i don't know what im doing anymore

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  1. CaseyNeistat

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    i just noticed the date is wrong at the start of this movie. so i checkd in the edit file and the date is correct. i think i probly uploaded the wrogn file. sorry about that. also Owen is a great kid. also get NordVPN, its a great product. NordVPN.com/casey

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    Off topic but does anyone know what song he used at 4:00

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    @Jaziel Jadiel awesome! It took about 10 mins but it worked!!

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    Davy Paul nope

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    If a site or app is federally blocked, nordvpn Williams not go around that block lol 😂

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    San Francisco is beautiful 🤩

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    Loved this, I lost my Dad 2 and a half years ago and he was only 17 years older than me, I miss him everyday and unfortunately I never have kids so I can't feel how you do, I wish I could

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    Man the BGM 6:53 is my favourite bgm It reminds me something but I couldn't figure it out

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    It always makes me emotional when I watch your videos about you and your son. It reminds me of my dad and how much it hurt him to see me leaving Italy for the United Kingdom six years ago. He's a great man and if I think of a hero, I think of him.

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    Father son bond looks amazing I just never had a good relationship with my father and it sucks.

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    I had my first born at 16, now going on 23 with 5, this video actually hits so hard, and when I go back and look at how fast they grow up and how fast they change, it makes me want to cry but happy and sad tears at the same time 😭🤣

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    Just watched this one and man can I relate, my 2 oldest are just in their 20’s... so true the older your kids get the harder it is to figure out how to parent them. Nice to know I’m not the only one struggling with it.

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    Such a cool video, so why am I crying? Because I also have two fully grown children that have moved away. As a matter of fact my daughter and her boyfriend recently ran into you Casey in California and you agreed to let them FaceTime me to say hello to you, thank you! Long story short, No matter the age or distance between them they will always be our babies 💖

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    Welcome to the world of grown children. The fine line of doing to much or not enough. I love my children. But, minding my own business is effing HARD. You carry them ,love them, worry endlessly was it enough. Ever. Then your kids look at you, theyve had their own kids and thank you for what you did. And love you , even the times you failed. This one, hit me in the feels. Oh boy. As a woman of a certain age, being a parent of grown adults with kids of their own, still finding that balance of mom and friend and grandma and still being a giver of advice and unconditional support. Where do you fit in? Where ever they let you. ...and its enough. In a few years. You will be a grandparent. Then you really see what love really is. You love you kid. You worry and all the responsibility. With a grandkid. Its all the love and all the joy. And about 1/2 the responsibility. Its just damn fun.

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