it's an addiction and it's real

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  1. T-Bone Holmes

    T-Bone HolmesPred 7 dnevi

    Stop invading my personal space

  2. Fish With Hanish

    Fish With HanishPred 8 dnevi

    Did i am the only one to notice, didn't he had a bit of Ilayaraja music from I believe Punnagai Mannan during the surf boarding??

  3. Cognitio

    CognitioPred 8 dnevi

    Stop it now guys... People get it that he used some Indian's music for 10 seconds.

  4. Bruce Jones

    Bruce JonesPred 10 dnevi

    You gotta love Candice, the queen of NFG. (No F%£s Given). x

  5. Johnny Martinez

    Johnny MartinezPred 21 dnevom

    Bro you need to leave LA it’s killing you

  6. dinesh kumar

    dinesh kumarPred 21 dnevom

    Ilayaraja BGM in Casey Vlog❤️😭

  7. Salty Pro

    Salty ProPred 25 dnevi

    She was absolutely adorable in this one 😂🥰

  8. Humpty Dumpty

    Humpty DumptyPred 29 dnevi

    Punnagai Mannan!! Good choice man

  9. Sunny goel

    Sunny goelPred mesecem

    3:20 ... the beauty is sleeping ..❤️ 5:12 ... and cuteness is eating ..😘

  10. Keerthi Vasan

    Keerthi VasanPred mesecem

    Wats tat at 3:35 and 4:15.. ilayaraja's BGM.. Wow.. FYI he is a Indian musician from the state of Tamilnadu.. His compositions are awesome.. Do hear 👍

  11. VSPA TMX

    VSPA TMXPred mesecem

    3:20 The only time in my life I've slept in the afternoon is when I stopped exercising due to an injury. Which lead to a massive need for sodas and junk food and the pathetic life combine lead to a period of depression. Injury healing lead to exercise which lead to a great diet and the combination ended depression. In my case I've seen that physicality or the lack of it is the biggest driver of depression which ultimately also hampers intelligent work.

  12. Lawrence Finch-Hatton

    Lawrence Finch-HattonPred mesecem

    Wait, you spend 2 hours a day in the gym? Is that typical?

  13. Fietsvlogger - Dutch cyclist

    Fietsvlogger - Dutch cyclistPred mesecem

    Weed soda, never heard about it before. Learned something new, as a Dutchie! (Did already watch the documentary though, it is good.)

  14. Farah Bokhari

    Farah BokhariPred mesecem

    Love you CASEY

  15. David Urdahl

    David UrdahlPred mesecem

    When you rewatch videos, cuz, SLthrow sucks.

  16. MasMas Indo

    MasMas IndoPred 2 meseci

    Where can I get a weed soda??!

  17. Vincenzo Lockhart

    Vincenzo LockhartPred 2 meseci

    The focus tho 😂

  18. Kyle Schaefer

    Kyle SchaeferPred 2 meseci

    We need more Candice and weed soda.... Just sayin.

  19. Karan 4NdK

    Karan 4NdKPred 2 meseci


  20. The flying Handbag

    The flying HandbagPred 2 meseci

    Casey we absolutely love you brother

  21. The flying Handbag

    The flying HandbagPred 2 meseci


  22. Shawn Hanna

    Shawn HannaPred 2 meseci

    Now we know the real reason y'all moved to Cali, weed soda.

  23. Vision Collector Records

    Vision Collector RecordsPred 2 meseci

    First time I ever saw him with out his glasses

  24. itsashleygisell

    itsashleygisellPred 2 meseci

    Is Candice pregnant?!

  25. Azteca380 Shooting team México

    Azteca380 Shooting team MéxicoPred 2 meseci

    Casey is brilliant, at the end of the video now the viewer doesn’t know what the addiction was, was it social media? Or, was it weed soda?, genius.

  26. Jessica Surender

    Jessica SurenderPred 2 meseci

    Casey did not just use an old Tamil song for his background score 😍🤩 oml I’m shook !!! Love from south India, Casey !

  27. C Mac

    C MacPred 3 meseci

    and you're SO CLOSE to admitting that you're brainwashed by the covid close!!

  28. MaKeITcOuNT

    MaKeITcOuNTPred 3 meseci

    I saw this and honestly was blown away

  29. mondo grass

    mondo grassPred 3 meseci

    I knew he was gonna talk about the social dilemma

  30. cachemoney

    cachemoneyPred 3 meseci

    Candace is so cute in this vlog she is like a kid on the weed sodas lol

  31. The Florida Story

    The Florida StoryPred 3 meseci

    I’ve always known that this dude was popular but have only recently watched his videos and i can see why now. I wonder if anyone on here who follows him closer knows: does he basically carry around a bunch of cameras and shoot things that happen or is it more planned? Either way, his cinematography skills clearly make up fir data when maybe not a lot is going on but was hoping someone had the answer.

  32. Venkata Sai Pillutla

    Venkata Sai PillutlaPred 3 meseci

    CaseyNeistat you listen to lot of Indian music??

  33. One Way Ticket with Scott Anthony

    One Way Ticket with Scott AnthonyPred 3 meseci


  34. Raymond Parker

    Raymond ParkerPred 3 meseci

    Yup. Good documentary.

  35. Blair Austin

    Blair AustinPred 3 meseci

    I watched the same movie! Love it!

  36. David Scott Bowles

    David Scott BowlesPred 3 meseci

    hahahah the ending of this was the best.

  37. Grill Wasabi Sushi Channel

    Grill Wasabi Sushi ChannelPred 3 meseci

    All these comments are sus!

  38. Fahad Nadeem

    Fahad NadeemPred 3 meseci

    I can taste that salty water just by watching it

  39. Coolnetworks

    CoolnetworksPred 3 meseci

    Casey "My phone and Social media are manipulating me" ---By the way I'm voting for Biden 🤦🏾‍♂️

  40. Altaf Khan

    Altaf KhanPred 4 meseci

    It's actually a documentary not a movie duh !

  41. Luigi X

    Luigi XPred 4 meseci

    Iam in it for the long run What else do I have :D

  42. Eddie Walker

    Eddie WalkerPred 4 meseci

    Warriors come out and Playeeee aea!

  43. M-thusiast 4life

    M-thusiast 4lifePred 4 meseci

    I've seen social dilemma... it was hard to see... and accept😔 BUT A.I. can be better a human beeing sometimes, feel me?

  44. Nico Mule

    Nico MulePred 4 meseci

    Anyone who enjoyed the social dilemma should check out the podcast YOUR UNDIVIDED ATTENTION it’s by the same guys that made the social dilemma and they do very awesome and insightful interviews. I also agree with the people praising Casey on his ability to continuously hone the art of visual storytelling in these life vignettes he makes; super inspiring :)

  45. Saravanan T

    Saravanan TPred 4 meseci

    MUSIC KING SIR. ILAIYARAAJA - Always InComparable & UnBeatable!!!

  46. zernalaw

    zernalawPred 4 meseci

    Casey surfing with the bathing bums on Venice Beach. Good times. 👍🏼

  47. M B

    M BPred 4 meseci

    I get this.. struggling with social media everyday. Not just social media but just any screen

  48. rojambeau

    rojambeauPred 5 meseci

    Two, since she got up from her nap. :)

  49. WhiteCoatSmoke

    WhiteCoatSmokePred 5 meseci

    A true videographer

  50. Caius Keys

    Caius KeysPred 5 meseci

    Social Dilemma huh? Thanks Casey!

  51. MaddenFootball Talk

    MaddenFootball TalkPred 5 meseci

    This is so good. It inspires me to wanna get on my content

  52. Foodie Shah

    Foodie ShahPred 5 meseci

    Mouna raagam music 🎵🙏thanks casey❤️

  53. Foodie Shah

    Foodie ShahPred 5 meseci

    3:35😱 omg it's really surprising.who are all noticed it's a tamil movie song Ilayaraja at the best ❤️🙏and again 4:15👍😅 wonderful 😁

  54. Like Bot

    Like BotPred 5 meseci

    No irony in NetFlix carrying this movie. Nope. Nothing to see here, move along.

  55. choi young

    choi youngPred 5 meseci

    omg, George's voice is just like Candice's!

  56. Dirk Lonewolf 379

    Dirk Lonewolf 379Pred 5 meseci

    Awh man this is my favorite episode of candice ever

  57. Zama

    ZamaPred 5 meseci

    social dilemma is a great work

  58. Yvonne Schummer

    Yvonne SchummerPred 6 meseci

    I just love your vlogs they are so entertaining and informative. Thanks so much

  59. joseph Sanchez

    joseph SanchezPred 6 meseci

    I've had some weed pink lemonade 👌pretty good stuff gota drink the whole 100mg tho

  60. D Estrada

    D EstradaPred 6 meseci

    Imagine leaving NYC 🗽 to move to the west coast and landing in Venice beach 🏝 😂 is like sayin I’m leaving NYC because of the smell of piss and getting to Venice and saying “fuck”.

  61. mann318is

    mann318isPred 6 meseci

    it was so boring

  62. Daniel Marshall

    Daniel MarshallPred 6 meseci

    I watched that also but when I open SLthrow it shows me videos I have watched before and I am like WTF!!! You are tracking the hell out of me and you know every second of what I watch but still you bring up videos I have already watched??!

  63. K T

    K TPred 6 meseci

    Everyone person on planet earth needs to watch the social dilema, they've explained it perefectly . I deleted SLthrow after it and did a detox, it's real

  64. bro

    broPred 6 meseci

    4:56 u mean THC bruh lmaoo

  65. AC

    ACPred 6 meseci

    He looks like Ken shamrock in the thumbnail.

  66. Your Mothers favourite

    Your Mothers favouritePred 6 meseci

    It’s legal lol why not a bud soda instead of a glass or red😂😂

  67. osama dalati

    osama dalatiPred 6 meseci

    can you make a video about your daily training

  68. Global faith Engagements

    Global faith EngagementsPred 6 meseci

    Casey's kind of a uniquely gifted person. A person who can capture the mundane in a way that transforms what ordinarily gets overlooked during the typical day to day momentum, and very cleverly turns those overlooked subtleties into something very entertaining. It reminds me, and im grateful for this, that nothing is at last mundane or ordinary. Life is full of missed, or unnoticed, dimensions of richness and beauty

  69. Art is Life

    Art is LifePred 6 meseci

    I've heard of this movie and how it is shaping the political environment by our habits, beliefs and more importantly how outside influences are mixed into this algorithm. Scary!

  70. David Aseweje

    David AsewejePred 6 meseci

    Candice has that cute high

  71. Fred Craven

    Fred CravenPred 6 meseci

    Social dilemma made me feel like it's the Apocalypse

  72. Reptilewizz

    ReptilewizzPred 6 meseci

    This is epic!! All of it!!! I wanna know how many times he drove to the beach to get those shots!! awesome

  73. Hastatus

    HastatusPred 6 meseci

    You are so positive all the time


    CALEBHANSEN37Pred 6 meseci

    Casey, you need stereo speaker stands! Put vinyl records where that right speaker is.

  75. J C

    J CPred 6 meseci

    why the surfboard koozie?

  76. kaia bama

    kaia bamaPred 6 meseci

    which song did you use for your intro? i know the link is in the description but when i press it there’s a bunch and idk which song it is

  77. BigMig

    BigMigPred 6 meseci

    Candice isn't tired, she depressed.. California is killing Candice.

  78. peter

    peterPred 6 meseci

    candice was smacced, ya seen how she was munchin 🤣

  79. Xu Hannah

    Xu HannahPred 6 meseci

    he could always find the cutest part of her

  80. Broth

    BrothPred 6 meseci

    Just quit social media today!

  81. chaotic swimmer

    chaotic swimmerPred 6 meseci

    "social media is addicting..." dang it yea... want some weed soda? ".... you know it!"

  82. M M

    M MPred 6 meseci

    How do you like the Homeless in Venice beach? Make a video

  83. z0m813

    z0m813Pred 6 meseci

    Why did I not get a ad after this

  84. Remix sports

    Remix sportsPred 6 meseci

    Frizzled Candace made me chuckle at the end lol

  85. Damian Pascual

    Damian PascualPred 6 meseci

    No you don’t once my phone broke and I didn’t get a new one for 2 weeks and I didn’t complain

  86. Neil Fujiwara

    Neil FujiwaraPred 6 meseci

    Attention of a squirrel rh?

  87. Peggy Jonson

    Peggy JonsonPred 6 meseci

    So good

  88. Juxhin Meminaj

    Juxhin MeminajPred 6 meseci

    SLthrow is the death of me, i only opened insta like one year ago and its also pretty addicting but i was able to tune it out by not posting, also insta is very repetitive while youtube gives me a great high everyday. I like to think im watching only informational channels but they serve no purpose, too much random info distracting me from the happiness of everyday life.

  89. Jake Round

    Jake RoundPred 6 meseci

    Watched this on my phone

  90. Tiane Saia

    Tiane SaiaPred 6 meseci

    I fricken love Candice!

  91. Lainer Martin

    Lainer MartinPred 7 meseci

    We are complacent while Agenda 21 takes over the world. Last of the wealth is being taken, robotics will be running rampant when the 5G Satellites get sent into space and ruin our night sky, take away the rest of our jobs and allow the military robots to be implemented. Complacency means no fight. We are all brainwashed.

  92. Rio

    RioPred 7 meseci

    Weed is bad.

  93. viji chettiar

    viji chettiarPred 7 meseci

    3:34 & 4:14 made the South Indian in me smile! Punnagai Mannan (1986) Ilaiyaraaja Music... :)

  94. AltSpace

    AltSpacePred 7 meseci

    The thumbnail gives me American Psycho vibes...

  95. Praveen raj

    Praveen rajPred 7 meseci

    It's illayarajs bgm Cassey

  96. Sherilyn L

    Sherilyn LPred 7 meseci

    LOVED "a social dilemma". sooooo glad you covered it. but i don't think it's as depressing as you stated...i love being illuminated so we can maybe stop being over manipulated- "how can you wake up from the Matrix if you don't know you are in the Matrix". (i do my workout to TV too. hahaha.)

  97. Sepi G

    Sepi GPred 7 meseci

    Have you seen Halt and catch fire?

  98. Nhoyskie zen-abi

    Nhoyskie zen-abiPred 7 meseci

    weed soda, thats freaking dangerous. a weed with a soda. you see soda will burst your fatness. and weed will even get you burst the burst fatness. because taking so much weed. will eventually end up FOOD TRIPPIN. 😂😂😂

  99. Nhoyskie zen-abi

    Nhoyskie zen-abiPred 7 meseci

    hahaha i love the thumbnail.

  100. Zee

    ZeePred 7 meseci

    aww lol "I have nobody to hang out with" lmaoo I'm a mush I wouldve totally tried to get up but Candace did the right thing sleep in important with 2 little girls