1 serious question about the GoPro Hero9

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  1. J H

    J HPred 6 urami

    So Casey, what does your canon fall into, the excellent or the good enough?

  2. Diego Ultra

    Diego UltraPred dnevom

    1 good enough phone + 1 Gopro 9 black = the price of Casey`s Iphone ^^

  3. Diego Ultra

    Diego UltraPred dnevom

    Says the guy who has the latest Iphone... You don`t need that expensive phone either when there is a lot of good phones now for half of the price of an Iphone

  4. kasey vaughn

    kasey vaughnPred 2 dnevi

    what's the best computer. go pro keeps evolving and I need to make use that my mbp 2017 will work

  5. Your Conscience

    Your ConsciencePred 3 dnevi

    Just a quick question: Did Casey set up the best resolution? I know its $6000 vs $450 but the other GoPro Hero9 footage I saw looked better.. So users of the GoPro Hero9 help me with this..

  6. Logan Robertson

    Logan RobertsonPred 3 dnevi


  7. Brap Brraap

    Brap BrraapPred 5 dnevi

    Underwhelming, just like EVERY GoPro. This product is shit

  8. 4biddeninja

    4biddeninjaPred 5 dnevi

    I wish it had a more responsive touch screen. It feels oddly old in that aspect.

  9. Penboy as 'god'

    Penboy as 'god'Pred 5 dnevi

    OK, how many RC Dune buggies were sold since this was posted?

  10. Penboy as 'god'

    Penboy as 'god'Pred 5 dnevi

    Helicopter BLADE? You won't have a GoPro much longer unless it's in a helicopter graveyard.

  11. Penboy as 'god'

    Penboy as 'god'Pred 5 dnevi

    Mine was $399 from Amazon. :-)

  12. the viper

    the viperPred 8 dnevi

    Casey do a review on the dji osmo action please !!

  13. rana jonas

    rana jonasPred 8 dnevi

    "Whether or not there is a market place for excellent... when the world is saturated with good enough" - That was the best sentence I've heard all year. 💯👏🏼❤️

  14. Ron Duncan

    Ron DuncanPred 8 dnevi

    I'd been tinkering with the idea of getting a GoPro to mount for doing stuff on the go and having something that could record in 4k. I like my phone (which can also record in 4k,) but I wanted something small and compact... so I pulled the trigger. From what I've seen so far, I think I'm going to enjoy this.

  15. Racer Reid

    Racer ReidPred 9 dnevi

    Wth, you didn't even talk about the new setting options and how they look on the new camera. You just talked. I couldn't care less about your camera philosophy and you won't be getting me to watch your fluff again. Byeeee

  16. Ishaq Khan vlogs

    Ishaq Khan vlogsPred 9 dnevi


  17. Adrihan Dezihell

    Adrihan DezihellPred 10 dnevi

    You always make your videos with so much passion !

  18. impact0r

    impact0rPred 11 dnevi

    GoPro Hero 9 "excellent"?! Was that sarcasm?

  19. thooper41

    thooper41Pred 11 dnevi

    Can you please get to the fucking point.

  20. Abrar Afzal khan

    Abrar Afzal khanPred 12 dnevi

    Could you come back already and let the Negative thoughts blow away?

  21. Jay Kongo

    Jay KongoPred 13 dnevi

    That intro!!!!!

  22. D K

    D KPred 13 dnevi

    Perfect summary...we all have so many good cameras we each have an electronics junk drawer full of camera’s and smart phones with quality camera’s built into them.

  23. Joost H

    Joost HPred 14 dnevi

    One problem with the remote control buggy.. from the gopro's pov the 9 is a 6....

  24. ishootforaliving

    ishootforalivingPred 14 dnevi


  25. Borderlands808

    Borderlands808Pred 16 dnevi

    What will the 10 specs be like?

  26. AVweb

    AVwebPred 16 dnevi

    I bought it. It's good. Does stuff the phone doesn't. But it has some warts, too, so I'm sure I'll the fucking GoPro 10.

  27. Dev Guy

    Dev GuyPred 17 dnevi

    GoPro needs to go excellent with good enough prices! I finally started using my "good enough" YI4K action cam, next option is shooting with my Samsung Galaxy S20 and finally Sony A7III for non-action shooting.

  28. Explore With Ant

    Explore With AntPred 17 dnevi

    I wish I had your skill set buddy,,I’m just starting my SLthrow channel and struggling to do editing 👍👍👍

  29. Soltan BC

    Soltan BCPred 20 dnevi

    I still don't know which camera would be better for 360

  30. Stick Burner Syndicate

    Stick Burner SyndicatePred 20 dnevi

    1 fatal flaw of the 9 (if you're doing fpv content) it CANNOT live preview to the QUICK app WHILE RECORDING. rendered it completely useless for my needs

  31. Jeff Davis

    Jeff DavisPred 20 dnevi

    Damn inspirational

  32. rjeption

    rjeptionPred 21 dnevom

    Excellent when the world is saturated with good enough... that’s deep

  33. rjeption

    rjeptionPred 21 dnevom

    What’s your question Casey

  34. Spoofer

    SpooferPred 21 dnevom

    But does it still freeze faster then water in cold weather?

  35. PrettyMuchEverything

    PrettyMuchEverythingPred 21 dnevom

    “Never die” is an overstatement. My hero 5 stopped working after I took it too the beach. However, I heard that sand can get in between the cracks somehow so oh well I guess

  36. Ga Wa

    Ga WaPred 21 dnevom

    I find it hard to view Casey these days. It's not personal. I wish him well. It just feels a bit forced.

  37. Imo and Izzy Vlogs

    Imo and Izzy VlogsPred 22 dnevi

    I've had no end of trouble with mine :¬( it had a glitch with the on/off button. I'm due to receive my third model from GoPro but it's stuck at customs now, due to Brexit!

  38. Smexy Meme Man

    Smexy Meme ManPred 22 dnevi

    Before the video starts...”Is it Kosher?”

  39. chiptaker1099

    chiptaker1099Pred 23 dnevi

    .....”because they never die”, lol....tell that to my hero 4 & 6, I finally bought a hero 9 on impulse

  40. The Southern Woodsman UK

    The Southern Woodsman UKPred 24 dnevi

    great footage. way ahead of what I use it for. makes me look lazy . thank for the great footage.

  41. BENBEN Clips

    BENBEN ClipsPred 25 dnevi

    The video looks better on GoPro, audio however, don’t know

  42. Sean Lannin

    Sean LanninPred 25 dnevi

    12 different set ups for the opening truck shots

  43. Roza

    RozaPred 27 dnevi

    mount your phone on the car and drive it off a cliff also i would take a good stake over a cheese burger.

  44. Kai Sani

    Kai SaniPred 28 dnevi

    I thought he was traveling to return the GoPro hahahahah

  45. Evyn Cadman

    Evyn CadmanPred 28 dnevi

    the fact you know who macman is made my day!

  46. Mac Trips

    Mac TripsPred 29 dnevi

    I thought you were the new captain america on that thumbnail

  47. Jnshox

    JnshoxPred 29 dnevi

    I spent $300.00 on mine and received the Go Pro Hero 9 today ( BRAND NEW)....it's sooooo dope. How did I get it for $300? Let me tell you....$399.00 on sale, and sold my Hero 5 for $100 bucks lol :)

  48. Rodolfo Torres Galvan

    Rodolfo Torres GalvanPred mesecem

    GoPro should pay you more, I hit the pay button after hearing your final line...also I maxed out my card too lol

  49. Jim mckay

    Jim mckayPred mesecem

    So I was just in a best buy looking at GoPro cameras. I watch your video, then I bought one. Hahaha, you should get a commission!

  50. TotalCan’t

    TotalCan’tPred mesecem

    And the glitches everyone’s going on about?

  51. squashsh

    squashshPred mesecem

    Just bought a Hero 9 Black as an upgrade to my older model and was very disappointed. Unlike Hero 7 you'll need an add-on Media Pod to get HDMI output (original C-port was blocked for video output). Also preview during recording on phone apps is not supported. Seems like Gopro is taking all its customers as suckers. Time to switch!

  52. PatriciaTess & Lonnie & This Spot

    PatriciaTess & Lonnie & This SpotPred mesecem

    Good review thanks

  53. Kianfox

    KianfoxPred mesecem

    I literally just left a cody vid and ended up here next, I was kind of blown away when cody ended up in this video also.

  54. Julio GarciaRT

    Julio GarciaRTPred mesecem

    What do you do with all your tech?

  55. RChuge

    RChugePred mesecem

    2 days old H9 frozen 3 times and forget that it has Mas lens. The GPS, telemetry doesn’t work. The sw is 1.52 - the latest. How the hack can be a scam sold? I would record my family memories and motorbike tours but these are once in a life. I don’t wannabe a sort of tester boy or something! hatehero9 it’s a shame

  56. janessa yuen

    janessa yuenPred mesecem

    so i need a lambo

  57. claudie st-laurent

    claudie st-laurentPred mesecem

    man !!! how do you do it ??? a million view please explain if you can!!!!!

  58. truth seeker

    truth seekerPred mesecem

    search youtube he has videos on how he does it

  59. J W

    J WPred mesecem

    No live vieuw on smartphone when recording unbelievable.

  60. Attila János Nagy

    Attila János NagyPred mesecem

    Yo Casey fun start and great vid thanks!! What is your watch ?? Love it!! Keep ya game!!!

  61. Moto Rein

    Moto ReinPred mesecem

    And the mic still sucks! Im using a 3.5mm mic adapter bcoz it now works with the new update, BUT! Motovloging? It is very frustrating that you have to turn off the camera unplug the adapter turn it back on then plug the mic adpater for it to work and have an audio, and bcoz of this you cant use the auto record feature like you just have to hit record button, you can record the moment but 100% sure you wont have an audio! Go pro needs to work on that or they just really want us to buy a media mod. And it sucks like when you are in a bike speeding at a 150kph and you wanna record with audio, you have to do the whole process and sure you will find your self falling on a cliff later.

  62. Aditya A

    Aditya APred mesecem

    American version of Saif ali khan 😂

  63. That Husky is Crazy

    That Husky is CrazyPred mesecem

    I went to Best Buy yesterday. They had four new Hero 9 Blacks and four Hero 9 Blacks in the open box case.

  64. VeggiePlant Bruh

    VeggiePlant BruhPred mesecem

    Oh yes I remember the HERO Session 5. It was great. Then they killed it off and decided to turn the GoPro into a heavy wannabe mirrorless camera. A buggy one at that. I think between the Insta360 and DJI Osmo lineup GoPro's days are limited. The Insta360 Go 2 is a shift in the right direction. Maybe one day GoPro will decide to focus on making their camera's less buggy and maybe even make a new Session. I'm not happy with the buggy laggy mess as it is.

  65. That Husky is Crazy

    That Husky is CrazyPred mesecem

    They should make a new session or a Gimbal camera like the DJI Osmo pocket.

  66. Carol Teodoro

    Carol TeodoroPred mesecem

    Top video... Brazilllll here haha

  67. Ben Schönhardt

    Ben SchönhardtPred mesecem

    bruh the session is soooo gooood For my drone

  68. Simon King

    Simon KingPred mesecem

    you are the best

  69. Bucket List Travellers

    Bucket List TravellersPred mesecem

    Love that stabilisation 😀

  70. Gianski

    GianskiPred mesecem

    I haven’t watched any Casey videos since he first moved out of NYC...Jesus Christ there are so many angles and shots, camera men will have a hard time when Casey directs Cameraman:”How many shots and angles do you need?” Casey:”Yes”

  71. X S

    X SPred mesecem

    There are too many minorities At my waterpark.

  72. Finding Alabama

    Finding AlabamaPred mesecem

    Touchscreen needs work and it freezes. Had mine a week.. But love your videos. Gopro need to work out these bugs!..Reb

  73. VREN

    VRENPred mesecem

    Arthur Shelby ?

  74. Stronger Everyday

    Stronger EverydayPred mesecem

    The 9 is a buggy, laggy, constantly freezing train wreck. Its not worth it until they fix the issues.

  75. Alfred Camera

    Alfred CameraPred mesecem

    I have one and since September 2020 it has NEVER lagged on me

  76. Eric C

    Eric CPred mesecem

    5:08 LMAO just ran over her foot

  77. Peter Lowe

    Peter LowePred mesecem

    Brilliant as always Casey ! - Thank you !

  78. luiz carlos Pereira

    luiz carlos PereiraPred mesecem

    5:23 WTF transition was this WWWAAAAAAOUUUUUUUUU ??????????

  79. Debra Dukes

    Debra DukesPred mesecem

    Casey Awesome! Video.Hope you, Candice and the Kiddos are doing well.Thanks so much for sharing long time since I've caught your Videos Deb.💯👌✌

  80. Andrew Ybanez

    Andrew YbanezPred mesecem

    love seeing you drive the old truck my dude

  81. هدى كريمة

    هدى كريمةPred mesecem

    Can anyone please tell me what's the name of his tripod on GoPro 9 ?

  82. Baldwin Butaller

    Baldwin ButallerPred mesecem

    “Is there a market place for excellent? When the world is saturated with good enough” that sentence hit different.

  83. Will Thomas

    Will ThomasPred 20 dnevi

    Most cameras out there that are $700 and under are better then his $6000 Camera for video cause most DSLR made for pictures

  84. Isaac Taylor

    Isaac TaylorPred mesecem

    Shut up it’s not that deep

  85. Luis Garza

    Luis GarzaPred mesecem

    I can’t get into this guy.

  86. Image-I-Nation Photography

    Image-I-Nation PhotographyPred mesecem

    Wow this video editing is mental!!! AWESOME job

  87. Static FPV

    Static FPVPred mesecem

    Ehh, definitely not a good cam for FPV. rather stick with older models

  88. Joel Diaz

    Joel DiazPred mesecem

    i can't even count the amount of camera angles included in this video. Honestly.

  89. Black Kurik

    Black KurikPred mesecem

    Next time im going Mountainbiking im totally gonna strap my Phone to my chest

  90. Mahesh Gharma

    Mahesh GharmaPred mesecem

    That toy is soo cool

  91. kaws chung

    kaws chungPred mesecem

    The decisive lake diagnostically look because fired ectrodactyly rejoice lest a fluttering ashtray. aboard, tense need


    PHANTOMPred mesecem

    Full sized cameras can't keep up with the quality, how much of an expectation can one have from this minuscule device? And the price? Ridiculously high. I could buy a Leica for that price. I still have my hero5 and I'm using it as a dashcam. That's about it.

  93. MegaMindX WEARENINJA

    MegaMindX WEARENINJAPred mesecem

    I want that gopro buggy :)

  94. bigearedmouse17

    bigearedmouse17Pred mesecem

    Anyone who thinks that this guy buys ANY of his Cameras needs to re evaluate ?

  95. TheRealBizi

    TheRealBiziPred mesecem

    can we appreciate the quality of the these camera shots

  96. mikldude

    mikldudePred mesecem

    I still have the session 😜.

  97. Alex N

    Alex NPred mesecem

    I own a GoPro 8, came from GP H4. Thanks to pandemic I did not shoot much footage. However, I enjoy the stabilizer, the easy to use menu as well as the GoPro cloud. The moment I go home, to my hotel room I just plug the GoPro to the charger and media will be uploaded in full resolution. On top of that, there's no limitation on the amount of footage I can upload. For 50 euro p.Y. it is a great deal when comparing to other cloud services such as google or apple. Once home I download the footage I want using the Quik App and begin to edit. Aside from that I can use my phone to shoot pictures, chat with friends & family while the GoPro is recording some footage. So yeah, I do see reasons to buy a (action) camera but not recording stuff with the phone. Even when doing the videos for personal memories.

  98. Dave R

    Dave RPred mesecem

    No freeze or glitch to report like the other reviews? ....hmmmm

  99. Third Coast Hustle

    Third Coast HustlePred mesecem

    Cody ko made it

  100. subhasish karmakar

    subhasish karmakarPred mesecem

    i still use hero4 silver and i still love it

  101. Fat Lip

    Fat LipPred 2 meseci

    You look great now! Seriously

  102. MosesM

    MosesMPred 2 meseci

    That scratch on your glasses ..

  103. Aqeel's Time

    Aqeel's TimePred 2 meseci


  104. Harsh Prajapati

    Harsh PrajapatiPred 2 meseci

    My favorite video of 2020

  105. Electric Media Travel Vlogs

    Electric Media Travel VlogsPred 2 meseci

    Just got the 9 a couple of days ago. Love it so far!