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  1. Ben Gravy

    Ben GravyPred 6 meseci

    This is amazing

  2. Stephen Rapson

    Stephen RapsonPred 4 dnevi

    @Patrick A get lost.....surfing here.

  3. Michael Farar

    Michael FararPred 3 meseci

    This is NOT the biggest Kook! Simply put...these waves are SH-T!!! They're all Kooks. Show me the same guy doing the same thing dropping in on a perfect overhead day at like 3rd point Malibu, Rincon or ANY place on the North Shore...and then they get the glamorous award for being the Biggest Kook. Amen. Sincerely, Floyd Huckelberry, from Nazare Texas.

  4. Codie Cottrell

    Codie CottrellPred 4 meseci

    DAMN BEN!! I didnt know you watched Casey! Stoke is high!

  5. Dutch Parisien

    Dutch ParisienPred 6 meseci

    Really appreciated by Casey, with a heart 🙄. I know Mr Neistat, you're in the position of doing nothing good t nobody 😉🙏✌️stay safe and looking forward to the next

  6. Dilly VFX

    Dilly VFXPred 6 meseci

    Hey I make films, i made a really inspiring one called believe in yourself today. could you check it out for me please and maybe subcribe too? have a good day though :)




  8. Stephen Rapson

    Stephen RapsonPred 4 dnevi

    Let's see Casey surf. 😂😂

  9. The Glyph

    The GlyphPred 11 dnevi

    I was in kook of the day when my friend took a pic of me inside a store w my wetsuit ahahah

  10. Luke Van Ginkel

    Luke Van GinkelPred 16 dnevi

    ah yes. a video about me

  11. Evan Ayers

    Evan AyersPred 20 dnevi

    Everyone who watches this is a kook 😂

  12. RakaPlayz

    RakaPlayzPred 23 dnevi


  13. Bow

    BowPred 24 dnevi

    I'm typically never one to go posting negative comments, but this video sucks. So judgmental, and just not really funny tbh

  14. freshsebatan

    freshsebatanPred 24 dnevi

    Support your local kook

  15. R Luis

    R LuisPred 28 dnevi

    I am def a kook! Hahaha

  16. Poltak Yaser A

    Poltak Yaser APred mesecem

    I saw Jamie O'brien here its super cool 👍👍

  17. I Agree completely but,

    I Agree completely but,Pred mesecem

    Scratching up the Ferrari all casually and shit that's how you know you're rich

  18. Chichis Chichis world

    Chichis Chichis worldPred mesecem

    Hi Ben

  19. Johnny Music

    Johnny MusicPred mesecem

    I’m so PSYCHED!!!!

  20. Karling Jennings

    Karling JenningsPred mesecem

    Of course the kook has a wavestorm

  21. HEIARII RegitKrahsII

    HEIARII RegitKrahsIIPred mesecem

    i hate kooks

  22. Kyren Penrose

    Kyren PenrosePred mesecem

    How do you get better without pissing someone off

  23. Kiko Mac

    Kiko MacPred mesecem

    Casey, you’re loosing all your nyc support...

  24. oceana

    oceanaPred 2 meseci

    Be a begginer not a kook !

  25. surferpam1

    surferpam1Pred 2 meseci

    C'mon, man. Everyone's a kook until they learn.

  26. Bryce J

    Bryce JPred 2 meseci

    Some grandpa dropped in on me today and his kook son got all mad at me for getting dropped in on lmao. Absolute kookery.

  27. zen time

    zen timePred 2 meseci

    I’m a kook

  28. just 1 voice

    just 1 voicePred 2 meseci

    Cassie. Is a kook

  29. Captain Whysall

    Captain WhysallPred 2 meseci

    Hahaha buzzing 😎😂😂

  30. Rolling Shutter

    Rolling ShutterPred 2 meseci

    Kooks only, no locals here.

  31. ItchyPit

    ItchyPitPred 2 meseci

    as someone whos grown up in a one of the best surftowns in the US, and surfed since I was 12, the Kook culture is just disgusting, it discourages new people from trying to get into the sport and is just sad especially in a sport as fun as this, pretty disappointing

  32. PvP

    PvPPred 3 meseci

    Thats radical brooo

  33. Manny Donaire

    Manny DonairePred 3 meseci

    3:09 raw beefs?


    WHALE SLIDERPred 3 meseci

    Fins cant be facing the right way 🤷🏽‍♂️

  35. Ramos EC

    Ramos ECPred 3 meseci

    South Bay to Malibu and you’re in the Kookville Mecca (aka LA)

  36. Nathan Lee

    Nathan LeePred 3 meseci


  37. Gary Barnett

    Gary BarnettPred 3 meseci

    This is why at 37 I don’t want to learn to surf 😂. Surf eliteism.

  38. Shane Hall

    Shane HallPred 3 meseci

    My wife @emmagazley manages the thrift store right next to that Big 5!!! You guys should’ve went in! She could’ve gotten you everything but the Ferrari for less than $10

  39. L.A

    L.APred 3 meseci

    Your a kook

  40. Hugo Carneiro

    Hugo CarneiroPred 3 meseci


  41. oakstbomber

    oakstbomberPred 3 meseci

    Stay in LA kook

  42. Sav :d

    Sav :dPred 3 meseci

    So kooks are just beginners? So everyone’s a kook at one point

  43. Howie H

    Howie HPred 3 meseci

    No not really. A true kook is a beginner but thinks he’s as good as Slater

  44. Clyde Young

    Clyde YoungPred 3 meseci

    I felt really bad for the kook until i realized it was casey

  45. Thomas Houthave

    Thomas HouthavePred 3 meseci

    Wait? Is covid not a thing over where you live?

  46. Abbie Kimmel

    Abbie KimmelPred 3 meseci

    no god pls no no noooooooooo

  47. Mikhail

    MikhailPred 4 meseci

    You are the cringes little man, dont. ruin surfing for everyone

  48. Mikhail

    MikhailPred 4 meseci

    Shut up bugman dont ruin surfing please

  49. Scott Reinwand

    Scott ReinwandPred 4 meseci

    Usually a big CN fan, but this vid was not cool. Strange turn. I go from one video talking about being humble and remembering that everyone is human... to this.

  50. Sapphire Adizes

    Sapphire AdizesPred 4 meseci

    OMG wearing the leash roller blading jesus

  51. PhillyForever 1

    PhillyForever 1Pred 4 meseci

    Did they remove the video because he cheated like Joe Biden?

  52. Alexander Francis

    Alexander FrancisPred 4 meseci


  53. Coby East

    Coby EastPred 4 meseci

    I surf my hole life and to see a SLthrowr I like started to surf lol

  54. Star 88

    Star 88Pred 4 meseci

    Haha so on point.

  55. Ula Diving

    Ula DivingPred 5 meseci

    HI Casey. Sorry for the spam, but this is the only way you can read it) Do you know the Venus project? and its creator Jacques Fresco? You should get acquainted with his ideas and make a video.

  56. Sean Callahan

    Sean CallahanPred 5 meseci

    Hahahahaha! He had the leash on when Rollerblading. Nice touch!

  57. K D

    K DPred 5 meseci

    Why are people so butt hurt?! lmao they're not calling beginners, kooks... It's more people who are dorky and completely oblivious. They made a fun light hearted video... move on

  58. Mr aRRow

    Mr aRRowPred 5 meseci

    The same way pro gamers roast noobs, is the same way pro surfers roast kooks, it’s all fun banter and shit talking, and if you can’t take it, then then you shouldn’t be there lol, cuz if you keep reacting there would be even more reason to be roasted.. I remember when I was a newbie in different FPS games, I’d be getting destroyed and roasted in lobbies, and that shit only gave me more reason to wanna get better.. now I’m insane, and I be roasting all the noobs, and that’s how the cycle will continue forever. So y’all need to stop being sensitive asses and toughen up, cuz life is not mean my to be easy in any way shape or form, it’s all problems after problems.

  59. DSAS

    DSASPred 5 meseci

    Me thinks Casey had the inside scoop about 19 so he moved out to CA. He's an insiiiider, aren't you Case ol boy....

  60. DSAS

    DSASPred 5 meseci

    Not exactly a video about world peace.

  61. Guillermo

    GuillermoPred 5 meseci

    2:19 Wait wait wait..... jamie are you there????

  62. Mark Crane

    Mark CranePred 5 meseci

    I'm glad Casey is making new friends.

  63. Hi China

    Hi ChinaPred 5 meseci

    Quite not figure out- What's Kook? Hoping I can learn and try to surf very soon🤪 Love Ocean so much!!!

  64. Doug

    DougPred 5 meseci

    I guess I wont try surfing. Dont want to be made fun of.

  65. NolanAles123

    NolanAles123Pred 5 meseci

    in colorado we have "jerry of the day" hahahahha

  66. cloudlight

    cloudlightPred 5 meseci

    Jamie looks like Dave England lol

  67. Tony TheRealBacaboo Sanchez

    Tony TheRealBacaboo SanchezPred 5 meseci

    Yoooooo!!!! I NEED THAT HOODIE Casey!!!!!

  68. Néstor de XHTWEB

    Néstor de XHTWEBPred 5 meseci

    Kooks been kooks?, You must be know the kook schools in Cancun, is ridiculous and hilarious, but the photo pack couldn't lack.

  69. Martha Linnea Pukallus

    Martha Linnea PukallusPred 6 meseci

    This is extra funny in Norwegian

  70. Michael Nguyen

    Michael NguyenPred 6 meseci


  71. mitchell bliss

    mitchell blissPred 6 meseci

    They take it down or something? Never saw it up on their page

  72. Lenin Salazar

    Lenin SalazarPred 6 meseci

    2:23 the laugh though

  73. gee money

    gee moneyPred 6 meseci

    I've never surfed....but it has never stopped my wife from calling me a kook.

  74. RDN

    RDNPred 6 meseci

    Literally two of the VERY few SLthrowrs I follow in the same video. THANK YOU!

  75. Granola_Girl_47

    Granola_Girl_47Pred 6 meseci

    They must have removed it cause your post isn’t there anymore but Addison fucking Rae is. Wtf is 2020 anymore?!

  76. Gabriela Leiva

    Gabriela LeivaPred 6 meseci

    Lmaooo this content is amazing Casey!!!!!!

  77. Paarug Sethi

    Paarug SethiPred 6 meseci

    This guy laughs exactly like I would imagine a cook would laugh

  78. WhatTheTylerHale

    WhatTheTylerHalePred 6 meseci

    Love that hoodie!

  79. Mustapha Trabelsi

    Mustapha TrabelsiPred 6 meseci

    [الزعل] : يؤثر على الأعصاب . [الخوف] : يؤثر على نبضات القلب . [الحرمان والفقد] : يولد الإكتئاب كل شخص لديه قصة حزن بداخله . وشخص تعب من التضحية .. دون نتائج . وشخص يبكي كل يوم على أشخاص رحلوا من الدنيا . وشخص يعاني من الغربة حتى وهو بين أهله وعشيرته . وأشخاص يقرأون هذا الكلام ليجدوا أنفسهم .. في بعض السطور . هي الدنيا .. ولهذا سميت دنيا . فقط خذ نفسا عميقا وقل " الحمد لله " فالقادم أفضل بإذن الله . لاتصدق بأن أحدا لا ينقصه شيء .. تأكد بأن الحياة تأخذ من الجميع . لا سعيد إلا من أسعده الله.. فالله هو الذي أضحك وأبكى وهو الذي أسعد وأشقى وهو الذي أغنى وأقنى . لا سعيد إلا من أسعده الله.. فالسعادة : ليست بالزواج.. ولا بالأولاد... ولا بالأصدقاء..ولا بالسفر.. ولا بالشهادات.. ولا بالماركات... ولا بالمناصب..وﻻ بالرفاهية.. ولا بالبيوت.. . السعادة : كل السعادة في إتصالك بالله. درب نفسك على كثرة طرقِ باب الله.. حتى يبقى الحبل ممدودا بينك وبين الله . هذه هي السعادة الحقيقية 👌❤ أسعد الله اوقاتكم 😊🙋👇👇👇 لايك واشتراك في قناتي " "سلام "

  80. KrissMGvlogs

    KrissMGvlogsPred 6 meseci

    Now 'Kook of the Day' feel like the kooks!

  81. sheentheexplorer

    sheentheexplorerPred 6 meseci

    Heading to Kook of the day’s IG lol what’s a pogue then?

  82. Mr. C

    Mr. CPred 6 meseci

    Add BEEFS and Gravy and you will rule the Universe ! LOL Kookslams can fit right in too.......this is better than anything on TV

  83. Dutch Parisien

    Dutch ParisienPred 6 meseci

    Not so nice, making fun of '' different surfers '' Everybody was a beginner....

  84. John Billingslea

    John BillingsleaPred 6 meseci


  85. Jazz

    JazzPred 6 meseci

    Where are the fkn masks? Covid aerosol all over the place with those laughs. Damn Casey, I thought you were more informed than this.

  86. Charlie Tok

    Charlie TokPred 6 meseci

    He gots a cambo chick? That's wassup

  87. Bubba Digital

    Bubba DigitalPred 6 meseci

    Just saw a video of him pretending to not be able to surf in bali years ago to prank a surf instructor. haha JOB is maybe the biggest trickster in the surfing game! :)

  88. justin cooper

    justin cooperPred 6 meseci

    They deleted the post?

  89. Busted Knuckle Films

    Busted Knuckle FilmsPred 6 meseci

    HA the Thumbnail makes it look like someone threw a punch out there!

  90. Vincent Dinatale

    Vincent DinatalePred 6 meseci

    Oneplus 8T? Lol 0:35

  91. Christian Sullivan - Better Living & Health

    Christian Sullivan - Better Living & HealthPred 6 meseci

    hahahahahahahhahhaha YES!!!

  92. Wendy See

    Wendy SeePred 6 meseci

    Oh sh-... I think we lost Casey to his divorce 🤭 I think...

  93. Lance Roylo

    Lance RoyloPred 6 meseci

    Thissss was....😏

  94. SprtWlf9

    SprtWlf9Pred 6 meseci

    Had to unsub. Shocked you would support someone making false DMCA claims and then plug a terrorist organization

  95. Gus Look

    Gus LookPred 6 meseci

    Haha. An the biggest L of 2020 goes too...

  96. Dildar Farz

    Dildar FarzPred 6 meseci

    Lol 😁

  97. Jory Reyes

    Jory ReyesPred 6 meseci

    Lol. I haven’t heard of that term in a while. But then I haven’t surfed in a while..

  98. Derrick Park

    Derrick ParkPred 6 meseci

    Please make blogs longer

  99. Raza Mian

    Raza MianPred 6 meseci

    Casey, stop being a Kook and post the daily vlogs.

  100. Walk With Me Tim

    Walk With Me TimPred 6 meseci

    I miss the longer videos!

  101. skarrambo 1

    skarrambo 1Pred 6 meseci

    Why do you not consistently wear a mask when appropriate? Ironically you wear them more around your family

  102. Canopy Breezes Outdoors

    Canopy Breezes OutdoorsPred 6 meseci

    Ben, Jamie, and Casey.......... you were all once KOOKS too! LOL this video hurts our feelings. 🤓

  103. diki parianto

    diki pariantoPred 6 meseci

    Perfect guys Come on come to my chanel

  104. Roland and Shukura

    Roland and ShukuraPred 6 meseci

    Hey if you're reading this and you're down, alone even with people. Trying to do something to support yourself, people around. But if you're watching these videos for inspiration to not feel it that much. Remember in reality, try and earn some money and pray everyday. Don't give that up, much love to you 🙏🏾💓💯

  105. Yak Motley

    Yak MotleyPred 6 meseci

    Haha! Im totally a Kook I guess.

  106. Billy

    BillyPred 6 meseci

    The surfers have become the jocks of alternative sports.