ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE DRONE! it won't stop following me

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  1. Allee 000p

    Allee 000pPred 2 dnevi

    Black mirror. Hellllll to the nah! Awesome video Casey! I love the shots you get, the way you put it together, the editing, your style, personality, damn! I'm new to your channel and now I see why you're so well known. I bet your kids don't even know they have the coolest dad on the planet!

  2. Ajinkya Chaskar

    Ajinkya ChaskarPred 3 dnevi

    Could you BE any more careful with gadgets that are expensive Casey? 🤦🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Jose Alvarez

    Jose AlvarezPred 3 dnevi

    Love that you added the shot of when it broke 👍

  4. GammaRayBOOM

    GammaRayBOOMPred 4 dnevi

    That was more like an X-box controller looking thing. Also if one these things creeping on you while hiking would be creepy as fock. How da fuck do you get away from it? 😳

  5. Thank you World

    Thank you WorldPred 4 dnevi

    Ok hear me out. We attach a live video feed to the drone and you watch yourself in third person.

  6. tocarules

    tocarulesPred 5 dnevi

    Competition is good. I wonder what features Mavic will rebut with? In 5 years it'll be a Mavic mini with I inch CMOS, 20X zoom, sensors everywhere and hour flight time. You'll be able to ride on the Zoom.

  7. mainstream iGGi art

    mainstream iGGi artPred 5 dnevi

    I warn everyone who is watching this video !!! the author is right, dji is not at all able to make an adequate product and the worst thing is that it is for your money and there can be no talk about any guarantee of free repair or exchange !!! you will remain guilty and will do this stuff for your money. dji company is an absolute pigs of trade culture and I suffered a lot from them and suffered big losses from their low-quality products and the subsequent attitude towards the client

  8. Johanes Win

    Johanes WinPred 9 dnevi

    Why are you losing a lot of viewers Casey?

  9. Windell Silvera

    Windell SilveraPred 9 dnevi

    What is the tech called?

  10. Muslimo ko mat maaro

    Muslimo ko mat maaroPred 10 dnevi

    0:43 . Drone filming a filming drone

  11. Philipp Zachhuber

    Philipp ZachhuberPred 12 dnevi

    imagine being hunted by this thing.

  12. Family_of_four

    Family_of_fourPred 13 dnevi

    If anybody saw u in the park running and hiding, it would have looked so hilarious, cuz it looks hilarious watching the footage. Great video Casey

  13. Stian Jorge Jarnæss

    Stian Jorge JarnæssPred 14 dnevi

    The best sports drone 👋

  14. Jennifer Jet

    Jennifer JetPred 17 dnevi

    What if China made this so American can you load aerial shots so they can get land graphics for their own game.

  15. Master Warlock

    Master WarlockPred 17 dnevi

    I recently bought my first DSLR and now that I know how much this lenses cost, I almost had a heart attack when he dropped the camera even before hearing the price on that thing

  16. KILO25

    KILO25Pred 18 dnevi

    Does the skydio cam pick up sound or just video?

  17. Xtoor Gaming

    Xtoor GamingPred 21 dnevom

    Soo many FAA rules broken in one video... i love it!!

  18. kyle mercado

    kyle mercadoPred 21 dnevom

    man give me drone plsssss its my birthday plsssss and now im 14 the best gift is drone plsss

  19. HaVoK BS

    HaVoK BSPred 24 dnevi

    You should try chasing a dirtbike with the autopilot feature

  20. Welding Channel

    Welding ChannelPred 24 dnevi

    great bro, always success

  21. Rana Attii

    Rana AttiiPred 25 dnevi

    Even i cant buy this but i am watching this video 🤣

  22. Antony Kuo

    Antony KuoPred 27 dnevi

    we should strap a skydio beacon on another skydio 2 and vice versa and have them chase each other around

  23. Axe Capital

    Axe CapitalPred mesecem

    Well depends, if you are a poser or sporty person ... that want to shoot extreme sports for example ... DJI is useless for that I took you have second person ... so ... depends what do you do with drones ...

  24. Grejsi Mojs

    Grejsi MojsPred mesecem

    This is the scariest thing I've seen

  25. The Skydivers

    The SkydiversPred mesecem

    3:00 wait a minute... GTA??

  26. WRAITH!

    WRAITH!Pred mesecem

    So, skynet

  27. KingM

    KingMPred mesecem

    AID is following you.

  28. manoj perera

    manoj pereraPred mesecem

    US ban chinese food because of spy their body

  29. yahwehsonren

    yahwehsonrenPred mesecem

    Hmmm future predator drone

  30. PunchNugget

    PunchNuggetPred mesecem

    $999 really isn't that bad at all for such a smart drone

  31. Leo Playz

    Leo PlayzPred mesecem

    I am Jeremy’s son Leo

  32. Sidharth 0075

    Sidharth 0075Pred mesecem


  33. steven lindgren

    steven lindgrenPred mesecem

    Done buying drones for now, love my Mavic (1). Had a Phantom 3 standard before. Crashed it many times. Funny to see you go back to breaking lenses for the vlog! Lol sorry for the loss.

  34. DoctorNerd

    DoctorNerdPred mesecem

    I came here for dji content, what I got... "this lense cost 3000 dollars" I'm joking, I liked this video. I'm still going to wish for a drone

  35. Marbloo

    MarblooPred mesecem

    I like to buy it to play hide and seek...😁👍👍

  36. Shojin Scharf

    Shojin ScharfPred mesecem

    can we talk about the fact that the front propellers are facing down...?

  37. SuperKpal

    SuperKpalPred mesecem

    DJI Fpv test ?

  38. Nisco Racing

    Nisco RacingPred mesecem

    Broke the lens, still told people his camera broke.

  39. shuzzal

    shuzzalPred mesecem

    I also wanna play hide and seek with a drone

  40. Mr K

    Mr KPred mesecem

    great, good to know there is a US made drone, really dont want to send my personal data to the Chinese commie

  41. Fazzole Official

    Fazzole OfficialPred mesecem

    Bad a$$ 🙌🏾

  42. Shortcut 101

    Shortcut 101Pred mesecem

    Drones for introvert doesn't need help 👍

  43. Kenny G G

    Kenny G GPred mesecem

    Casey bro where you go? its four months no videos!!

  44. Budi Simatupang

    Budi SimatupangPred mesecem

    please review dji fpv drone. can u fly it?

  45. ABC EFG

    ABC EFGPred 2 meseci

    The drone shot lacking some voice like "target insight. Permission to take the shot".😆 Did you or will you review the DJI FPV?😊

  46. Matt 4lyfe

    Matt 4lyfePred 2 meseci

    Casey neistat is like the Geoff Marshall of randomness

  47. SleepingWitheSirens

    SleepingWitheSirensPred 2 meseci

    NEISTAT Running 👟 brand 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♂️ i can see it coming 😎😁

  48. Bubble Truck Window Cleaning

    Bubble Truck Window CleaningPred 2 meseci

    Great video!

  49. Steve Jobs

    Steve JobsPred 2 meseci

    Dear Casey, Quit being a loser and drop a new video. Love, Steve

  50. Priya

    PriyaPred 2 meseci

    You look like 80 years old person

  51. AL Ian

    AL IanPred 2 meseci

    *Can't you make SLthrow videos with a $300 lens?* 🤣🤣🤣🤷‍♂️

  52. junk2016 the

    junk2016 thePred 2 meseci

    Your video wasnt good enough, you should hide between trees and return out to some here, but you cut the video from skydio. You should makes another video.

  53. Steve

    StevePred 2 meseci

    I want to hate something about this guy but i just cant pinpoint it...

  54. Anuj Yadav

    Anuj YadavPred 2 meseci

    Hello guys he is an alien

  55. SHIFT-ED MotoVlogs

    SHIFT-ED MotoVlogsPred 2 meseci

    I want this camera for the exact reasons you said. But I don't have the patience to order it and wait the long wait. I guess I'm spoiled, I want to order and receive in a couple days like everything else.

  56. California Patty Cakes

    California Patty CakesPred 2 meseci

    That last part tho... 😳😱😭

  57. Asmar Ayung

    Asmar AyungPred 2 meseci

    I need a drone that doesn't need to be controlled, cause I can't even control my son's remotely controlled toys..

  58. MavicDrone* TV

    MavicDrone* TVPred 2 meseci

    Wow impressived drone. Skydio is cool 4k and the follow mode is wow

  59. NERDO TV

    NERDO TVPred 2 meseci

    can't wait til the NEW FPV drone review!!!!

  60. NERDO TV

    NERDO TVPred 2 meseci

    where is the DJI FPV REVIEW!!!!

  61. DearKonami

    DearKonamiPred 2 meseci


  62. Daniel Broomhall

    Daniel BroomhallPred 2 meseci

    This guy must have got paid a lot of money from Skydio to make this video.

  63. Robert jr

    Robert jrPred 2 meseci


  64. Bella Vlogs Life

    Bella Vlogs LifePred 2 meseci

    Hey Casey, what camera are you using to film this with please? (Aside from the drone obviously, lol) Great video! Thanks for all the effort you put into your content. It’s fab as always

  65. dan dan

    dan danPred 2 meseci

    Nice montage.

  66. Micky

    MickyPred 2 meseci

    That's so ridiculous...banning every chinese company.... huawei, xiaomi, dji etc etc ...

  67. Ernie Balta

    Ernie BaltaPred 2 meseci

    How much did the US pay you for you to say this ???

  68. JSR

    JSRPred 2 meseci

    Good tool for a stalker. Creepier than any DJI concern.

  69. Nick C

    Nick CPred 2 meseci

    why his legs are bown

  70. Joe Valence

    Joe ValencePred 2 meseci

    How does it follow you?

  71. Lectric Traveler

    Lectric TravelerPred 2 meseci

    My first video with you. I love it! You are very entertaining. And I learned a lot. You have my subscription kind sir and I rang the bell as well as smashed the like button. Can't wait to see more videos! Now to get my wife to watch them with me so I can get her to be on board to get this drone and still be able to keep my Air 2. :) --chris


    JULIO HERNANDEZPred 2 meseci

    I like how he just keeps staring at the camera to see if it was slowly falling or not😂

  73. BMS

    BMSPred 2 meseci

    You broke even on the video at least lol

  74. Somnath Nirmal

    Somnath NirmalPred 2 meseci

    What is price

  75. Famzies

    FamziesPred 2 meseci

    Playing hide and seek with rich kids in the future on hard mode

  76. Rachit Chauhan

    Rachit ChauhanPred 2 meseci

    Where are you?

  77. brandon carra

    brandon carraPred 2 meseci

    China is number one threat

  78. Porter Blei

    Porter BleiPred 2 meseci

    Umm sir why are you wearing my high schools track and field t shirt?

  79. zack worrell

    zack worrellPred 2 meseci

    they are making now one that it is beefed up and it uses all this tech + FLIR and Night vision coupled with a .17HMR gun capable of 100 rounds. The real terminator

  80. Starlord

    StarlordPred 2 meseci

    I miss watching Casey every morning. 2015 vibezz

  81. Артур

    АртурPred 3 meseci

    I understand why 12mln subscribers, you are giving the material like natural things, without any pathos or something like that. You should give a lessons for some SLthrowrs )

  82. Chee woh Chaw

    Chee woh ChawPred 3 meseci

    U can run but u can't hide from.. Skydio

  83. gokul madhu

    gokul madhuPred 3 meseci

    Can the drone be made to follow you after you just it into air....and it starts its own......and follows whoever it is asked to follow....can help a lot of cops..🤔

  84. AladinsCave

    AladinsCavePred 3 meseci

    “Artificial intelligence “ drone 😂😂

  85. Armed Student

    Armed StudentPred 3 meseci

    And again, if you don’t like the way it looks (like it was taken from a drone) then try out fpv drones, it’s not like you took it but it’s like you put a camera in a bird

  86. Armed Student

    Armed StudentPred 3 meseci

    On a bird*

  87. Armed Student

    Armed StudentPred 3 meseci

    You say you feel like your in control of the drone, your not since it hovers and everything for you. Try out an fpv drone and then you can say your in control of your drone

  88. Bikash Gautam

    Bikash GautamPred 3 meseci

    I used to watch you a lot before Casey, glad LA is treating you well. Cheers buddy!

  89. Edwin Lara

    Edwin LaraPred 3 meseci

    You’re the best Casey ! How did you sneak in the branches of the trees ? Lol

  90. Алишер Мухаметжанов

    Алишер МухаметжановPred 3 meseci

    Whahahah pretty cool))))

  91. What The Dude

    What The DudePred 3 meseci

    Make videos with Peter !

  92. Sooraj Lapasi

    Sooraj LapasiPred 3 meseci

    This is how they shot the Dark Knight Rises intro

  93. costafilh0

    costafilh0Pred 3 meseci

    Now get a Spot and put machine-guns on both! BOOM, Apocalipse!

  94. yan_88TV

    yan_88TVPred 3 meseci

    starts at $999

  95. Carlo Marcelino

    Carlo MarcelinoPred 3 meseci

    Camera crash caught on drone

  96. Foxie Dog

    Foxie DogPred 3 meseci

    I want one. Please Skydio,

  97. JB.

    JB.Pred 3 meseci

    The 1000 dislikes are all of the engineers at skydio

  98. Oz

    OzPred 3 meseci

    SKYNET is coming...

  99. Perfect Students

    Perfect StudentsPred 3 meseci

    Skydio is "assembled in the USA" of components made in China. The end product is the same.

  100. ImexArcane

    ImexArcanePred 2 meseci

    they do not really concern with components from china, what they concern about is the software. many us products or south Korean or any other us allies product components are made or even assemble in china, but they using none of china's software.

  101. Josh C

    Josh CPred 3 meseci

    I bought a Yuneec because of this reason

  102. iran man

    iran manPred 3 meseci

    I'm an Iranian man, WhatsApp +989111174049

  103. Collin Buenvenida

    Collin BuenvenidaPred 3 meseci

    Wow great drone I love it. ❤️❤️❤️