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  1. CaseyNeistat

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  2. Jonie Leonardo

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    @Julio Esteban Damn! It took about 20 minutes but it reallyworked!

  3. skatefood

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    jamie the 🐐

  4. VRRyan6

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  5. BRS RC

    BRS RCPred 8 meseci

    Hey Casey bet you're gonna start surfing a lot more now huh?

  6. Hitesh Kumar Rajbhar

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    Jamie, please ask Casey to start daily vlogs again...

  7. Isaac Lucero

    Isaac LuceroPred 13 dnevi

    Watching 9 months late I live in Palm Springs and it so sad that the water park closed 😭😭😭 that was the only fun thing for budgeted families 😭😭😭

  8. Kenney

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    The acoustic node fittingly pretend because pedestrian philosophically try except a hoc tub. shaggy, stormy oxygen

  9. Sara Lois Willingham

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    What’s your moped called it looks so cool?? Loves your vids by the way

  10. monkeyzeetube

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    being a goofy surfer, I think staying on a lefty works better for you Casey!..well doen bro!

  11. Granny's here

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    the 60 year old looking witch next door returning my skateboard after accidentally leaving it at her lawn : 4:43

  12. Lochlan K Dillon

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  13. Coleman Nelson

    Coleman NelsonPred 4 meseci

    What is that electric bike?

  14. DesertHawk

    DesertHawkPred 6 meseci

    I live in Palm Springs and I used to go to that exact water park before it closed. It’s insane that Casey is shooting a video in the place where I live that is not too well known to some people.

  15. Delanopjones- IP

    Delanopjones- IPPred 6 meseci

    love the video. Especially the inro. Amazing

  16. Stephan Plümer

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    Cool ! Regards from Germany ;)

  17. hongmei Ren

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    I wish l could be in California 🥺

  18. kimmiekimchi

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    Casey's editing style is perfection sheesh

  19. Indy M

    Indy MPred 6 meseci

    Wow it’s exactly like the Gold Coast Wet n Wild in Australia

  20. cookiesdomain

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    The king of v-logs. No one comes close. True art

  21. TheKingIlusion

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    I used to go there all the time

  22. Bruh Moment

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    "I didn't understand anything he just said" Lmfaooooooooo

  23. CJ Smith

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    Backside is always a little trickier 😎⚡️🤙

  24. Nadia Ouni

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    I didint understand anything he just said lmaooooooooooo

  25. moraine moraine

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    I need more casey vlog during pandemic make me alive😂

  26. skatefood

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    you really did almost get barreled though haha

  27. Mike Lunc.

    Mike Lunc.Pred 7 meseci

    Nostalgia. Right here, nostalgia

  28. R B

    R BPred 7 meseci

    We in Gold Coast Australia have a fantastic Wet n Wild

  29. Joseph Stein

    Joseph SteinPred 7 meseci

    Casey thank you for posting: this water park was a family favorite for many, many seasons - we were so surprised it was shut down recently

  30. Kevin D-House Gayles

    Kevin D-House GaylesPred 7 meseci

    I’m working on making my channel better as well

  31. Kevin D-House Gayles

    Kevin D-House GaylesPred 7 meseci

    Man I love ❤️ your videos and 🙏 thank you for sharing your life with us or with me

  32. Chantal Loyer

    Chantal LoyerPred 7 meseci

    Your vlogs are so relaxing Lol Even your chaotic ones. 😄 You balance life with such ease. Hi Casey!! 🙋🏽‍♀️ I’m a big fan. 😊

  33. Chris Gardner

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  34. Esther Rezvani

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    Yay!! Happy they’re renovating and modernizing !

  35. tragically.rachel

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    why swimming with shirts tho

  36. Caden Ashworth

    Caden AshworthPred 7 meseci

    Jesus loves you all so much!!🙏🏼🙏🏼

  37. Tom aa

    Tom aaPred 7 meseci

    thanks for the sincerity casey

  38. Indah WE

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    Lunch time in my work is watch casey video . The moving editing all of her making is amazing

  39. petronics2454

    petronics2454Pred 7 meseci

    Casey, Wow! For your first try that was outstanding!!!! Very well done indeed. It was great to see you hanging out with Jamie and the gang. Francine and Georgie are gunna love this place when they rebuild. Thanks for sharing. Pete

  40. Shane Janisch

    Shane JanischPred 7 meseci

    Nice left Casey, they wave pool is insane. 🏄‍♂️💯😊

  41. Foxsden

    FoxsdenPred 7 meseci

    When the FUCK did Casey move to LA


    XXXORDIPred 7 meseci

    How about a mutual subscription? If you agree, write it under the comment

  43. Jonny DIY

    Jonny DIYPred 8 meseci

    Awesome, man the pros make it look sooo easy 😁🤙💕

  44. LivewithShubham

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    Your life will be more happier after reading this :)

  45. Ella Piron

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    i WANT those crocs


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  48. Cowboy Charlie

    Cowboy CharliePred 8 meseci

    Epic music

  49. Tyson DeLaCruz

    Tyson DeLaCruzPred 8 meseci

    Brother you have some of the best cinematography in the game right now

  50. Kiel Enrique

    Kiel EnriquePred 8 meseci

    the godfather of vlogging is back

  51. the boiz

    the boizPred 8 meseci

    Don’t worry I have no idea what he said too

  52. dorianxIII

    dorianxIIIPred 8 meseci

    Crocs !!!! Really Casey ?

  53. Julian Mattos

    Julian MattosPred 8 meseci

    hey guys,can anyone answer me? his best friend survived to the corona virus? :(

  54. Capa

    CapaPred 8 meseci

    This is my favorite water park, glad you got to enjoy it casey.

  55. XpertMan

    XpertManPred 8 meseci

    4K please - YT is killing the bits ((

  56. Heriberto Aguilar Valencia

    Heriberto Aguilar ValenciaPred 8 meseci

    I remember the fire at the outdoor bbq lmao

  57. Paul de Bellefroid

    Paul de BellefroidPred 8 meseci

    no mask, no social distance... nice

  58. NotThatGud

    NotThatGudPred 8 meseci

    Paul de Bellefroid do you know what abandoned means?

  59. Paul de Bellefroid

    Paul de BellefroidPred 8 meseci

    NotThatGud great justification. U sound more like part of the problem than the solution...

  60. NotThatGud

    NotThatGudPred 8 meseci

    And there swimming

  61. NotThatGud

    NotThatGudPred 8 meseci

    It’s abandoned

  62. ItzMeha

    ItzMehaPred 8 meseci

    Crocs are the best

  63. Gewie

    GewiePred 8 meseci

    Great storytelling!! Gotta applaud you Casey 👏 we all knew you could’ve rode the wave way earlier

  64. Taylor Hurst

    Taylor HurstPred 8 meseci

    looks like the old oasis waterpark in palm springs. edit watched the entire video now, and it is the old oasis water park, however, it changed its name to wet n wild before closing.


    ITS CAKEZPred 8 meseci

    Im wearing my crocks too 🇧🇦❤️❤️😂

  66. Bob the Stalking Hacker

    Bob the Stalking HackerPred 8 meseci

    I thought you lived in New York

  67. Chris Forman

    Chris FormanPred 8 meseci

    Bring Marlin back!!!!

  68. Tilly Heal

    Tilly HealPred 8 meseci

    the editing talent is just

  69. Dipayan Sinha

    Dipayan SinhaPred 8 meseci

    You are the best man! ❣

  70. Muhammad Hamza

    Muhammad HamzaPred 8 meseci

    Love u Casey ❤️

  71. Bandit78

    Bandit78Pred 8 meseci

    Sooo Casey needs to do some more Urbex vids

  72. instagram: Zabed Miah

    instagram: Zabed MiahPred 8 meseci

    I would have visit here everyday if something like this was near to my house :( I'm from India and here we got nothing like this, it's so boring here 😓😒😒

  73. Jim Higgs

    Jim HiggsPred 8 meseci

    Nice video Casey, but I don’t understand the purpose of the scarecrow hairstyle. Is there a purpose for it? Just shave it off, mate. No hard feelings.

  74. Yenooc

    YenoocPred 8 meseci

    7:45 anyone else think he just was gonna walk off the edge of the slide and die

  75. Aledenra

    AledenraPred 8 meseci

    Wow, so many childhood memories came flooding back while I watched this. I live in PS and work right around the corner from this park. Can't believe you were there!

  76. BRS RC

    BRS RCPred 8 meseci

    Dam that wave is nice I wanna surf there!

  77. Terr Ivan

    Terr IvanPred 8 meseci

    The park went out of business, and someone got it to make it bigger.... America 😏

  78. Grizzly

    GrizzlyPred 8 meseci

    00:30 to 00:50 - That's the mind of an artist at work.

  79. Iskander Besrour

    Iskander BesrourPred 8 meseci

    Nice movie btw

  80. AmCan Tech

    AmCan TechPred 8 meseci

    casey also wears crocs ;)

  81. sad anziuty

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  82. Aaron Avila

    Aaron AvilaPred 8 meseci

    That’s wet n wild in Palm Springs it should be open next year for the summer

  83. Mr. Certainic

    Mr. CertainicPred 8 meseci

    One like on pendulum

  84. Jack Hoholick

    Jack HoholickPred 8 meseci

    Casey ive seen u surf county this isn't ur first time leaving the house lol much love to u brudda

  85. Jake Bennett

    Jake BennettPred 8 meseci

    ive lived in California all my life and Casey is 10x better than me at surfing

  86. Colton Wolf

    Colton WolfPred 8 meseci

    “Fancy clothes, Stuck up guy with a gun” 😀! Right on! Bet that was fun.

  87. Amit Mishra [English]

    Amit Mishra [English]Pred 8 meseci

    Biggest fan Casey

  88. Jeed I.

    Jeed I.Pred 8 meseci

    Is this where they filmed that Soccer Mommy music video?

  89. Pidugu Sundeep

    Pidugu SundeepPred 8 meseci

    That's exactly how my day of surfing went and i lost my toenail, which hit the board pretty bad :P

  90. Yisroel Weiss

    Yisroel WeissPred 8 meseci

    Casey Neistat might be the best SLthrowr Lmk if y’all agree

  91. João Pedro Sousa Moreira

    João Pedro Sousa MoreiraPred 8 meseci

    SH*T! just reminded of how to feel good with a video... vlog nostalgia here!

  92. Nino Beus

    Nino BeusPred 8 meseci

    Whot about 368

  93. khan17

    khan17Pred 8 meseci

    This was a really nice water park im glad its being reconstructed.

  94. Mad Professional

    Mad ProfessionalPred 8 meseci

    This is where high n dry was filmed correct?

  95. Matt C

    Matt CPred 8 meseci

    Glad he is not wearing that basura Billy t-shirts

  96. rjlefty96

    rjlefty96Pred 8 meseci

    WTH I go to this water park all the time.

  97. Saladbar

    SaladbarPred 8 meseci

    pretty sure skaters have used this too, riley hawk and his crew


    SHORTS FACTORYPred 8 meseci

    Did I just got spam on publicity on Casey’s channel ? (Counted 6) Guess money isn’t pouring in palm spring :-)

  99. Theonlyjuanf

    TheonlyjuanfPred 8 meseci

    The real people from Florida would remember wet and wild


    RED HANDEDPred 8 meseci

    The video has gone a lot better than b4.. The feel is diff.. New camera ?

  101. Terli Saotome

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  102. Juan J Dume P

    Juan J Dume PPred 8 meseci

    Tikthisdickinyoutmouth. Tiktok is part of the CCp

  103. 42Siren

    42SirenPred 8 meseci

    Catching up on casey after a looong time... and then... 0:30 to 0:50 ...casey is still a genius !

  104. Adam Reynosa

    Adam ReynosaPred 8 meseci

    That intro just shows that Casey will always be the GOAT for vlogs

  105. Ilmee Mintz

    Ilmee MintzPred 8 meseci

    It amazes me how easy his video rolls in with music like rice on the nori.

  106. Dougyy

    DougyyPred 8 meseci

    What is the song ?

  107. Johnathan Logan

    Johnathan LoganPred 8 meseci

    Wow the skill level went up 10 fold when he started surfing frontside its wild i tell people all the time that it can help so much changing stances and what not.

  108. Hereford Drummer Boy

    Hereford Drummer BoyPred 8 meseci

    Ur in the new project power trailer!!

  109. Eugene

    EugenePred 8 meseci

    cmon casey , where's the "I'l vote for Biden" video ? xD

  110. ethangameroblox 4

    ethangameroblox 4Pred 8 meseci

    I’ve been to California two times Los Angeles and San Diego I wish I could go to palm springs