

  83. MrBobybob

    MrBobybobPred 7 meseci

    After 2 weeks of you beeing back,this edit&music is still the best 👌

  84. Cj Cook

    Cj CookPred 7 meseci

    The new music style for the vloggs was a great choice. Really makes you feel comfortable and ready to watch and listen

  85. Anthony Strunk

    Anthony StrunkPred 7 meseci

    I miss when they are at the phase when they are your little buddy! I was super close with my niece from birth and well now she is a teenager and I’m not so important anymore and I cried it was really hard to deal with I miss that little girl

  86. CJ Smith

    CJ SmithPred 7 meseci

    Rincon Point - Excellent Surfing Spot 😎⚡️🤙

  87. Dave Noyes

    Dave NoyesPred 7 meseci

    The title is cool, but it should have been called Casey Saves the Day.

  88. Shannon Harris

    Shannon HarrisPred 7 meseci

    Omg! When he asked Frannie if she was spoiled and she said "yeah a little bit" cutest thing I've seen all year.

  89. Ashwin Amudhan

    Ashwin AmudhanPred 7 meseci

    Unimaginable!! Any guess what it is?? Yesssss, Casey not talking to camera is totally unimaginable!!!

  90. BDVX

    BDVXPred 7 meseci

    "I'm going to use driftwood as the kindling" Gavin Newsom shows up with National Guard

  91. Melanie

    MelaniePred 7 meseci

    Little piece of completely unqualified advice: maybe save the "letting Franny have whatever she wants at the store" for special occasions. It's definitely nice once in a while (or on weekends or something...as a treat), but I think you might end up regretting it if you do so all the time.

  92. planetrob555

    planetrob555Pred 7 meseci

    Could this video be any more obnoxious?? I looked you up to see if you were still making videos and this is what I get...a few seconds of content then several seconds of loud, obnoxious music and stupid drone footage. Also, maybe spend a little less time out of the sun. You're not looking all that well...

  93. Kimberly Armstrong

    Kimberly ArmstrongPred 7 meseci

    Getting pretty good with your camera, huh. It's all about the angles. 👍

  94. vek

    vekPred 7 meseci

    better production than movies

  95. Jeff Bailey

    Jeff BaileyPred 7 meseci

    Way spoiling her.... I did that to my daughter too and it's a bad idea... My kid turned out fine, but it makes it REALLY tough in many ways... Stop spoiling her when you go shopping.

  96. Kerstin Claire

    Kerstin ClairePred 7 meseci

    Frannie starts to sound a lot like Candice, like not only the content of it but the sound of her voice and how she says stuff

  97. oshukara

    oshukaraPred 7 meseci

    Please change the music,pleeeeeeaaaaasssssseeeeeee

  98. William Edward

    William EdwardPred 7 meseci

    ctrl+F looking for Stanley's comments...where are they?

  99. Jayson Kowalski

    Jayson KowalskiPred 7 meseci

    Can anybody tell me what year is casey's toyota tacoma.

  100. Noah James

    Noah JamesPred 7 meseci


  101. Noah Hernandez

    Noah HernandezPred 7 meseci

    fricking love his new simplified editing style