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  1. CaseyNeistat

    CaseyNeistatPred 7 meseci

    yes i took the drone shots of the dolphins. it was not easy but i did it. but i stole the dolphin sounds from the planet earth documentary

  2. Peter Beck

    Peter BeckPred 6 meseci


  3. Juri

    JuriPred 7 meseci

    Yea, those dolphin sounds were weird...

  4. Gregg B

    Gregg BPred 7 meseci

    Piece all the “new vlog” titles together and he’s building a story about quitting LA (silly decision) to move to New York or Texas. Plus, his Venice Beach house is listed for sale. So all this talk about no decisions made is just a lie. They’ve already made their decision - and he’s taking us along for the ride through a story of titles and the decision to quit.

  5. Colin H.

    Colin H.Pred 7 meseci

    I know a guy who would happily give you those sounds for free without all the mishegoss

  6. Julian Zehr

    Julian ZehrPred 7 meseci

    I was actually wondering that, it was too clean.

  7. Snapping Jesus

    Snapping JesusPred 13 dnevi

    That front Toyota emblem looks like crap...hmmmmm.

  8. Idiotic Boy!!

    Idiotic Boy!!Pred 16 dnevi

    I still see his vlogs, it is not boring though

  9. The Process

    The ProcessPred 16 dnevi

    (did you say bath time was you're favorite time of the day?"

  10. Walker, Texas Ranger

    Walker, Texas RangerPred 18 dnevi

    All the top comments are other creators lmao it’s amazing what can happen when a platform decides you’re going to be successful

  11. Maz 169

    Maz 169Pred 22 dnevi


  12. Payton Rice

    Payton RicePred mesecem

    he knew he was gonna be in trouble for taking credit for cleaning lmao

  13. Sic Parvis Magna

    Sic Parvis MagnaPred 2 meseci

    How much I miss my mentor ? A lottttttttttttttt The universe will be small to explain the quantity of love and respect I have for the legend

  14. Ordinary Us

    Ordinary UsPred 2 meseci

    Candice seems happier in ca

  15. dan dan

    dan danPred 2 meseci

    Well done.

  16. M.Saifullah Siddiqui

    M.Saifullah SiddiquiPred 2 meseci

    No wonder if I say he's the Founder of quality content.. Love from Pakistan.

  17. Matt Merkle

    Matt MerklePred 2 meseci

    I like the tacoma, is that yours casey? I have the 4runner with same motor and they last forever, 350k miles currently

  18. Brandon Rush

    Brandon RushPred 2 meseci

    Love the fact he drives a 02 Toyota.

  19. Van Tijden

    Van TijdenPred 2 meseci

    What’s threat watch he’s wearing?

  20. Naval Kumar Shukla

    Naval Kumar ShuklaPred 3 meseci

    It was Candace's Dad in the beginning, right? He looked like her or maybe it's the other way around 😅

  21. Naval Kumar Shukla

    Naval Kumar ShuklaPred 3 meseci

    So he came clean about the cleaning xD

  22. Lyn Yiu

    Lyn YiuPred 3 meseci

    Make another pls!!! ahahahahah

  23. Aditya Srivastava

    Aditya SrivastavaPred 3 meseci

    How does he use drone while driving?

  24. Eddie Gates

    Eddie GatesPred 3 meseci

    Lol I love the humility and honesty


    МАШИНОЙ ПО МИРУPred 3 meseci


  26. Shane Cohen

    Shane CohenPred 3 meseci

    air bnb owner watchin u drag the bed in from outside : 🧐

  27. Planet Feel Good

    Planet Feel GoodPred 3 meseci

    Hi Casey, loving your videos, big thanks for all the great efforts, and inspirations! Brilliant! Your making the kind of visual awesomeness videos that i was inspired to do when I started my Planet Feel Good project back in 2011, between photo projects. I never quite got going with the vlog tyoe videos, although I have a bunch of videos in the archives. The tech has come a long way since 2011, and mostly your enthusiastic focus with the angels and content is just brilliant for the inspiration! Big Thanks dude! I was bouncing between California, living around Venice, Big Sur, & Santa Cruz for chunks of time during my 3 month visas, and then in Brazil, India, Greece and UK, connecting with family, friends and work projects. It's been a rollercoaster ride for me these last few years, and well.. seeing your videos now.. now when I am getting ready to start sharing some of my content, and to shine up the good vibes with the Planet Feel Good chanel, I really am loving your videos. From a photographers perspective, and a travel, adventurer and lover of life. These are just great! Thank~You!!! Keep Shining! Chris 😊🍀🌟

  28. HaydenArter

    HaydenArterPred 3 meseci

    Casey seems like the best Dad ever lol

  29. John Wayne Dioso

    John Wayne DiosoPred 3 meseci

    i think im cool by watching your videos but instead im in bed ALL DAY

  30. Steven Song

    Steven SongPred 4 meseci

    0:40 - 1:10 Hearing this from the king of SLthrow gives the message a strong punch.

  31. Hamza Babar

    Hamza BabarPred 4 meseci

    I am inspired and started vlogging bcz of u.

  32. Mobile Freelancer

    Mobile FreelancerPred 4 meseci

    No colour grading no fancy transitions, simple jump cuts, and amazing story telling he's the master of vlogging simple as that!

  33. Tatiana Balashova

    Tatiana BalashovaPred 4 meseci

    Love those short stories! 😍 kids are adorable

  34. Mark

    MarkPred 4 meseci

    Your editing is top notch I don’t think a lot of people realize how much work you put in to the short video.👍 You need to work on a Hollywood movie if you haven’t all already.

  35. Kirill Karvat

    Kirill KarvatPred 4 meseci

    Dear Casey, so much clickable headings, are You really need it? .... feel the difference bee twin "now" & "those times)))", I was very inspired by your videos several (4-5 years) ago, wish You the best!

  36. jellybelly

    jellybellyPred 5 meseci

    Santa Barbara!

  37. paul robinson

    paul robinsonPred 5 meseci


  38. Paulo Jimenez

    Paulo JimenezPred 5 meseci

    You need to buy another mattress after dragging it all over the durty flor. Or clean it. Or your words are not true.

  39. HG Dancer

    HG DancerPred 5 meseci

    Ram ram

  40. Life in Glow Wellness

    Life in Glow WellnessPred 5 meseci

    Those airials and cute cosy family moments 😍

  41. Dorian Serviable

    Dorian ServiablePred 5 meseci

    Hi from France 🇫🇷 Casey ! I hope you are great ! Can you give me the name of the music at the 3 min ? Merci beaucoup 😊 😉

  42. Tony Stark

    Tony StarkPred 5 meseci

    Есть здесь русские?

  43. Delanopjones- IP

    Delanopjones- IPPred 6 meseci

    Airbnb landlords usually charge a lot for cleaning fees. Obviously I don’t leave the place in a complete mess, but I've paid an arm and a leg for cleaning fees. So..

  44. joseph Sanchez

    joseph SanchezPred 6 meseci

    "I need to come clean" I didnt clean.. lol

  45. Técnica De Voz

    Técnica De VozPred 6 meseci

    man, how can you drive and pilot that drone at the same time?

  46. OmaFarAway

    OmaFarAwayPred 6 meseci

    Oh I love those vlogs..... sigh! And your kids, scrumptiously gorgeous. ❤️ 👍 🙏 🌷 🙋‍♀️

  47. Jonathan Nystad

    Jonathan NystadPred 6 meseci

    "So daddy im gonna tell you the whole story"🥺🥺

  48. Kettler_

    Kettler_Pred 6 meseci

    Where exactly is located the shot at 3:01?

  49. Mary Ann Anderson

    Mary Ann AndersonPred 6 meseci

    She won't care that you put this in the video, sorry honey. How about just stepping up and helping out.

  50. Chris Sears

    Chris SearsPred 6 meseci

    Somehow, the normality of children banging on pots makes me think we'll pull through this year after all.

  51. Allison Batton

    Allison BattonPred 6 meseci

    Parenting 101 “you can’t just take a random dog” 😂

  52. Vinicius

    ViniciusPred 6 meseci

    Legend!!! I hope you are back for good

  53. patience

    patiencePred 6 meseci

    Do you have a different house?

  54. Lainer Martin

    Lainer MartinPred 7 meseci

    Toyota Truck Fans: WHAT year is that TRD and is it 4WD?

  55. Jamal's Library

    Jamal's LibraryPred 7 meseci

    imagine if he just forgets the drone in the sky...

  56. 48162342

    48162342Pred 7 meseci

    What's the beat at @3:06?

  57. Ţapu'

    Ţapu'Pred 7 meseci

    Your wife=Narcissist

  58. DiamondDog28

    DiamondDog28Pred 7 meseci

    How did u drone and drive and also that reminds me of the great ocean road here in Australia

  59. Bob Chinabob

    Bob ChinabobPred 7 meseci

    We use AirBnbs a lot. Always give them a good cleaning when we leave despite the fact that we do pay a cleaning fee every time too.

  60. manuel cruz

    manuel cruzPred 7 meseci

    Driving and drone flying *🤔

  61. cwuzii

    cwuziiPred 7 meseci

    What ever happened to Dan the South African?

  62. Mohammad Shishtari

    Mohammad ShishtariPred 7 meseci

    Just love your vlogs man, thank you

  63. moony0205

    moony0205Pred 7 meseci

    Wow, Casey, I didn't know you give so less(a shit) about your kids!!! At least your wife brought up some nice words... For all other people with at least some feelings about their kids or at least other humans in the world and beside the superficial States, let me tell at least you, we are all humans and we all acted like that or do act like that today, there is nothing wrong about it, as Casey wanna tell you. You have to deal with a lot of things, when it is coming to family, and beside Casey's words, it is mostly fun and if you would show your kids the world they all become a better person.

  64. Autotrope

    AutotropePred 7 meseci

    Just my 2c. I think you've found the point where you hit "too much drone footage". And then you've sailed *way, way past it*.

  65. MCJose

    MCJosePred 7 meseci

    The drone shot you have to make a video how did you that .. it was awesome driving along the beach at the speed and filming on a drone ... I have to learn how please.

  66. Anubhav Agarwal

    Anubhav AgarwalPred 7 meseci

    Ok. Pls. Somebody. Plzz. Tell me. How the fuck does he drive and fly a drone at the same timeeeeeeeee. Ughhhhhh.

  67. Anubhav Agarwal

    Anubhav AgarwalPred 7 meseci

    Hey casey ! I want to meet you

  68. Chadwick Calica

    Chadwick CalicaPred 7 meseci

    Such a viiiibe

  69. Simon Blunden

    Simon BlundenPred 7 meseci

    I often wonder how simple Casey’s life is if he has to have drones in the air from multiple angles and other cameras set up to film the simplest of things like driving down the highway or packing up the truck. Regardless it’s super entertaining!

  70. Philip Cornelius

    Philip CorneliusPred 7 meseci

    dude, this is really good. talent bro

  71. Mkhl90 Xmas

    Mkhl90 XmasPred 7 meseci

    0:34 that some real dirty thing to do

  72. Radu Antoniu

    Radu AntoniuPred 7 meseci

    I like how this is a different style from Casey's old New York vlogs. No more timelapses and boosted boards. Now it's more precise cinematography and storytelling. And it's awesome.

  73. Colin

    ColinPred 29 dnevi

    Your opinion is invalid and I’m thoroughly upset.

  74. EG 95

    EG 95Pred 7 meseci

    You were at the Ventura beach and I didn’t get to see you I always go there bummerrrrr

  75. Caio

    CaioPred 7 meseci

    I'm loving this new kind of titles to the videos, please, keep then coming! Also, loving daily videos again! Great job, Casey!

  76. Alex K

    Alex KPred 7 meseci

    I think that dog was a fan :)

  77. Helltee

    HellteePred 7 meseci

    "Hi Daddy!!" = My heart full

  78. Ruurd van Buiten

    Ruurd van BuitenPred 7 meseci

    i miss the white on the glasses, old days?

  79. Gabriel BC

    Gabriel BCPred 7 meseci

    ... and subscribed

  80. Gabriel BC

    Gabriel BCPred 7 meseci

    They said the story is the king ... this is proof that you can have him talking about nails and still watch until the end. Nice work.

  81. Mythu Sharma

    Mythu SharmaPred 7 meseci

    These children modi followers

  82. kuroibuta

    kuroibutaPred 7 meseci

    What Casey thinks: Take a peak into my life, I take nice drone shots. What everything else thinks: He's rich, my life is depressing.

  83. Lil Wogy

    Lil WogyPred 7 meseci

    why I really like Casey Neistat - Reasons Reason n.1 he is indeed humble Reason n.2 He is working very hard Reason n.3 even he´s youtube famous,he´s main priority is kids an family Reason n.4 originaly and creativaly made content Reasin n.5 such a good content

  84. Rexy Jason Gomez

    Rexy Jason GomezPred 7 meseci

    the ending's really really cute.

  85. Cindi Copeland

    Cindi CopelandPred 7 meseci

    So so glad you’re back, Casey! And I love the chaos that is (are) multiple small children! Your expressions are priceless! Your patience is great- but I think you’re supposed to be helping...!

  86. Jessica Roberts

    Jessica RobertsPred 7 meseci

    I just love these short vlogs. Especially the dolphins! Where was that where people drove up to the beach with their RVs and such? I never knew you could do that.

  87. ActiveNoise

    ActiveNoisePred 7 meseci

    When I heard the truck start.... OH Yeah that's a Toyota.

  88. Tsquare22ESQ

    Tsquare22ESQPred 7 meseci

    Golden Retrievers are such mooches ;Ice cream, Carrot sticks, AIR BNBs. You name it

  89. Isuzu Buyer

    Isuzu BuyerPred 7 meseci

    Still have no idea why Casey married his wife

  90. Say Cheese Alex

    Say Cheese AlexPred 7 meseci

    Are you using the A7siii in this? It looks like it

  91. thashells

    thashellsPred 7 meseci

    Loved the aerial shots.

  92. Trevor Lawrence

    Trevor LawrencePred 7 meseci

    4:00 you forgot liberals!

  93. SEON 23 VEGAS

    SEON 23 VEGASPred 7 meseci

    What campground is the one in Highway? Nice place too do you have a link of the Airbnb?

  94. Teresa Nguyen

    Teresa NguyenPred 7 meseci

    Wow your vlogs are amazing! The edits the drone shots. Like its making me what a camera to film and edit so bad

  95. The Tech of Tech

    The Tech of TechPred 7 meseci

    “Awwww.... That was a nice time.” So adorable.

  96. Rona xo

    Rona xoPred 7 meseci

    These really are mini movies everytime wow so glad they’re back

  97. Splash _CSC

    Splash _CSCPred 7 meseci

    I keep waiting for new videos in the recommendation window! I just miss so many videos this way. It's so frustrating! I love your videos! Have a nice day!

  98. juanbest98

    juanbest98Pred 7 meseci

    3:18 lol gta v

  99. SassyMundo

    SassyMundoPred 7 meseci

    The dog leaving “aw that was a nice time” 😭😭😭❤️

  100. ZYCIE W USA TV by Gosia

    ZYCIE W USA TV by GosiaPred 7 meseci

    great vlog and daddy happy hearing children noises

  101. Leonard Luzon

    Leonard LuzonPred 7 meseci

    Living in CA is like a having a love-hate vibes here. Can't help it that you felt in love while you're embattled with expenses, air quality and quarantine.

  102. Rob Wright

    Rob WrightPred 7 meseci

    What road was that when driving back?

  103. That one Dude

    That one DudePred 7 meseci

    Hey Casey wait 10-20 seconds to let the Engine warm up and since it’s a 2001 try to leave it for 25 seconds and it will last longer

  104. supeJC

    supeJCPred 7 meseci

    Casey, if you see this, just know that you made me realize the value of good storytelling. Also, It feels like 2015 again. I like this.

  105. Ez Milone

    Ez MilonePred 7 meseci

    Aww that was a nice time!!!ur kid omg

  106. craig me

    craig mePred 7 meseci

    He was vlogging, earning a living, paying for the holiday, enabling a tax rightoff. Isnt that as valuable as cleaning? No, what men do doesnt count...thanks for clearing that up candis - thats why we all love you candis - why dont they drive in your car Casey? What was that beautiful man women thing? You are talking like US politicians, no sense? - stop listenning to them, its affecting you.

  107. Pierre F.

    Pierre F.Pred 6 meseci

    they don't drive in his car because he probably took an extra 2 hours of shooting his drive back...