this Wave Pool Cost $100 per SECOND to ride



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    casey slept in walmart parking lot

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    Been there

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    @Ryan yes sir nothing worse than having to take a shit in the morning with no bathroom around

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    @Step Bro? SERIOUSLY

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    @Ryan unless you have an RV that’s a good idea

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    time is money literally

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    Was this wave pool constructed by KPFF Construction?

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    50.000 a day? How many trips can I do to perfect Indo for that money? the nature!!!

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    Dislike for being in SLthrow rewind

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    I thought the only one that existed was in central texas austin area

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    From 0:08-0:22 this vlogging

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    why do people watch videos of rich people enjoying a life that they are COMPLETLY EXCLUDED FROM! i clicked on this by mistake

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    Slater is a fucking kooooook

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    Why on your videos is doesn’t have advertisements? Just wondering why,hope you I find the answer 🧐🤔

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    Doesn’t have any videos add from SLthrow 🤔

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    Your editing is so lit

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    I just go to the beach for free

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    good job representing us GOOFY footers - loved the video man, hope to see more vids from you soon

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    dont let them kids see this ten years from now lmao

  22. A Bemore

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    Any idea how much energy needs to be produced per wave and what energy source is used? My understanding is that they're environment fukkas...but as long as you're having fun.

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    you ripped it casey

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    Any relation to Sean Penn?

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    Ur such a capper

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    At that point you might as well just bye a flight to Florida or something

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    youre videos blow my mind

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    "The most expensive wave in the world" Could you possibly get further away from what it means to be a surfer? The most expensive part of surfing is buying the board, not buying the wave.

  29. Nounours

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    There is a similar pool now in switzerland and it is in the mountains. It's called "alaia bay" :)

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    my street

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    why so close to the camera, i kept moving away from my laptop monitor

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    There are 3 or 4 beaches within an hours drive of me that provide better surf than this contraption.

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    worth every penny...

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    Damn! This looks soo sick! I wanna goooooo!

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    This that 2017 Casey shit right here! GOD LVL film!

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    What Camera Setup do you use? The image is sick

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    So your telling me that if you ride in the waves cost you 100 dollars per second and you finished the ride in 10 minutes, does that mean that I have to pay $60,000 for going surfboarding.

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    The sneaky flare conservatively confess because drop ipsilaterally cheer aside a drab latency. uttermost, uneven car

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    Gotta love that the best wave in the world is in Lemoore in the middle of the dusty valley.

  41. Daniel Ballew

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    remember when they were building this in fact as my grandpa's place isn't far and he kept talking about seein some real hippy types doing big construction lol

  42. Arlen Margolin

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    That wave reminds me of the one in the movie I think it was the endless Summer where they found the perfect wave I believe it was in South Africa where they had this perfect girl that went on and on and off

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    5:51 that penny wise laugh though

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    Yo Casey, Real nice review man. If you want to see futuristic Onewheel player shit, check me out! Peace..

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    Looks like a average good day at Blacks. Which is free.

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    Why did the custom shades end in this video? No explanation just forever from here since.

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    Sorry but you're full of shit, there's no way it'd cost that much. Trains do not cost that much to run and neither do water pumps, if they did we'd never use them. You're talking 360,000 dollars for an hour in a pool with a wave and that's ridiculous.

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    Candice is getting old in every video

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    There is more then 1 of these in the world, i live right next to one, its called' surf snowdonia ' if you wanna check it out it. Its in the snowdonia national park, north Wales, This one is double sided tho so you get waves on both sides instead of the of just 1

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    There is one in Melbourne Australia

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    The title is what parents see when you go to your friend’s house

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    4:11 Epic!!!

  56. SuperMrsMar

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    Fun facts about Lemoore from a local: In the summer, it is reaches over 110° and stays there for well over a month. It doesn't get cold. Ever. Middle of January and all you need is a light jacket. There is no shopping. If you want to buy sheets or a towel, you have to go to the next town over (where this Walmart is located). Our primary jobs come from the Navy base (no, they do not have access to this pool), and a cheese factory. There is a Native American reservation just outside of town. We are surrounded by farms, mostly dairy and corn (the further you go from town, the more farms you will find from nuts to fruits, to veggie, and raisins). The town is over 120 years old. No local (who doesn't work there) as ever seen the inside of this facility, we are not allowed or welcome.

  57. Team broski

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    I second=100$ 10 seconds=1000$ 1 minute=6,000$ 1 hour=360,000$ 1 day=8,640,000$ Holy ship You know how he said it would be 50,000 bucks to operate of a day, no, no I say, I calculated it, it's 8,640,000$, it would would be 50,000 bucks to operate for 500 seconds, and I calculated that to

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    1:11 love this moment 😂

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    “The wave is generated by this. Blue. Choo Choo. Train” 😂😂😂😂😂😂

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    You should start editing course ??

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    So basically he’s saying he pays like 270,000$ for this

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    so epic wow

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    Verified comment give me likes pls!!1!1!1!


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    Filthy rich people stuff!disgusting

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    Actually it’s spelled stooooookd

  68. Стас Бузунко

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    he said 50000$ per day / 100$ per second => that's 500 seconds => less than 9 minutes. I don't believe they would rent out the whole place for the price of 9 minutes. moreover, there was a timetable with session and each session was about 8 minutes. So it's either 50000$ per 8 minute session which is ridiculous even for super rich people or it's not 100$ per second, but rather 10$ a second or 100$ a minute. So title is misleading

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    $6000 for 1 minute 😂

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    So did you rip it? Didn’t look it. Kook.

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    Your wife really hates your kids... I hope she's talking to a professional about that. 😬

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    Awesome Casey. You stayed on your feet and got your money's worth. How did it feel?

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    such a good video!!!! Thanks!

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    f a f video 30 what's that mean 30. We're on 30 seconds? * SQUEEZING* into whet suit - you know i think actually this is a women's.

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    this is my home town wish i could've met you! :(

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    ты не один русский который смотрит Кейси!

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    приятно то как))

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    Casey has turned into pure it

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    at that price it should be heated

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    i would still chose the wave from the cause it free but good damn its beutiful

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    I would probably drown and die per second there...

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    At least I could afford one second of the pool

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    Artifical and nature lol what

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    Whats the point of this wave pool if its so expensive ?

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    The hair FINALLY makes sense...

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    Bill gates: I make that much per second...

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    In this blue choo choo train 😂😂

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    People ride a boat wake..niestadt....richer... people smh

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    Love the shoes

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    50000usd for one day??? that's why nobody surfs on this structure

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    What is the cost to be allowed to surf there?

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    *That's a lot* 🤑

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    this toilet paper cost 10 cents per square to use.

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    Dude you Guys turned your backs on NYC Soho/Tribeca???..

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    her birthday gift, you surf all day. niice.

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    I just say Casey at el Porto surfing some sick 15 foot waves

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    Besides all your money and shown happiness, you and Mrs Billy, sorry, not interested in her name right now, you live outside the world... Means you both have no clue about it and I really hope you keep it a lifelong secret to your kids! They would appreciate it and at least might have a lil chance, naturally depending on sane real world experiences, of being allowed to have some influence of a normal life and hopefully not to be like rich hill Billy s.

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    Are you saying that i would have to pay 6000$ for a minute. Hold on, that means if i want to go for an hour i would have to pay 360,000$?? Which is an amount that people don't even earn in their lifetime.........yeah i call bullshit.

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    Dope production.

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    Lmao love the people saying "great music" to random scratching noises and absolutely terrifying sounds that wont let you sleep tonight. Jesus...what is that taste...

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    Only 45 minutes, that's pretty quick, I usually have to wait an hour at least.

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    i love this HD videos wow

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    Nice vid!!

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    The track edit when you caught the wave; that song is a banger!

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    Casey you very funny man

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    Place very funny bro

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    What the type lol

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    This pretty cool bro