very serious family problems.



  1. Paul D.

    Paul D.Pred 12 urami

    "A woman yelled at me for riding my bike". Not only have I not heard that sentence in ages, but especially not in the context of a husband telling his wife. That was brilliant 😄😌

  2. Perfect Salad

    Perfect SaladPred 23 urami

    The little interaction with Candace in the car felt like a little kid talking to his mom "Are you on your way home right now?" "a woman yelled at me for riding my bike"

  3. Ritika Singh

    Ritika SinghPred 7 dnevi

    What is he riding ? It's so amazing

  4. Bahmet

    BahmetPred 12 dnevi

    I wonder what the joke was

  5. David Mora

    David MoraPred 21 dnevom

    The shot of the moon over the sea is hauntingly beautiful.

  6. Onion Potato

    Onion PotatoPred 25 dnevi

    What I see in this video is two instances in which women cause unnecessary drama. Women = drama.

  7. Yt Ty

    Yt TyPred 28 dnevi

    What happend to your raiban?

  8. hamish r

    hamish rPred mesecem

    Riding your bike is bad?

  9. R van Dyk

    R van DykPred mesecem

    Probably just bought the house just for the trip😂

  10. Mark Crane

    Mark CranePred mesecem

    What's up with that ipad holder?

  11. Mark Crane

    Mark CranePred mesecem

    "are you on your way home right now?" The language of a woman married to a man with ADHD

  12. Foods By Richard

    Foods By RichardPred mesecem

    Casey, come back to New York, enough is enough.

  13. The Think Show

    The Think ShowPred mesecem

    Casey.......those ladies were yelling at you because you were not "peddling" your bike. C'mon man......get some exercise. Truth; your film-making abilities are over the top.

  14. Luis G.

    Luis G.Pred mesecem

    A karen in the wild!

  15. ClankyRochet

    ClankyRochetPred mesecem

    Don't you just hated, when you're being apologetic but that person think they're having an upper hand, so they just don't except your apologies and then later you felt regret of why did you apologised to that idiot.

  16. Tobias Joachim

    Tobias JoachimPred mesecem

    You miss a 100% of the shots you don’t take.

  17. Ab Nazari

    Ab NazariPred 2 meseci

    This guys films are like mini Hollywood movies 🎥 very impressive

  18. Ayyy Lmao

    Ayyy LmaoPred 2 meseci

    What’s up with these clickbaits

  19. nazbee

    nazbeePred 2 meseci

    Wow didn’t think you could get any uglier, but your thumbnail proves otherwise.

  20. Gigi Dodson

    Gigi DodsonPred 2 meseci

    We LOVE Mr. Pool. He is amazing.

  21. Sachin Narayan

    Sachin NarayanPred 2 meseci

    Am I the only one who keeps coming back to watch the vlogs?

  22. TOMY TB

    TOMY TBPred 3 meseci

    3.38 I don´t get it which was the problem with the ladies and the moto bike 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️

  23. N S

    N SPred 3 meseci

    Lol @ that wild Karen

  24. ael buel

    ael buelPred 3 meseci

    THIS has 13M subscribers ans 1M+ views? I don’t want to think about it.

  25. RyMac

    RyMacPred 3 meseci

    Those ladies @ 3:22 like "yes let's spread negative energy bcz someone is having fun" like c'mon let's live a little lmao

  26. I love music!

    I love music!Pred 3 meseci

    Don’t you miss New York? Everyone who has money is leaving California! California is going down the shitter! You got Skid Row and extreme high rent!

  27. I love music!

    I love music!Pred 3 meseci

    If you can drive a car on that road you can ride a bike!

  28. Kakamg26

    Kakamg26Pred 3 meseci

    Karens everywhere in America and the whole world lol

  29. Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman

    Reid Fleming, World's Toughest MilkmanPred 3 meseci

    dafuq who yells at people for riding a bike?

  30. Random Kevin

    Random KevinPred 3 meseci

    What's wrong with riding a bike?

  31. Mayuresh Gawade

    Mayuresh GawadePred 3 meseci

    Background music on point 👌

  32. Achintam Karmakar

    Achintam KarmakarPred 3 meseci

    5 mins vlog, 500 hrs of clips it seems insane❤️

  33. Madina Kamysbaeva

    Madina KamysbaevaPred 3 meseci

    how he films himself?

  34. Evan Hansen

    Evan HansenPred 4 meseci

    Stanley is a legend

  35. Melody Musik

    Melody MusikPred 4 meseci

    Hilariously funny! And love the end...there is no room in the house too sacred, LoL!

  36. Kristy Slicker

    Kristy SlickerPred 4 meseci

    Were you in a no biking zone? Karen was upset...

  37. mark batle

    mark batlePred 5 meseci

    Its like you are watching a vlog with the whole team capturing every angle!!! What a guy!!! Still a solid fan here!!!

  38. Abhishek

    AbhishekPred 5 meseci

    You & Candice are amazing sir. Much love.

  39. Shapka

    ShapkaPred 5 meseci

    omg candice looks so tired and old in these videos. wtf is happening? We all know since the beginning of time KC is this active guy, who basically drags her along, but seeing her like this? idk, she's drained i guess.

  40. Claire Hellam

    Claire HellamPred 5 meseci

    Stanley is cool.

  41. Marc

    MarcPred 5 meseci

    Casey's editing skills are so good..

  42. Han Chee

    Han CheePred 5 meseci

    Been teaching since 1967 in English, communication skills, speech and debate. Verbal fighting is good because it clears the air.

  43. Han Chee

    Han CheePred 5 meseci

    But fighting for the sake of egos instead of resolution of issues complicates a relationship.

  44. Shawn T

    Shawn TPred 5 meseci

    Dang that karen

  45. Grim Falcon

    Grim FalconPred 5 meseci


  46. sarun kutterikandy

    sarun kutterikandyPred 5 meseci

    your are a good human beign❤

  47. Gerardo Ponce

    Gerardo PoncePred 5 meseci

    How to make an awesome video out of nothing! Well played Mr. Neistat.

  48. The Breakdown

    The BreakdownPred 5 meseci

    Casey went from zooming all around New York on whatever vehicle he likes. With people greeting him and telling him how much they appreciate his videos. To mean ass old bitches scolding him for just riding his bike down a public street.

  49. Fight Watch

    Fight WatchPred 5 meseci

    Dude is laying in bed while wearing a jacket. Wtf

  50. Jamie Bulloch

    Jamie BullochPred 5 meseci

    purile pish

  51. Sarah Jennett

    Sarah JennettPred 5 meseci

    What kind of bike were you riding?

  52. Like Bot

    Like BotPred 5 meseci

    Psyche! Casey can't be Rick-rolled, but he can be gotcha'd. LOL

  53. Erick R Cisneros

    Erick R CisnerosPred 5 meseci

    The “drama “ is real!!!!!!!

  54. Murat Unel

    Murat UnelPred 5 meseci

    Casey is Great...

  55. ken-arook pangeran kombayana

    ken-arook pangeran kombayanaPred 5 meseci


  56. Zama

    ZamaPred 5 meseci

    Do U ever more ride E-skate?

  57. Paul Barker

    Paul BarkerPred 6 meseci

    It’s got to the point now with Caseys videos that I enjoy the production value and music more than the content

  58. fishfan28

    fishfan28Pred 6 meseci

    Stanley is my hero. Beautiful video Casey. Loved your storytelling cuts.

  59. Merge Music and Film

    Merge Music and FilmPred 6 meseci

    Casey can take a shit on the floor, film it, and he’ll get over 1000 000 views in a day, blown out comment section and add mega $$$ to his bank. To quote Morrisey, “It says nothing to me about my life!”

  60. Worlds Worst Musician

    Worlds Worst MusicianPred 6 meseci

    You have to block him 😂😂

  61. Rick Appleyard

    Rick AppleyardPred 6 meseci

    Holy chit Rummikub! My Grandma loves it

  62. DJ Paul Madden

    DJ Paul MaddenPred 6 meseci

    Being yelled at by the dog walkers.... priceless!! Too funny!!

  63. Doveranalyst

    DoveranalystPred 6 meseci

    Goddamn it. I wana know what the joke is. Don't block him...

  64. Ian Cole

    Ian ColePred 6 meseci

    Stanley is the best

  65. jerplane400

    jerplane400Pred 6 meseci

    Freakin LOVE Stanley!

  66. Hastatus

    HastatusPred 6 meseci

    You are so anti aggressive, that is what I like on you.

  67. Shahanewaz Sumon

    Shahanewaz SumonPred 6 meseci

    I really enjoyed family drama. I just keep shutdown all the time

  68. Arturo Vidaurri

    Arturo VidaurriPred 6 meseci

    f in the chat for stanley

  69. A T

    A TPred 6 meseci

    3:30 casey just had a Karen moment

  70. A T

    A TPred 6 meseci

    The vibes I get from stanley are does of a cool grampa the grampa you go fishing with smoke weed with street race with

  71. MineHunter

    MineHunterPred 6 meseci

    Kids ruin I mean adults

  72. Jordan Taylor

    Jordan TaylorPred 6 meseci

    You got me!

  73. Ivey Fagan Jr

    Ivey Fagan JrPred 6 meseci


  74. Yannick Vigneault

    Yannick VigneaultPred 6 meseci

    Never tought id ear Mickman on this channel lol

  75. yesmayi haveanother

    yesmayi haveanotherPred 6 meseci

    Wait, why can't you ride your bike? Fukin LA.

  76. Kyle Frazer

    Kyle FrazerPred 6 meseci

    "Excuse me, I had a report of two annoying women in the neighbourhood, I'm currently riding my bike around looking for them to call the police, have you seen anyone of that description?"

  77. Mike Sly

    Mike SlyPred 6 meseci

    Stanley's great in the vlogs and and I am still thinking about things said in his birthday video

  78. Form Trends

    Form TrendsPred 6 meseci

    “A woman yelled at me for riding my bike” 😂😂😂 Fantastic edit and brilliant storytelling as always👌

  79. TlifeUk

    TlifeUkPred 6 meseci

    It might be those old women

  80. Ben Zaremba

    Ben ZarembaPred 6 meseci

    Keeping up with the Neistats. I could get used to this new style vlog

  81. Hum Dono PM

    Hum Dono PMPred 7 meseci

    What a lovely Vlog, you are a fantastic person

  82. Andy

    AndyPred 7 meseci

    Awesome work! It takes great deal of passion to be this level. Enjoy every part of it including how you treated Karen so calmly as though nothing happened. Kudos!

  83. John G. Adams

    John G. AdamsPred 7 meseci

    STANs the man with a great big AMG LOL

  84. Walker Morgan

    Walker MorganPred 7 meseci

    How does he get away with showing brands and stuff in his videos? Like don't they try to sue him? Or is it fair use? Just wondering. I saw Dececco Pasta and that buzz lightyear thing? Just to say two of them.

  85. moksha

    mokshaPred 7 meseci

    lol what who gets yelled at for riding a bike

  86. English with Lalit

    English with LalitPred 7 meseci

    I love your Vlog

  87. Chris Bradley

    Chris BradleyPred 7 meseci

    Am I the only one wanting to know the sotry with getting yelled at for riding a bike??? Did you almost hit her dog Casey??

  88. JustCurtis FromCanada

    JustCurtis FromCanadaPred 7 meseci

    Thankfully there are anti-Karen laws in effect now. So she should just MYOB.

  89. Necky

    NeckyPred 7 meseci

    4:19 ❤️

  90. Gabriel Delgado

    Gabriel DelgadoPred 7 meseci

    Stupid bitter lady it's just a bike... live a little.

  91. Naturally Mixed

    Naturally MixedPred 7 meseci

    Wait where's the Tesla

  92. Phoenix967

    Phoenix967Pred 7 meseci

    I love how those ladies love to keep the negativity

  93. Ek S

    Ek SPred 7 meseci

    Stanley is so freaking cool

  94. y1521t21b5

    y1521t21b5Pred 7 meseci

    Blame lockdown...

  95. SaturnDirect

    SaturnDirectPred 7 meseci

    Stanley and Candice are the best

  96. Kylene Flynn

    Kylene FlynnPred 7 meseci

    i just watched u talk about ur father in law and bike around a beach town yet somehow it was the most interesting video i have seen in awhile

  97. Kylene Flynn

    Kylene FlynnPred 7 meseci

    how are you SO good

  98. Kylene Flynn

    Kylene FlynnPred 7 meseci

    your quality and composition of videos is batshit crazy


    •HIGHBLOX PLAYZ•Pred 7 meseci

    1:37 My name is Stanley

  100. Gary Taylor

    Gary TaylorPred 7 meseci

    So maybe the most obvious statement of the day..”your vids are always friggin inspirational!” (It some form or fashion) But, simple question, how long did it take to film the entire bike sequence? (not edit) crazy cool to watch (as always) Congrats on the new ways (life)🤙

  101. repairdrive

    repairdrivePred 7 meseci

    Lol. Always treat the SLthrow comment section like public bathroom handles. Touch them only if you have to! 😆