this is why she wants to leave

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  1. Your Man Jerry

    Your Man JerryPred 2 urami

    U must have a flexible body to do that

  2. Jake

    JakePred 2 dnevi

    I really don't like LA or really the West Coast in general. I stopped watching your vlogs when you moved. I hope you move back to NYC some day.

  3. Edward III

    Edward IIIPred 2 dnevi

    Cali’s a leftie hellhole of people pretending to like each other trying to cancel each other

  4. Catriona Lohan-Conway

    Catriona Lohan-ConwayPred 8 dnevi

    Guess I know how you feel about LA now. Every time I go there I mood the needle from this place is a creepy soulless place with vapid people to oh maybe it’s not... so much... then the traffic, the smog, the prevention, the insincerity, the materialism... dude move to Newport RI or Palma de Mallorca or Paris. Great experiences one & all.

  5. Michael King

    Michael KingPred 9 dnevi

    I punched California in the butt decades ago and never looked back. The investment has paid off exponentially.

  6. Yvette Yasui

    Yvette YasuiPred 10 dnevi

    Candice is awesome.

  7. Samuel Thomson

    Samuel ThomsonPred 12 dnevi

    "Why are we doing shots of tequila again?" "Because I *have to* " That hit me deep.

  8. Mr. Trusty

    Mr. TrustyPred 13 dnevi

    Love your vlogs


    DKSTARPred 15 dnevi

    If you really need to move the Bay Area is pretty awesome, but is pretty pricy.

  10. mehran hatami

    mehran hatamiPred 16 dnevi

    Why women are always better when it comes to groceries shopping!?

  11. Kyal POV

    Kyal POVPred 17 dnevi

    casey, your life got boring. Challenge yourself with vlogs. Not daily, go with weekly

  12. Pappy

    PappyPred 20 dnevi

    Being bored in LA is not only childish it's dangerous. And there's a lot of inequality in the USA.

  13. Gage Wickman

    Gage WickmanPred 21 dnevom

    Everyone check out Mickman though great music if you like BASS

  14. Joe Cinocca

    Joe CinoccaPred 22 dnevi

    The questions asked in L.A. are different than in the Southwest. Both are equally extreme, but for different reasons. Her spot on assessment is why there is a mass exodus (enhanced by the restrictions & cost of living)

  15. Liam

    LiamPred 23 dnevi

    Wow Diplo is good at the trampoline

  16. Gruberfalls

    GruberfallsPred 23 dnevi


  17. Connor Jewell

    Connor JewellPred 24 dnevi

    Nice 80 series

  18. Valeria D

    Valeria DPred 26 dnevi

    Agree with her

  19. Non Visual Asmr

    Non Visual AsmrPred 29 dnevi

    Do they only drive early 2000s Toyotas?

  20. Antony Solano Madrigal

    Antony Solano MadrigalPred 29 dnevi

    Do you edit the same day???

  21. hamish r

    hamish rPred mesecem

    Wow she is spot on about the LA mindset

  22. Ian Shankland

    Ian ShanklandPred mesecem

    Candaces answer about LA is so spot on. Even though New Yorkers can be rude as shit, if you fall they’ll help you up.

  23. Sergey Lobanov

    Sergey LobanovPred mesecem

    the snobery is unreal in LA

  24. Phee Kasemphan

    Phee KasemphanPred mesecem

    On my side as prefer the good content as you did which never disappointed since you’re in NYK....specialty the VDO files that you sent out the worlds....the man with Sunglass most of the times,you are the GOAT (from Thailand)

  25. Gunner Overgaard

    Gunner OvergaardPred mesecem

    Clean 80 series!!!

  26. Matt Lynn

    Matt LynnPred mesecem

    LA isn’t the only “this place”.... most places outside of NYC are that way. You could be in a small one light town in the middle of nowhere or any other big town and have that new life. NYC is the problem. Everywhere else is the solution. Maybe you could find another town that she likes but still suits you. Pick a smaller town outside of LA. Still have family close but maybe something that had its small town pride. But I will say nobody has that area pride like the south. Texas or any other SE state really. Not Florida tho.

  27. Candice Taylor

    Candice TaylorPred mesecem

    Pandemic grocery shopping.

  28. jackchickenwing

    jackchickenwingPred mesecem

    quite selfish to just cancel on someone who seems to be doing a big favour last minute to go to the shop with your wife

  29. MARC Basso

    MARC BassoPred mesecem


  30. ArtplusLovetoo

    ArtplusLovetooPred mesecem

    I’m a LA native and I dislike when people say that people ignore each other and are mean there those are the people that are not even from LA usually are from other states (which now there’s a few real Angelinos ) it can’t be worse than Florida and New York now there people really don’t give a fly about no ONE!

  31. Mohammed Ansar

    Mohammed AnsarPred mesecem

    dang that was deep by Candice.. nailed it!

  32. calavera

    calaveraPred mesecem

    your wife is super cool. she looks cool. she dresses cool. i mean... go back to nyc, it's much cooler too

  33. Lemonpledge42

    Lemonpledge42Pred mesecem

    i agree with everything she said about LA. everyone there is such an asshole 🤦🏻‍♂️

  34. eternalincantation

    eternalincantationPred mesecem

    where is the Tesla?

  35. Daniel Ogunleye

    Daniel OgunleyePred mesecem

    3:56 I really thought that es Drake Bell

  36. Irma Gabriela

    Irma GabrielaPred mesecem

    Casey, no shoes on the trampoline, man.

  37. Guillermo Rivas

    Guillermo RivasPred mesecem

    Tbh I thought she was going to say the traffic instead of the community but then again I'm from LA and forgot about that lack of community

  38. SQF

    SQFPred mesecem

    This is by far one of my favorite videos you've done. Thanks Casey!

  39. Marty Lucas

    Marty LucasPred mesecem

    LOL! That was hilarious at the end with Candace and the tequila! Just so real! Ha!

  40. Luciano Cardoso

    Luciano CardosoPred mesecem

    women never be satisfed, that´s it. Always something is wrong.

  41. Brian Mackey

    Brian MackeyPred mesecem

    LOLOLOL have to!

  42. Christian Hernandez

    Christian HernandezPred mesecem

    Her answer was spot on as a Californian. (Ashamed lol)

  43. Scooby Doo

    Scooby DooPred mesecem

    It's 5 o'clock somewhere 🤣🤣🤣

  44. Lucas Nehoray

    Lucas NehorayPred 2 meseci


  45. Deadshotchef

    DeadshotchefPred 2 meseci


  46. Teflon Smile

    Teflon SmilePred 2 meseci

    Why I purchased a drone, PC, software and always carry a camera.... Niestat 🙌❤🔥🥂

  47. Teflon Smile

    Teflon SmilePred 2 meseci

    "Snobbery" 🙌🔎😂🤡

  48. Teflon Smile

    Teflon SmilePred 2 meseci

    Should have come to Houston 🙌🌍🌏🌏🤺😎🤷‍♂️

  49. Yolanda Eunice Kukuia

    Yolanda Eunice KukuiaPred 2 meseci

    I don't think she was throwing LA under the bus. Everything she said was accurate.

  50. CluelessBeekeeping

    CluelessBeekeepingPred 2 meseci

    Candice always looks so happy and full of joy! She inspires me to be to be cheerful!

  51. Ayyy Lmao

    Ayyy LmaoPred 2 meseci

    Have y’all smoked crack b4 blogging ?

  52. Michael Stanford

    Michael StanfordPred 2 meseci

    Kida don't own their legs until they're 5........FACT😐

  53. lObOtrOnZ

    lObOtrOnZPred 2 meseci

    This channel is becoming pathetic...

  54. Monish Manjunath

    Monish ManjunathPred 2 meseci

    3:47 that laugh ...

  55. Puppy Alvin

    Puppy AlvinPred 2 meseci

    California sucks!

  56. Joe L.

    Joe L.Pred 2 meseci

    Double mask in car tf

  57. Ivan Ankrom

    Ivan AnkromPred 2 meseci

    Just now starting to watch Casey's videos, these are great!!! The two of them, Casey/Candice, man just so great together. Shots of tequila scene was the bomb.

  58. Dana Mano

    Dana ManoPred 2 meseci

    When did they downgrade their cars?

  59. Davinia

    DaviniaPred 2 meseci

    Candace cause I have too

  60. G. G.

    G. G.Pred 2 meseci

    lol "I have to!"

  61. Himansa Katulanda

    Himansa KatulandaPred 2 meseci

    I think casey is too nice and good for candice

  62. Calm the Monster

    Calm the MonsterPred 2 meseci

    L.A. sounds like Vancouver, where I am... and it SUCKS. Having lived in NYC for several years I agree with Candice.

  63. Felix Romer

    Felix RomerPred 2 meseci

    cool video but your car isn`t cool for the enviroment at all!

  64. Michele Drummond

    Michele DrummondPred 2 meseci

    I love NY I don’t think I could ever live in Texas

  65. Shawn Salter

    Shawn SalterPred 2 meseci

    it's awesome that you shop frugally.

  66. Article19

    Article19Pred 2 meseci

    i feel, and hear me out, that this guys entire philosophy is stating the goddam obvious. also, stop letting your kids play on a filthy trampoline because you can't take your shoes off.

  67. jim smith

    jim smithPred 3 meseci

    Down the Neistat Rabbit hole we go. See you in 12 hours reality, don't wait up.

  68. boi george

    boi georgePred 3 meseci

    Shes aged a fair bit

  69. Joe Amato

    Joe AmatoPred 3 meseci

    Let's all go back to NYC!! 😃

  70. Exploration Northwest

    Exploration NorthwestPred 3 meseci

    I’m right there with your wife on LA . I don’t drink anymore but yeah shots.

  71. Bree Jimenez

    Bree JimenezPred 3 meseci

    Move to Long Beach. There is a community.

  72. Steven Smith

    Steven SmithPred 3 meseci

    That's crazy of all places l.a with blinders on I would have thaught it would have been n.y for that anwser man woah.!

  73. Steven Smith

    Steven SmithPred 3 meseci

    Totally fucking life goals brother so happy for yall and you man .!

  74. nayzerie

    nayzeriePred 3 meseci

    love the car!

  75. Aaron McGuire

    Aaron McGuirePred 3 meseci

    Gotta come to east hollywood for the good vibes :)

  76. Blumerlredpilled Girl

    Blumerlredpilled GirlPred 3 meseci

    Ah Bristol Farms love it.

  77. Anna Herrick

    Anna HerrickPred 3 meseci

    Your films were more interesting in New York but I know LA and California very well. Moved from there to Michigan and before I was in Washington and Michigan I was in LA! My sis still lives there!

  78. AlphaSphere

    AlphaSpherePred 3 meseci

    I have to! 🤣

  79. DanielDuncan

    DanielDuncanPred 3 meseci

    4:11 Now I'm very dizzy

  80. Janet Hansen

    Janet HansenPred 3 meseci

    At the end there it sounds like you are apologising for Candice's opinion. Don't do that. It's her opinion.

  81. Vanessa What

    Vanessa WhatPred 3 meseci

    I believe it’s called minding our own business.

  82. Jason Richard

    Jason RichardPred 3 meseci

    I lived in LA for quite a few years... her assessment of people is pretty spot on. They are into themseles and there is no real sense of community. Even in east WeHo, little moscow...

  83. Genevieve MacKenzie

    Genevieve MacKenziePred 3 meseci

    What I dont understand about americans is how they keep their shoes on all the time. Like in Canada we would always take our shoes off before we go on the trampoline. And they keep their shoes on in the house...

  84. Random Kevin

    Random KevinPred 3 meseci

    How do you feel about California now with all the Lockdowns?

  85. Jason Ingram

    Jason IngramPred 3 meseci

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  86. Keun Seo

    Keun SeoPred 4 meseci

    This man doing “exo” flip and shit lol

  87. Raz Rabin

    Raz RabinPred 4 meseci

    Hey guys I'm sure no one will actually take the time but I just released a new single and if you could listen it would mean the world to me. Thank you for your time!

  88. jacob daniel Kuiper

    jacob daniel KuiperPred 4 meseci

    I am that guy in Massachusetts, doing what I have to do, then I go where I want to be 🤔

  89. Stephanie Martin

    Stephanie MartinPred 4 meseci

    Candice is legit my spirit animal

  90. Andrea Mendez

    Andrea MendezPred 4 meseci

    Because I HAVE TO. I can relate to that energy 😂😂😂

  91. The Little Ranch

    The Little RanchPred 4 meseci

    Is Casey Neistat moving to Texas? 😎😎😎

  92. Alex Harvel

    Alex HarvelPred 4 meseci

    I don’t even watch Casey. But I am aware of his affects on the SLthrow community, I literally tear up thinking about how Casey is making vlogs still. Such a beautiful human. Such a nostalgic feeling just by watching his new videos. Even tho I never watched them in the past. Love you Casey. Thank you for everything you’ve done. From someone who doesn’t even really watch you . Thank you

  93. Powerful ARCH

    Powerful ARCHPred 4 meseci

    This guy can make a movie out of nothing

  94. Pranav

    PranavPred 4 meseci

    That ending was so beautiful

  95. Kevin Bourland

    Kevin BourlandPred 4 meseci

    Easy answer. Move to Pasadena.

  96. Denise Headd

    Denise HeaddPred 4 meseci

    I simply love you guys!!

  97. Mitcho

    MitchoPred 4 meseci

    whats with the toyota 80 series landcruiser??

  98. M-thusiast 4life

    M-thusiast 4lifePred 4 meseci

    I know Tarzan for beeing the Spiderman. I was totally blown away by what he did! Great these two super creative souls found together.🖤

  99. S Willams

    S WillamsPred 4 meseci

    She is possibly very close to what would be best for her. Maybe all that is needed is a move to a smaller community on the same coast. Similar wonderful weather with far more social interaction amongst the residents. Think Santa Barbara or south to Carlsbad, Leucadia or Encinitas. LA can feel hollow. Smaller populations don't because you feel you rely on each other more. In a big city you feel the businesses around you are expendable; if one goes down it will be immediately replaced so we don't tend to treasure what we have now. If you want to be happier you have to focus not on the past which we cannot change, nor the future which we have little control over; only the present in all its wonder should we focus on (mainly). Just as if you are walking on rocky, uneven terrain. Most of your attention needs to be on what's right in front of you so you don't fall with a little attention on where you're going. We worry about the future and this causes stress. We lament the past and what we could have done. Both are pointless. Look at very young children: They revel in the moment. We would be wise to emulate such a wise perspective.

  100. gedion fasika

    gedion fasikaPred 4 meseci

    you don't know shit about LA