be sure to check out PROJECT POWER on Netflix. my friends workd on the movie for like 3 years. im so so happy for them!
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  1. chenangela

    chenangelaPred 3 dnevi

    Just realized this movie's got MGK, Casey Neistat, and Jamie Foxx. Uhhh, legends.

  2. Transylvanian Rider

    Transylvanian RiderPred mesecem

    Great video ! Back to Casey after 2 year of pause, and i love it :)

  3. Rob Buser

    Rob BuserPred mesecem

    ...f*cking cool casey man...

  4. Karen Eastman

    Karen EastmanPred 2 meseci

    He touched the guns??:-O:-O He is very kind.This video is very cool.:-)

  5. rosgana

    rosganaPred 2 meseci

    i love watching this !!!

  6. Mikhail Ivan

    Mikhail IvanPred 2 meseci

    "and then like went straig-- whoaw" Well u sold that one

  7. Genara Harris

    Genara HarrisPred 2 meseci

    I just watched this movie that shit was fire

  8. PJ Slots & Entertainment

    PJ Slots & EntertainmentPred 2 meseci

    Hey Casey, I just watched the movie and I thought that was you. Well done.

  9. Oliver Hooper

    Oliver HooperPred 2 meseci

    That t shirt tho 🙌😂

  10. J Walk

    J WalkPred 2 meseci

    Recognized you right away in the movie

  11. Suneel Munj Memes

    Suneel Munj MemesPred 3 meseci

    The person with the sharpest jawline

  12. Akif Şahin Korkmaz

    Akif Şahin KorkmazPred 3 meseci

    Imagine casey and Charlie (moistcr1tical) in same casting

  13. mandi 2.0

    mandi 2.0Pred 3 meseci

    Ya i do Watch that seen 2 to 3 times just to confirm that it was really u hahahaha

  14. The Frog

    The FrogPred 3 meseci

    Was your brother Dean in the stunt team, cannot see him in your video❓

  15. Joshua Mark Naidoo

    Joshua Mark NaidooPred 3 meseci

    Honestly it was so good to see Casey in a movie

  16. Kiwi McMango

    Kiwi McMangoPred 3 meseci

    Nice shirt man, that’s a really nice shirt.

  17. Danny Hustle

    Danny HustlePred 3 meseci

    Dude looks like a young Sean Penn or Kirk Douglas, yeah you could have a future as an actor...do you want one?

  18. Yovany97

    Yovany97Pred 4 meseci

    It was a pretty good movie ngl

  19. 350 FPS Airsoft

    350 FPS AirsoftPred 4 meseci

    I came back to this video just to let you know that I saw this movie - the reason it grabbed my attention on Netflix is that you mentioned it before; otherwise, likely, I would just have scrolled up. I liked the movie; thanks for sharing the word :) It's cool to see SLthrowrs in cameos in movies; so far, I'm aware of you and Anna Akana, but I'm sure there are a few more.


    BLOCK WAYPred 4 meseci

    Обожаю)) (

  21. Roy Nelson

    Roy NelsonPred 4 meseci

    It don't surprise me that you joined the black eye Club

  22. infinity_sh

    infinity_shPred 5 meseci

    Man it must be amazing to say that you fight and get killed by freaking Jamie Foxx oh man that must be lit and cool af lol, we are proud of you casey, you have come a long way and now you are pretty much on movie sets with amazing and big movie actors daang haha

  23. Jack Landon

    Jack LandonPred 5 meseci

    Watched the movie several times now and I gotta say well job done fellas 🤙🏻🤙🏻

  24. TheOutsidersPost

    TheOutsidersPostPred 5 meseci

    Putting Casey Neistat in this movie was ridiculous. He isn’t really an actor and what because he’s known on SLthrow? They cast people because they have a following on social media that’s so silly.

  25. Axone PeX

    Axone PeXPred 5 meseci

    Casey you did a really good in the movie. Have watch the movie just now and it was too Good!

  26. B H

    B HPred 5 meseci

    This movie was awful.

  27. Jesper Svensson

    Jesper SvenssonPred 6 meseci

    Does anyone know what camera and lens casey use?

  28. dandymcgee

    dandymcgeePred 6 meseci

    I saw the Casey cameo before casey even appeared physically in the film.. he had a headshot on one of the computer screens earlier in the first episode, I don't remember exactly when but look for it. I was like "is that Casey?? nah.. couldn't be" then I saw the motorcycle scene and I was omg.. it was~

  29. dandymcgee

    dandymcgeePred 6 meseci

    I hope Jamie Foxx watched this video.

  30. Awasan habib Siam

    Awasan habib SiamPred 6 meseci

    When i saw that movie i was like is this casey

  31. Qutb Uddin_Aibaq

    Qutb Uddin_AibaqPred 6 meseci

    Can someone tell the name of the song at 3:45 please

  32. Rylan Clarke

    Rylan ClarkePred 6 meseci

    what’s the movie

  33. Jimmy Zhu

    Jimmy ZhuPred 6 meseci

    why did you get rid of the tesla? range anxiety?


    APRJ FILMSPred 6 meseci

    did y'all notice that he was editing this video while making it💀 look at his glasses throughout the video

  35. Simba3Peat

    Simba3PeatPred 6 meseci

    Yeah I watched it and it’s not a great movie in any sense. If you have time to waste it’s there for you though...🤦‍♂️

  36. Ewe Hac

    Ewe HacPred 6 meseci

    When I saw the movie and saw Casey is was surprised brilliant film

  37. muhammad abdullah

    muhammad abdullahPred 6 meseci

    this is the personality, attitude like you are part of nature not some artificial personality it just simple you nothing supper hero because real supper hero is nature himself and we all bound with it.she just like a mother how gave you strength to behave "HUMANLY" and men (humans) are ignorant enough not able to hold the honor of it.

  38. BW T

    BW TPred 6 meseci

    Bro, you were a convincing douche who surprisingly cared about your girlfriend. Definitely surprised me when your character panicked around the glass cage. Well done Casey, looking forward to seeing you in future movies.

  39. Charles Long

    Charles LongPred 6 meseci

    loved the video and Project Power. I thought you did a great job from the little that I seen you in it.

  40. Neal vic

    Neal vicPred 6 meseci

    I watched it , on Netflix , I wasn't aware you was in the film , sees a guy looking like Casey on the bike , I thought I recognise this guy , rewind the bit and played it again , " Ha it is Casey" Brilliant , I enjoyed the film , was really good , all of it. Need to make a series of them power pills

  41. Demarcus evans

    Demarcus evansPred 6 meseci

    I was surprised to see him in this movie I was like holy crap is that Casey

  42. Lizzie1234

    Lizzie1234Pred 6 meseci

    Once, I turned the corner in a small surf shop and almost walked directly into Jamie Foxx. I immediately froze. We stared at each other, and then I backed away very slowly and ran out the door. He definitely causes a major starstruck effect lolol.

  43. GabMacVlogs

    GabMacVlogsPred 6 meseci

    Project power

  44. Dablasagnya

    DablasagnyaPred 6 meseci

    I watched it and u just died

  45. Charge Ride Repeat

    Charge Ride RepeatPred 6 meseci

    I had a small part in a popular a UK comedy with James Corden. All I had to do was follow something flying across the room and react. 5 takes and they gave up.

  46. vilhelm schmit

    vilhelm schmitPred 6 meseci

    If the movie "The Warriors" gets remade, you are definitely the guy who says: "Warriors, come out to play-yay!"

  47. Jojofunsize

    JojofunsizePred 6 meseci

    I thought that was him lmao 😂

  48. ashely anderson

    ashely andersonPred 6 meseci

    I did think you were a serious bad ass so you did pretty good. Till they stuck you in the the girl box!

  49. Carolyn Nigro

    Carolyn NigroPred 6 meseci

    Casey joins the black eye club.

  50. Ming Chan

    Ming ChanPred 6 meseci

    Jamie Fox is goat!

  51. Picaxed

    PicaxedPred 6 meseci

    Wait was this while filming project power.

  52. Denise G

    Denise GPred 6 meseci

    Who else sees Casey as more important to meet than Jamie fox. Because I do. I could care less for Jamie Fox

  53. NikOwnzYu

    NikOwnzYuPred 7 meseci

    When i was watching that movie i was like NO WAY! I know that guy, is that.... Is that Casey? Was a good movie.

  54. Akbar khan

    Akbar khanPred 7 meseci

    I love to see you acted more movie. i support you not because i am your fans, but you got that POWER to act in movie. Hope you got new opportunity.

  55. therealbartman

    therealbartmanPred 7 meseci

    saw that movie, it was great...unfortunately i watched it before i knew who casey is...will have to watch it again now

  56. Jeremy Bork

    Jeremy BorkPred 7 meseci

    Insane. I just happened to see you in this movie, and almost flipped. Had to look it up. Awesome!! Didn't even see this Vlog!

  57. Shreyansh Bawari

    Shreyansh BawariPred 7 meseci

    Power power power

  58. Unappreciated TraP_QueeN

    Unappreciated TraP_QueeNPred 7 meseci

    Project Power was brilliant. Don’t downplay your 15 minutes of moviemaking fame Casey! How many get to say they rough housed on set with Jaime Foxx, one of the top 10 actors of the Xennial generation?!

  59. Jhon David

    Jhon DavidPred 7 meseci

    10:28 quiere salir del auto y no puede :V

  60. Candi Marie

    Candi MariePred 7 meseci

    OH I SEEN THIS MOVIE, Casey you were great in it! Awesome movie!

  61. redbeam_

    redbeam_Pred 7 meseci

    basically by asking Jamie if he's mad, Casey got his approval to use this title :D

  62. Sherry Reese

    Sherry ReesePred 7 meseci

    That movie was pure shit.

  63. PvP

    PvPPred 7 meseci

    Casey ur too humble u know that ur CASEY NEISTAT right? You don’t have to act like u did bad and that jamie is mad at u, you did awesome

  64. RRR R

    RRR RPred 7 meseci

    Yo te doy un Oscar para tu actuación..... 👏😊

  65. Isaac Rurengo

    Isaac RurengoPred 7 meseci

    I watched the movie and had no clue about Casey playing a character in it and then boom! Casey fucking Neistat come in on a bike with this hot babe! I went like CASEY! CASEY! Like he could hear me or something? Yeah. So cool.

  66. Louis Tee

    Louis TeePred 7 meseci

    I remember that scene it came out really good, you should probably cross promote more with them

  67. SFL GAMING tv

    SFL GAMING tvPred 7 meseci

    i watch it but didnt notice u bro. maybe bcoz of the beard and mustach is gone?

  68. Emely Vibes

    Emely VibesPred 7 meseci

    I saw the movie with my husband last week and when I saw you on there I was like “oh hey that’s Casey, so cool” loved it btw

  69. Ralph Honsbeek

    Ralph HonsbeekPred 7 meseci


  70. Rewind Project

    Rewind ProjectPred 7 meseci

    I saw the movie and like "omg is that really casey 😎?"

  71. Gavin Hurst

    Gavin HurstPred 7 meseci

    Casey never stop uploading

  72. Mr. Kiji

    Mr. KijiPred 7 meseci

    Much love to Rel. So proud of that guy.

  73. Knud Kejsen

    Knud KejsenPred 7 meseci

    I knew it!

  74. Marc Shields

    Marc ShieldsPred 7 meseci

    Bro... for sure your real dad is Sean Penn

  75. bulcub

    bulcubPred 7 meseci

    liked ur cameo in that movie.

  76. morgan o brien

    morgan o brienPred 7 meseci

    Your movie was great I lo ed it

  77. Jeffery

    JefferyPred 7 meseci

    That was a ninja 250. Noice

  78. directorstu

    directorstuPred 7 meseci

    Watched this last week. Good movie.

  79. Onikkaa

    OnikkaaPred 7 meseci

    Rip jamie foxx🥺


    READY SET DRONEPred 7 meseci

    Props to the old Tacoma for making this video happen

  81. Abhik Chatterjee

    Abhik ChatterjeePred 7 meseci

    Man the movie was shit. Absolutely shit. Like Real shit.

  82. Jordan Roy

    Jordan RoyPred 7 meseci

    “My character is a total douche bag who rides a motorcycle, TYPECAST” I don’t follow 🤨

  83. Ratty

    RattyPred 7 meseci

    Joseph Gordon Levitt is my favorite actor

  84. Kevin Lee

    Kevin LeePred 7 meseci

    I was surprised of your being hit by Jamie Foxx in real occasions. It’s just acting scene to starring you and others including Jamie. Hope you get opportunity to do some role in another film in Hollywood. Congrats:-)

  85. Nocats.net

    Nocats.netPred 7 meseci

    She wants to go back to NY, but he wants to stay and be Mr. Hollywood, such drama.

  86. Tims World

    Tims WorldPred 7 meseci

    You should ask him how Katie Holmes tastes I bet she's delicious

  87. beyackabiotch

    beyackabiotchPred 7 meseci

    Casey 2.0 West Coast? As a California native we are happy to have you Casey!

  88. a person on the internet

    a person on the internetPred 7 meseci

    Project power was a amazing movie it was even better with your cameo

  89. LeninFPV

    LeninFPVPred 7 meseci

    I paused to go watch the movie trailer...result: looks terrible, lol


    TAMIA TEEVEEPred 7 meseci

    It’s actually really good, don’t judge a book by its cover.

  91. Andre VN

    Andre VNPred 7 meseci

    I don't understand how people can drive barefoot...

  92. LetTheSunShine Life

    LetTheSunShine LifePred 7 meseci

    Thank YOU !~! I can SOO RELATE! ! My life is magical too!! 😄👍


    JOBEEHUSTLERPred 7 meseci


  94. Anatoly Vasily

    Anatoly VasilyPred 7 meseci

    Watched the movie! Great ! Cool dude Casey;)

  95. Rip Fuzz

    Rip FuzzPred 7 meseci

    Jamie Foxx is an American treasure. I know afterwards that s*** prob hurt, but thats gotta make for an amazing experience & memory 😂. Id imagine that combined with you're serious tallent for telling a story is what made this video so entertaining, and inexplicably heartwarming lol, thanks for sharing this dude 😄👍

  96. Dan Beasley

    Dan BeasleyPred 7 meseci

    I can’t understand what everyone likes about this guy. I’m gonna keep trying to see if he grows on me but as of now, I don’t get it

  97. David Salmon

    David SalmonPred 7 meseci


  98. david ford

    david fordPred 7 meseci

    Trust me casey you don't want a future in Hollywood no one will after everyone finds out what's been happening there.

  99. Logan SJ

    Logan SJPred 7 meseci

    I like you Casey, but this movie was shit. So linear and predictable.

  100. moony0205

    moony0205Pred 7 meseci

    Wow, you are very good, made even more money out of your scene. I saw the movie some days ago and it was kinda nice but as you all may know, it wasn't a big movie. I think it's nice so, that you are promoting your friends first ever movie I guess? He will learn and get better when years go by and he gets some experience, especially with the storyline.

  101. Hyped gaming

    Hyped gamingPred 7 meseci

    I already watched that movie but I didn't know that was you I swear I m new subscriber 😂😂❤️❤️❤️ great work man