it's time to say NO!

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  1. TheUnlockr

    TheUnlockrPred 6 meseci

    This has always been super hard for me, too. You always feel as if by saying no you're upsetting the other person, but truth is if you said yes to everyone who asked, you'd be living for all of them and not yourself. You have to take care of you first--then others (in the order you and Max described). Well put and thanks for the reminder, Casey 👊

  2. Jason Ingram

    Jason IngramPred 3 meseci

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  3. ностромов

    ностромовPred 4 meseci

    Stop tripping, it's easy to say no. Saying yes takes strength and courage. WTF is he trying to justify here, ffs.

  4. Mark Ulanday

    Mark UlandayPred 4 meseci

    Oh shoot! I always say yes to others because I don't want them to be sad. But thank you for reminding me to take care of myself first before others.

  5. Mr Jansen

    Mr JansenPred 6 meseci

    It is a very difficult thing, as it boils down to this point... When do you decide that you have taken enough care of yourself in order for you to take care of others. Self satisfaction is never fulfilled as you always want more.

  6. malte M

    malte MPred 6 meseci

    i have the opposite problem... should be saying yes more to people lol... nowadays people almost never ask me to do anything anyways.

  7. Your Man Jerry

    Your Man JerryPred 22 urami

    Great advice...

  8. モリリンガ

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  9. GYU

    GYUPred 5 dnevi

    It just depends on the specific situation and context. There's no such the best and invincible answer.

  10. Rusty Shackleford

    Rusty ShacklefordPred 6 dnevi

    This is such a rich person video to make.

  11. Over On The Wild Side

    Over On The Wild SidePred 6 dnevi

    Was Casey trying to tell us he’s going to start saying “no” to his SLthrow viewership? He hasn’t put out many videos since this one.

  12. Stefano Carminatti

    Stefano CarminattiPred 9 dnevi

    one second to appreciate the smooth bike montage with single camera n multi angles.

  13. Zz Zz

    Zz ZzPred 12 dnevi

    I’ve started saying NO to my neighbours, they always knock my door and ask me questions it’s getting annoying now. No I will not turn down the music !!!

  14. Walk Bloomz

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  15. conor4741

    conor4741Pred 27 dnevi

    I found after all who Casey reminded me - Doctor Nefarious from Despicable Me, of course!

  16. Max Goroshko

    Max GoroshkoPred 28 dnevi

    He knocks harder with one finger than me with all my knuckles

  17. Tavish Dharmani

    Tavish DharmaniPred mesecem

    The effort you put in your vlog is just ridiculous 🙌🙌

  18. Wes Jones

    Wes JonesPred mesecem

    “don’t be afraid to say no when people ask for your time” wish i would have known this before i watched this. smh

  19. Nik Chernikov

    Nik ChernikovPred mesecem

    Why is it so goooood?

  20. Mercator

    MercatorPred mesecem

    Y u gotta expose Candace like that just before ending the vlog lmao

  21. I Agree completely but,

    I Agree completely but,Pred mesecem

    Say no to tiktok tho

  22. Jeancostadeoliveira Costa

    Jeancostadeoliveira CostaPred mesecem

    Hi I'm from brazil, oii moro no Brasil é sou do Rio de janeiro gosto muito do seu canal

  23. Jeancostadeoliveira Costa

    Jeancostadeoliveira CostaPred mesecem

    My nime is jean eu sou do Brasil

  24. Ryan Melinkovich

    Ryan MelinkovichPred mesecem

    Try leaning back when you go up stairs that’s what I do and I get up 8 step staircase

  25. Jakob Clausen

    Jakob ClausenPred mesecem

    Yes theory has left the chat

  26. _ Bashful _

    _ Bashful _Pred mesecem

    it’s been a while bro i missed this so much

  27. Isabel Peterson

    Isabel PetersonPred mesecem

    Jesus loves you

  28. Net and Brush Vlog

    Net and Brush VlogPred mesecem

    Casey I Love you man

  29. Phildrick Perea

    Phildrick PereaPred mesecem

    Casey's vlog is just a masterpiece

  30. Gantoo

    GantooPred mesecem

    Start where your getting hurt, its easier.

  31. test

    testPred mesecem

    Most people would be lucky to have this problem, not enough people even have enough friends for this to be an issue

  32. William Alcala

    William AlcalaPred mesecem

    I go back-and-forth on this subject as well especially now that I have a wife and kids I sometimes feel like I really really need some time for myself and other times I feel just completely guilty about it and because of that When I do take time from or by myself I don’t thoroughly enjoy it and life moves on...

  33. Matthew Moran Music

    Matthew Moran MusicPred mesecem

    Hope this doesn't mean "no" to new videos. (selfishly) More important: I hope you and the family are well.

  34. Welcome to the Hamptons

    Welcome to the HamptonsPred mesecem

    The day I learned to say NO was the day that I started getting my life back 💯.

  35. Lexi KIRIAKOFF

    Lexi KIRIAKOFFPred mesecem

    so insporational!!

  36. Trap part

    Trap partPred mesecem

    Casey, if it was your last video, I wouldn't be sad at all, pure gold.

  37. Magenta

    MagentaPred mesecem

    Bro sia sok ngocok tara

  38. Karen Eastman

    Karen EastmanPred mesecem

    I understand,Casey.:-O:-( This is one of my very favorite videos.

  39. John 3:16

    John 3:16Pred 2 meseci

    Always good to explore California and making new creative videos this is awesome 👏 hope all is great 👍



    The best vlogger i ever watch,,,.

  41. Keun Seo

    Keun SeoPred 2 meseci

    Casey, when are you coming back to SLthrow brother? I want to see your new stuff man. I mean I still have not watched every single one of your videos I am sure, but I want to see your latest news.

  42. Ivan Ankrom

    Ivan AnkromPred 2 meseci

    Ah! Does this explain his hiatus until 2024?

  43. Abhishek Hamilton

    Abhishek HamiltonPred 2 meseci


  44. Brain Dead

    Brain DeadPred 2 meseci

    He has 6 finger in his thumbnail

  45. NACH

    NACHPred mesecem


  46. dan dan

    dan danPred 2 meseci


  47. Mark Gopro

    Mark GoproPred 2 meseci

    Great job

  48. Frank Loco

    Frank LocoPred 2 meseci

    Hi Casey, like to hang out with you sometime. Love all your Videos my friend. Let me know.

  49. Gghhh Vhhh

    Gghhh VhhhPred 2 meseci

    I miss your new York times

  50. Vibewithme

    VibewithmePred 2 meseci

    Casey come back man with those amazing videos and vlogs, we miss you!:)

  51. S A

    S APred 2 meseci

    It's really smart to feed your children with sweets. Sugar has a lot of nutrients and is great for their teeth!

  52. Shooter on the grassy knoll

    Shooter on the grassy knollPred 2 meseci

    Your in cali? Aw man i hope i run into you one day

  53. film tube

    film tubePred 2 meseci

    fan from india

  54. jodi bales

    jodi balesPred 2 meseci

    Say no to covid tyrrany

  55. ZaQuE

    ZaQuEPred 2 meseci

    Ayo at 3:49 that’s the dude from the Catfish TV Show

  56. Sjoerd Looijenga

    Sjoerd LooijengaPred 2 meseci

    Did i just spot casey wearing some margielas

  57. SkyPilot

    SkyPilotPred 2 meseci

    Been watching ya for ages mate. Real inspiration!!! Cheers from Down under!!

  58. Edgars Nezinu

    Edgars NezinuPred 3 meseci

    Yes, i mean No! 🤣 🤣

  59. Ziad A. Taha

    Ziad A. TahaPred 3 meseci

    احا وائل غنيم

  60. Fabio

    FabioPred 3 meseci

    i say yes to my mother because she lets me live i his house, gives me food, and love but she doesn't have problems when i say no

  61. Zaur GT

    Zaur GTPred 3 meseci

    what bike is it????

  62. ranger rick

    ranger rickPred 3 meseci

    Watching Casey neistat videos is like a movie

  63. Rob Boyle

    Rob BoylePred 3 meseci

    Casey, you should say "YES." Watch the movie 'YES MAN' starring Jim Carey. It's a hilarious comedy (2008) about a man who said Yes to everything instead of No. His life achieved amazing heights and love ♥. Has anyone else seen that movie? It's fun and great - in my opinion!

  64. zeitgeist909

    zeitgeist909Pred 3 meseci

    Jesus, I was just sick a bit in my mouth watching this. GTFOH Neistat.


    CHEWI MARLEYPred 3 meseci


  66. krzysiekv12

    krzysiekv12Pred 3 meseci

    Middle life crisis

  67. jayson ulanday

    jayson ulandayPred 3 meseci

    I really love the way you play with your camera!... I can't wait 2024 Casey!

  68. Gonsalo

    GonsaloPred 3 meseci

    so long since the last time i saw a casey video, it feels like meeting a friend again.

  69. ART ENE

    ART ENEPred 3 meseci

    I have a wife and a kid, I’m living at the North Pole, Norilsk. Right now it’s ok, are -40 degrees Celsius 😄 We don’t have trees, parks, sun etc and sometimes I’m going crazy but only sometimes 😄 So why are you going crazy in Los Angeles? 😂😂

  70. That 3D Print and Watch Guy

    That 3D Print and Watch GuyPred 3 meseci

    Good point - I stopped watching this video at 1:55 and said NO and now I'm going to watch something good.

  71. Juan Cruz Melia

    Juan Cruz MeliaPred 3 meseci


  72. Alex Esspunkt

    Alex EsspunktPred 3 meseci

    It may be the hardest challenge of your life to figure out this balance Im 26 and even starting to fix this problem😄🙈


    JUANKA LANDINPred 3 meseci

    4:08 your'e welcome

  74. JJDiablo

    JJDiabloPred 3 meseci

    Some time has passed since leaving NY. Ended up being the WORST time to have moved to LA. NYC isn’t much better.. Oh well , hindsight.... I know you will make it work..

  75. Florian Berka

    Florian BerkaPred 3 meseci

    why have you bleached your teeth?

  76. Inna Kruglik

    Inna KruglikPred 3 meseci

    Thank you for sharing these very important thoughts on this topic, Casey!♥️

  77. ムガル帝国

    ムガル帝国Pred 3 meseci

    Nice lifehack!!!👍😂Learn how saying no can bring more peace and happiness into your life!!!

  78. macadamiaization

    macadamiaizationPred 3 meseci

    Casey, if you see this, please make a video on how to deal with people who can’t take no for an answer and keep asking you till you say yes, and won’t leave you alone. Please. Thank you!

  79. Gary Williams UK

    Gary Williams UKPred 3 meseci

    "Let your no mean no and your yes mean yes" well that's the yes theory

  80. Gary Williams UK

    Gary Williams UKPred 3 meseci

    "How not to ride up stairs" would be a better title lol

  81. Pratyush Gupta

    Pratyush GuptaPred 3 meseci

    Come back!!!

  82. MAxim Sosu

    MAxim SosuPred 3 meseci

    от дудя?

  83. Build Life

    Build LifePred 4 meseci


  84. Delend

    DelendPred 4 meseci

    What is the song? 1:35?

  85. T3RR7

    T3RR7Pred 4 meseci


  86. muslim vloger

    muslim vlogerPred 4 meseci

    OK no I will not continue this video

  87. Катрин Таро Творит Добро

    Катрин Таро Творит ДоброPred 4 meseci

    This was very important to hear for me)))) thank you 🙏

  88. Jaaneshwar !!

    Jaaneshwar !!Pred 4 meseci

    Sir , how did u grasp this tact of screenplay and shooting the content , do you script them or just flow through while editing??

  89. Dipak Kuchhadiya

    Dipak KuchhadiyaPred 4 meseci

    I like it 👌🏻

  90. Pahoa Productions

    Pahoa ProductionsPred 4 meseci

    Omg! Ok the ghost part 🤣😂🤣😂

  91. Braxton Wilson

    Braxton WilsonPred 4 meseci

    Hey sir you don’t have a mask on but your in public

  92. imho

    imhoPred 4 meseci

    I say yes, but they have to pay me. I charge high.

  93. imho

    imhoPred 4 meseci

    Ride with a helmet! Especially if you're going downstairs into a tunnel near people. Don't argue...just wear the thing.

  94. KillaMill

    KillaMillPred 4 meseci

    yo what bike was he riding that looks sick

  95. Senior Whoopy IRL

    Senior Whoopy IRLPred 4 meseci

    Casey, are you coming back anytime soon?


    GIBRAN TRAVELPred 4 meseci

    it took 1000 subs

  97. Ryanvideos

    RyanvideosPred 4 meseci

    Here's Casey Neistat's Official Discord Chat: @t I am one of the members

  98. Alexatron

    AlexatronPred 4 meseci

    this made me feel good on so many levels

  99. Jose Zamora

    Jose ZamoraPred 4 meseci

    Why not get the tiktok user a shout out? Damn Casey you selfish 😵

  100. ben chawngthu

    ben chawngthuPred 4 meseci

    Can't wait to see your new video Casey!

  101. Ejames vlogs

    Ejames vlogsPred 4 meseci

    thanks caisy. you really have inspired me always. I'm just a new youtuber and I'm.fellowing my dream

  102. Alberto Pinato

    Alberto PinatoPred 4 meseci

    De Brevitate Vitae, Seneca

  103. --

    --Pred 4 meseci

    Come back Casey

  104. Devin Fuller

    Devin FullerPred 4 meseci

    Casey you should definitely try mountain biking, especially living in Cali I feel like it’s definitely up your alley!



    Friday night lights music lol.

  106. P Jam

    P JamPred 4 meseci

    If you say yes all of the time, when you have to say no, you’re an A hole. If you say no most of the time, you are just you.

  107. Petr Miškeřík

    Petr MiškeříkPred 4 meseci

    There is some shit balance, and it's nearly impossible to nail'd it.