i made this video in a Wal Mart

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  1. CaseyNeistat

    CaseyNeistatPred 7 meseci

    most definitely not sponsored by jojo ice cream. but seriously wasnt bad.

  2. Dorian Kace

    Dorian KacePred 9 dnevi

    i dont know if anyone gives a damn but last night I hacked my girl friends Instagram password by using Instaplekt. You can find it by Googling for Instaplekt password hack if you wanna try it

  3. Devontay Bruh

    Devontay BruhPred 3 meseci

    Nah over here in Germany there is a guy who has merch Pizza

  4. NI CO

    NI COPred 3 meseci

    Sponsored by unicorn Mr Casey obviously 🦄💛💛

  5. Michael

    MichaelPred 6 meseci

    Dutch Parisien hi

  6. Mandeep Singh

    Mandeep SinghPred 6 meseci

    @Connie Johnson hallo connie Johnson ji nice to me I love you 2

  7. Reefer Explained

    Reefer ExplainedPred 4 dnevi

    What happened to this Vlog, and 365!

  8. Liana Knipe

    Liana KnipePred 8 dnevi

    Where are those matchstick print pajamas from? I need them!

  9. Jonas Sfonda

    Jonas SfondaPred 10 dnevi

    don't be a assohole or idiot.... don't use the mask!!!! It's only for covidiots!!!

  10. Ben

    BenPred 12 dnevi

    Man I miss the old Casey videos


    SOLARISPred 13 dnevi

    got a target ad for this video

  12. B Z

    B ZPred 18 dnevi

    2:37 Candice's eye color matches her mask color...wow..

  13. GiShiFit

    GiShiFitPred 22 dnevi

    “I like making videos” ❤️ Mee too

  14. William Harper

    William HarperPred 22 dnevi

    Casey, you just like flexin that you can make the best SLthrow videos

  15. Michael Whiley

    Michael WhileyPred 24 dnevi

    Missing your videos badly m8.

  16. Mariam Coulibaly

    Mariam CoulibalyPred mesecem

    I miss the NYC videos

  17. Arolf Isaiah Mora

    Arolf Isaiah MoraPred mesecem

    Small flex, because it’s Walmart. Don’t get me wrong it’s still a flex

  18. Zachs POVs

    Zachs POVsPred mesecem

    Don’t be an A$$ wear a mask

  19. MrMekmek29

    MrMekmek29Pred mesecem

    I feel like Casey lost his batcave the moment he lost his studio in new york.

  20. Shilonious Monk

    Shilonious MonkPred mesecem

    😷👈a better look for you

  21. Quik FN

    Quik FNPred mesecem

    And idk who Georgie is but she seems nice

  22. Quik FN

    Quik FNPred mesecem

    I stopped watching i for a while it kids have grown up so much, I goo to see that ur happy and well

  23. Neka Johnson

    Neka JohnsonPred mesecem

    You are one of my favorite SLthrowrs besides Tim J Means business and Mr. Beast.

  24. M.Saifullah Siddiqui

    M.Saifullah SiddiquiPred mesecem

    Classy editing+ perfect timing = Casey neistat

  25. Logan Schnaidt

    Logan SchnaidtPred 2 meseci

    I know shit changes when you get married but the way Candice acts is bitchy. Poor Casey I feel for the dude. Unless he don’t mind it

  26. JP Valentine

    JP ValentinePred 2 meseci

    Yo Casey , Real nice review man. If you want to see futuristic Onewheel player shit, check me out! Peace..

  27. James K

    James KPred 2 meseci

    Oh cool wall mart. You need better content

  28. Brandon Agan

    Brandon AganPred 2 meseci

    @caseyneistat I see the Raybans logo on your glasses! What happened?

  29. Will Bray

    Will BrayPred 2 meseci

    I’ve just found out I’ve got a son on the way and this makes me excited for trips to the supermarket with him 💙

  30. Saadon Aksah

    Saadon AksahPred 2 meseci

    mmm..lots of weaving of footage..the amount of work involve is insane!

  31. Irfan Dani

    Irfan DaniPred 2 meseci

    Wait what happened to Casey office in NYC

  32. adjumaro

    adjumaroPred 2 meseci

    2:14 *mumbles something into his mask*

  33. Shane Hall

    Shane HallPred 3 meseci

    Sure man. Use the kid to dodge the question... oldest trick in the book. I don’t even have kids and I’ve used that one like 100 times

  34. This one is for all of u mofos !!

    This one is for all of u mofos !!Pred 3 meseci

    casey make more videos. we miss you!!!!

  35. Juan Yáñez Lara

    Juan Yáñez LaraPred 3 meseci

    Kids with mask... that's abuse. Youre an ass

  36. FocusJulian

    FocusJulianPred 3 meseci

    Never knew UNICORN was a flavor of Ice Cream I gotta try it

  37. Faraz Shahzad Vlogs

    Faraz Shahzad VlogsPred 3 meseci

    Bro your confidence talking way everything amazing love from Pakistan 🇵🇰❤❤❤

  38. Brooklyn Mueller

    Brooklyn MuellerPred 3 meseci

    when ever I don't have motivation to make movies I just watch Casey's. I usually want to make movies after watching his.

  39. YeahTube

    YeahTubePred 3 meseci


  40. Christian Alinsugay

    Christian AlinsugayPred 3 meseci

    what.... why do you not sleep in the same bed as candice

  41. Red Cowboy Media

    Red Cowboy MediaPred 3 meseci

    i must say, your videos are super perfect m8, I just started this youtube thing, and seeing how natural you are when doing your videos is super awesome. Happy new you KCN

  42. Paul Kaylen

    Paul KaylenPred 3 meseci

    Casey's house is like his vlogging style: simple and efficient 👍

  43. David olds72

    David olds72Pred 3 meseci

    How does she know what a unicorn taste like....

  44. Gregor Schachinger

    Gregor SchachingerPred 3 meseci

    Thanks for putting out a Video on my birthday, watched it again today. Felt like leaving a comment even though no one will read it....hope you keep making videos mate.

  45. SimpsonMusic Productions

    SimpsonMusic ProductionsPred 3 meseci

    1:09 😷🤔🤮

  46. Melissa Edmonds

    Melissa EdmondsPred 3 meseci

    Haven’t been around in a while, and I’m working my way back....seriously 100% most realistic filmed (non) blog EVER.

  47. Bagla Bats

    Bagla BatsPred 3 meseci

    Casey if u think Walmart is good then go to Costco and you’ll find everything

  48. pineapple guy

    pineapple guyPred 3 meseci

    Bro I haven't even watched this man in like several years haha , but glad still making videos and can turn to videos for comfort lol , love his vlog style

  49. Yo Mamma

    Yo MammaPred 4 meseci

    Don’t be an ass wear a mask? If yours works why do people worry so much about other people not wanting to wear one?? Fuck that, I love watching the salty faces of people when I don’t wear one 😂😂😂😂

  50. Keith Kalfas

    Keith KalfasPred 4 meseci

    Casey, thanks for all of the inspiration bro. Love your videos. I'm finally about to hit 100k subs on my channel.

  51. Steven Laird

    Steven LairdPred 4 meseci

    to all my customers and all Walmart employees. Walmart does not care about you never did and never will so why should you care about their business. You're on the paid. Turn your backs on who's ever stealing. it's called survival these days if we can get Walmart to go out of business we're in good shape because Walmart is a big corporation business that's not care about anyone or anything just money

  52. Dan Murnan

    Dan MurnanPred 4 meseci

    You are a great dad! You should do dad vloggin! I mean that’s how my life is now! It’s hard to Vlog with kids tho

  53. iturbo5

    iturbo5Pred 4 meseci

    The only person to make Walmart entertaining

  54. Parviz DoV

    Parviz DoVPred 4 meseci

    Casey you need a videographer and an editor full time. You need to be pivoting your career. I know you’ve been gone for a while but lets get in touch


    KEVIN TRIBEPred 4 meseci

    Candice is sincere

  56. Deap patel

    Deap patelPred 5 meseci

    When are you going back to New York

  57. Veni Vidi Amavi

    Veni Vidi AmaviPred 5 meseci

    *Casey and fam not in New York just feels so weird* 🧐😳

  58. dabdou65

    dabdou65Pred 5 meseci

    don't be an ass wear a mask Casey not wearing a mask

  59. Ehiguelt Cruz

    Ehiguelt CruzPred 5 meseci

    What happend to 368 is the big question

  60. Krinkle Shrinkle

    Krinkle ShrinklePred 5 meseci

    That's the worst car sticker

  61. Dean Gasparetto

    Dean GasparettoPred 5 meseci

    Your fucking drone!

  62. VasThePirate

    VasThePiratePred 5 meseci

    "what does it taste like?" "a unicorn, obviously" - Lord Voldemort

  63. Wheelchair Frankie

    Wheelchair FrankiePred 5 meseci

    "Don't be an ass, wear a mask." bumper sticker is amazing! haha

  64. Emery Braun

    Emery BraunPred 5 meseci

    Why in the world are there no Walmart’s in NYC?

  65. from1978

    from1978Pred 5 meseci

    Damn went from Venice to Burbank just for Walmart! ✅

  66. Nicholas Navarro

    Nicholas NavarroPred 5 meseci

    mybad you guys, but what camera does Casey Neistat use?

  67. Sakara Sakara

    Sakara SakaraPred 6 meseci


  68. Savant Abhishek

    Savant AbhishekPred 6 meseci

    sir your gogals are not of your type

  69. Pulkit Arora

    Pulkit AroraPred 6 meseci

    What is the intro music that Casey uses? Didn't found it on the link given? 😬

  70. Flavor channel

    Flavor channelPred 6 meseci

    I miss you dude .

  71. joseph Sanchez

    joseph SanchezPred 6 meseci

    You made it in Walmart but I got a Target ad before the video started!

  72. Kristen Crane

    Kristen CranePred 6 meseci

    I work in an ICU and sometimes float to behavioral health and we use the term "flat affect"...

  73. real me

    real mePred 6 meseci


  74. Seth Waggoner

    Seth WaggonerPred 6 meseci

    Congratulations Casey! 👏 love seeing your progress the past few years. Beautiful life as always thank you for sharing

  75. timid

    timidPred 6 meseci

    y’all don’t sleep in the same room? i know divorce is bad on young kids but don’t pretend to love each other

  76. Angela Navrat

    Angela NavratPred 6 meseci

    A unicorn obviously 🦄

  77. Mark Crane

    Mark CranePred 6 meseci

    I can't believe what Casey has accomplished in five years of vlogging.

  78. sook oner

    sook onerPred 6 meseci

    2:50 haha

  79. vleshi1

    vleshi1Pred 6 meseci

    Keep making videos at your own pace Casey! Love them.

  80. hightechhippie

    hightechhippiePred 6 meseci

    Ah... The master at work. I see! Due. You were taking YOU time, that's allowed and now you producing again,. I love that you hopped right into surfing,. I love the cagb with Jamie O'brian. Keep sharing your story with us. Rock On Casey!!🔥🔥💪🙏☮️

  81. Tech BEARDO

    Tech BEARDOPred 6 meseci

    kon kon india se hai?

  82. Lucas Quakkelaar

    Lucas QuakkelaarPred 6 meseci

    what about the ants?

  83. Robert Polkamp

    Robert PolkampPred 6 meseci

    So let me get this straight. Everyone is moving out of LA but you moved in?

  84. Jonathan Arena

    Jonathan ArenaPred 6 meseci

    LA casey is dope

  85. Zeb Kleinsorge

    Zeb KleinsorgePred 6 meseci

    how's 368 doing?

  86. THE Clarkyson

    THE ClarkysonPred 6 meseci

    I’m glad that you guys moving took you from vlogging everyday. Dedication to your family always comes first. I’ve been with you for years man, I’m glad you feel rooted in Cali now. I know you will always love New York. I appreciate your effort and time on these videos for us to enjoy

  87. Retired Firefighter

    Retired FirefighterPred 6 meseci

    Jo jo ice cream and casey new LA vlogs what a good distraction from 2020. ! Thank you.👍🙏.

  88. Shawn Carelli

    Shawn CarelliPred 6 meseci

    Would have been cool to vlog the NYC to LA move...

  89. Robert Berin

    Robert BerinPred 6 meseci

    The mask keeps in from getting mobbed. I'm sure everyone knows Casey!!!!!!!

  90. Robert Berin

    Robert BerinPred 6 meseci

    Walmart got out way more than they put in by letting you camp out there. 🤣🤣

  91. Dan Kilgore

    Dan KilgorePred 6 meseci

    Are you gonna tell us to vote for harris biden?

  92. Shatika Coleman

    Shatika ColemanPred 6 meseci

    Do what’s best for you.

  93. OskarTBrand

    OskarTBrandPred 6 meseci

    U got so lame


    ADRIANA POPAPred 6 meseci

    Why aren't they sleeping toghether?

  95. Alwaysbeyourself !77

    Alwaysbeyourself !77Pred 6 meseci

    Didn’t he live in New York?

  96. FBI

    FBIPred 6 meseci

    This man is absolutely losing it

  97. diki parianto

    diki pariantoPred 6 meseci

    Perfect Come on come to my chanel

  98. Jason R

    Jason RPred 6 meseci

    The phoenix bakery make the best cakes in LA

  99. Immortal Cake

    Immortal CakePred 6 meseci

    My classmate got covid-19

  100. mitchell bliss

    mitchell blissPred 6 meseci

    I DONT KNOW CASEY; selling a small tech company to CNN for something like $20,000,000 is a pretty decent flex for a SLthrowr.....

  101. L.E. C

    L.E. CPred 6 meseci

    Casey Views dropped like crazy. He barely scratches a Million views after a week of posting! Still Love his channel

  102. Windows XP

    Windows XPPred 6 meseci


  103. drc10101

    drc10101Pred 6 meseci

    Looks like Lake Forest - the 91 Corridor.

  104. Jo'z avenue

    Jo'z avenuePred 6 meseci

    i see he run away from new york

  105. Gp Mr

    Gp MrPred 6 meseci

    Funny that nobody sleeps in the main bedroom 😂

  106. Andrew Levora

    Andrew LevoraPred 6 meseci

    I'm really enjoying Candace's one liners at the end of each video

  107. Charlie Jones

    Charlie JonesPred 6 meseci

    "a unicorn... obviously" lol I laughed out loud at that and I shouldn't of!