never do this in a public bathroom



  1. Colin King

    Colin KingPred 12 dnevi

    His wife’s impression of the shitty vloggers is amazing 🤣

  2. Colin King

    Colin KingPred 12 dnevi

    Casey realizing he could of just crushed stuff with his car instead of spending hours and days editing and filming vlogs

  3. Jake Newbould

    Jake NewbouldPred mesecem

    casey made me want a can crusher

  4. Mary Pat levitt

    Mary Pat levittPred mesecem

    You two always make me laugh

  5. MrTVintro

    MrTVintroPred mesecem

    Missed opportunity for something like "and then Van Neistat vamoosed with the van moof"

  6. Jackson Thomas

    Jackson ThomasPred mesecem

    That last part was just plain funny

  7. Fahad Nadeem

    Fahad NadeemPred 2 meseci

    That felt like 30 seconds instead of 6 minutes

  8. Sean Pflieger

    Sean PfliegerPred 2 meseci

    Love’s all of your videos ! I love how Candice imitate the youtubers it make me laugh so much 😂😂 continue to do all of your videos I’m looking everything since 5years now

  9. B Blutarsky

    B BlutarskyPred 2 meseci

    Congrats! Typically a man has to wait until his wife is in her 60's to look like she doesn't give a shit about how she looks, but yours has managed to pull it off in her 50's! I mean, she is in her 50's, right?

  10. Escoba en el Aire

    Escoba en el AirePred 2 meseci

    why there are no recent videos??

  11. Sar M

    Sar MPred 2 meseci

    YOU should make your own lofi beats video... a compilation of your favorites... ranging from an hour or two... just a thought... would be nice

  12. Colin Deal

    Colin DealPred 2 meseci

    The California fires (especially the ones in 2019) really made a ton of smoke and fucked up lives for people in a HUGE area. I was teaching a university class in Edmonton, Alberta (about 860 miles from the north west corner of California in a straight line) and I had to cancel class because the smoke was so bad that it made the classroom noticeably visually hazy (in addition to always feeling/tasting it in your throat).

  13. costafilh0

    costafilh0Pred 3 meseci

    What happened to her? She looks sick!

  14. NI CO

    NI COPred 3 meseci

    Candice the famous vlogger 💛💛

  15. Min Zee

    Min ZeePred 4 meseci

    his wife should smoke some weed to be happy in life again

  16. Luis Yax

    Luis YaxPred 4 meseci

    Austin is definitely the best place to live.

  17. Ayari Mariem

    Ayari MariemPred 4 meseci

    I like how he set up the caméra and the Way he edit his videos

  18. Justin Augustus

    Justin AugustusPred 5 meseci

    Candace impressions of SLthrowrs are spot on and hilarious

  19. Yahli Fenigstein

    Yahli FenigsteinPred 5 meseci

    The last part was hilarious 🤣

  20. Gage Maxon

    Gage MaxonPred 5 meseci

    Candice the all mighty roaster

  21. Luigi X

    Luigi XPred 5 meseci

    It dosent make me better than him putting him on blast.

  22. Luigi X

    Luigi XPred 5 meseci

    Post what really was inside lol.bag

  23. Amit Gupta

    Amit GuptaPred 6 meseci

    Love Casey..!!

  24. pomona909

    pomona909Pred 6 meseci

    Candice is funny asf hahhaa

  25. Han Chee

    Han CheePred 6 meseci

    Houston Texas, Austin Texas, been there done that. Austin 20 years when it was weird, Houston 73 years and still growing. our lives are very simple, who we are and what we do. teacher, real estate builder, taxi cab, telephone, businessman, video maker, teacher again.

  26. Glaiza Florendo

    Glaiza FlorendoPred 6 meseci

    this cemented my admiration for Candiceeee!

  27. Abbas Haidari

    Abbas HaidariPred 6 meseci

    We really need more of Candice in this mood.. she's just soo amazing..

  28. Paul Carr

    Paul CarrPred 6 meseci

    His 'n' Her VanMoofs, surely ???

  29. Software Journal

    Software JournalPred 6 meseci

    Candice explanation of others' vlogs is hilarious 😂

  30. callie cothran

    callie cothranPred 6 meseci


  31. Tom Antunes

    Tom AntunesPred 6 meseci

    Thumbs up for Candice's impersonation of young vloggers lol

  32. Ned Studios

    Ned StudiosPred 6 meseci

    HA HA HA!! Miss Neistat just Roasted a major portion of the SLthrowrs on the planet. AND I LOVE IT!!! Because shes right. Plus why would you further the narcissism all these vloggers suffer from. Its positively staggering how many people actually watch that garbage.

  33. Deborah Dobbie

    Deborah DobbiePred 6 meseci

    4:50 omg YESSSSSSS 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  34. Deborah Dobbie

    Deborah DobbiePred 6 meseci

    OR & WA was awful. That’s how it started tho - little bit of smoke and then yellow and in Salem, OR area blood red sky! Looked so eeerie. We’ve never experienced that before. Glad it’s over

  35. dh

    dhPred 6 meseci

    casey looked a bit lost at 4:25, thinking to himself about SLthrow

  36. ArtsyCreations

    ArtsyCreationsPred 6 meseci

    all the people in australia watching this be like -_-

  37. Wookie Ann

    Wookie AnnPred 6 meseci

    Candice is so funny. She is so nice

  38. Louie V

    Louie VPred 6 meseci

    AUSTIN TX!!!

  39. Kenny Sabugo

    Kenny SabugoPred 6 meseci

    did you vlog on your iphone on the start of this video??

  40. Hastatus

    HastatusPred 6 meseci

    You Splash, sweet sticky Coke in your Car?! Shame!

  41. Kent Metschan

    Kent MetschanPred 6 meseci

    Yes, Austin, Austin, Austin. We don't need any more people here but we'll take five more!

  42. Thomas Monfredini

    Thomas MonfrediniPred 6 meseci

    Damn Candice with the ultimate shade

  43. JP Bredenkamp

    JP BredenkampPred 6 meseci

    I love Candice hahaha

  44. Enmanuel Castillo

    Enmanuel CastilloPred 6 meseci

    nice one .!

  45. DRAMA L!VE

    DRAMA L!VEPred 6 meseci

    5:30 candice wearing the marijuana print shirt

  46. Shashank Sastry

    Shashank SastryPred 6 meseci

    1:06 we need Casey to give us a car tour since this is the 5th car I've seen him use regularly since he came to LA...

  47. Hum Dono PM

    Hum Dono PMPred 6 meseci

    I am a big fan of yours

  48. CJ Smith

    CJ SmithPred 7 meseci


  49. BigMig

    BigMigPred 7 meseci

    Man the contrast from NY Casey to CA Casey is night and day.. Prefer NY Casey.. But still love you bro.

  50. Maggie

    MaggiePred 7 meseci

    Where does Candice get all these awesome pajamas???

  51. Jackie Chun

    Jackie ChunPred 7 meseci

    3:52 I need that soda can crushing lever thing

  52. Shafiur Rahman Chowdhury

    Shafiur Rahman ChowdhuryPred 7 meseci

    Hahahahahahah Candice is best !

  53. Ricky

    RickyPred 7 meseci

    Omg the BMW seats lol

  54. Evan Giroux

    Evan GirouxPred 7 meseci

    "shiiiit" at the end 😂😂

  55. Mohit Yadav

    Mohit YadavPred 7 meseci

    3:14 what my dog fells like when I talk to him...

  56. Adam Ghanem

    Adam GhanemPred 7 meseci

    @CaseyNeistat; seatbelt.

  57. Alejandro Cal

    Alejandro CalPred 7 meseci


  58. RuthlessRogCBD

    RuthlessRogCBDPred 7 meseci

    Candice is truly my spirit animal 🤣❤

  59. snicker poodlez

    snicker poodlezPred 7 meseci

    candice spitten strait truth

  60. Zeke

    ZekePred 7 meseci

    Reminds me of your Dr. Semmelweis movie from 2006.

  61. My Little Figurine

    My Little FigurinePred 7 meseci

    No matter how many vlogs of yours i watch, Casey, i never feel taken from, heavy or think: "I wasted my life watching that!" You are not just a talented vlogger - you are gifted by GOD at sharing and making people happy and inspired. What a beautiful soul you are!

  62. Robert Holding

    Robert HoldingPred 7 meseci

    Perfectly hot clear weather in San Diego Hour and a Half South, Teaxs has Hurricanes rolling through.

  63. Shannon Brophy

    Shannon BrophyPred 7 meseci

    Omg, Case u is vlogging daily and I'm having a Casey marathon of awesome videos baby!

  64. Vortexion

    VortexionPred 7 meseci

    further north there is a LOT of smoke

  65. Angga Rachmadi

    Angga RachmadiPred 7 meseci

    Dont squeeze the can..

  66. Ek S

    Ek SPred 7 meseci

    I like that you don’t show your kids faces. They will have their own lives apart from being known as your kids to the public if they choose not to. It worries me when I see other youtubers filming tons of things about their kids lives

  67. lindaahl1

    lindaahl1Pred 7 meseci

    I choked on my water when i heard his daughter say "daddy let me hold it" but then i realised it was about the camera

  68. Miky Taylor

    Miky TaylorPred 7 meseci


  69. Moraa Misati

    Moraa MisatiPred 7 meseci

    what did you think it was?

  70. sham g

    sham gPred 7 meseci

    I love your thing that you always mention music ❤️

  71. Christian Lassan

    Christian LassanPred 7 meseci

    Like me, Candice has seen far too many of those type of vlogs because she was on point with that reenactment

  72. Anthony Vera

    Anthony VeraPred 7 meseci

    your style in vloggin seems soo effortless

  73. PvP

    PvPPred 7 meseci

    5:46 Lllllanguage casey

  74. Elizabeth

    ElizabethPred 7 meseci

    Candice is funny.

  75. Joh K Walter

    Joh K WalterPred 7 meseci

    Candice should be more n the vlogs hahahah she's hilarious

  76. Olalla Del Valle

    Olalla Del VallePred 7 meseci

    I am such a Candice’s fan!!

  77. PlebbyPlebster

    PlebbyPlebsterPred 7 meseci

    I could post "I love Candice" under every vlog she appears in

  78. m. deicke

    m. deickePred 7 meseci

    Getting to know Candice more in the recent vlogs, I think she might be my favorite character in this series

  79. honestnoahh

    honestnoahhPred 7 meseci

    4:23 i lost it lol

  80. Benjamin1669

    Benjamin1669Pred 7 meseci

    Praying for all my farmers ifykyk🙏

  81. deemon710

    deemon710Pred 7 meseci

    Liked for her portrayal of vloggers. Accurate.

  82. Ethan Pilson

    Ethan PilsonPred 7 meseci

    Casey’s Vlogs or little 5 minute videos never disappoint 💯

  83. Frederick

    FrederickPred 7 meseci

    Let's be honest....he got the VanMoof because they saw 2 words...Casey. Neistat. LOL

  84. marne bass

    marne bassPred 7 meseci

    When the smoke clears, you guys need to go to Humboldt and hang out with the treeeeezzzz. Listen to the subsonic buzz they make. So you're in California, you're just in the shitty part.

  85. thenaje

    thenajePred 7 meseci

    these are soooooooooooo good

  86. Mustafa Hameed

    Mustafa HameedPred 7 meseci

    Your wife is soooo damn right about this kind of vlogs

  87. tragically.rachel

    tragically.rachelPred 7 meseci

    We got smoke from the fires in Thunder Bay ontario

  88. Maria Sanchez

    Maria SanchezPred 7 meseci

    Come on back to Texas, even if it isn’t Houston.

  89. Eddie Romero

    Eddie RomeroPred 7 meseci

    Austin is where its at!

  90. Aozotra

    AozotraPred 7 meseci

    oh casey teeth is expensive be careful

  91. Mahnoor's W0rld

    Mahnoor's W0rldPred 7 meseci


  92. DiamonDagger

    DiamonDaggerPred 7 meseci

    Van much ?

  93. Angel kay

    Angel kayPred 7 meseci

    Im so happy these are back. You have no idea what the do for my mentally. They give me hope when im hopeless.

  94. Elliott Sturman

    Elliott SturmanPred 7 meseci

    Don’t go to AustyTx. The political unrest there has the violence through the roof not a good place for families and children try Dallas or Houston or San Antonio

  95. #RG

    #RGPred 7 meseci

    Up till now, I am shocked that she is your wife , really

  96. Sebbachinno

    SebbachinnoPred 7 meseci

    Australia was worse

  97. Erica Staats

    Erica StaatsPred 7 meseci

    Hahahah I fuckin love Candice

  98. Stump’d Media

    Stump’d MediaPred 7 meseci

    The fires were def horrible. I left Sactown and living out of Carlsbad at a hotel right now. Not even mad about it.

  99. jonbraun

    jonbraunPred 7 meseci

    So wholesome 👍

  100. Nicholas Borkowski

    Nicholas BorkowskiPred 7 meseci

    That last HAHA.

  101. Cody

    CodyPred 7 meseci

    5:37 is me in a nutt shell

  102. Владимир Кирьянов

    Владимир КирьяновPred 7 meseci

    Забавно и трогательно!

  103. Odette Popko

    Odette PopkoPred 7 meseci

    Candace is my hero